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  1. The Random Sports Quiz

    Takes a northerner to get the first set of questions totally nailed!
  2. The Random Sports Quiz

    Club house leader, yes!
  3. BO4 Multiplayer Rumours

    Sounds horrible. I’ve always had faith in Treyarch so I hope this is just fake news but it’s too easy to imagine Activision forcing them to mimic fortnight/ overwatch.
  4. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    5 new guns have popped up in the marksman challenge, just seems no way to get them yet.
  5. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    First impressions, a bit meh to be honest. Dunkirk and Egypt are ok. V2 is ok with a bit of a gimmick ( rocket fires its engines occasionally) New war map is not good. Couple of firefights and then a totally unrelated dogfight straight out of the Battle of the Bulge campaign mission. Annoying. Havent tried zombies yet No new guns, no new gear to get Divisions have been updated which I guess is ok.
  6. Hardest WW2 Challenges

    If your talking guns then the 2 double shot shotguns as Brede says. If your talking other challanges then the one minute triple cap in Dom is really hard to get (I got it in a mosh pit lobby against a team who were totally clueless on how to play Dom). Clutch medals in SnD are also really tough
  7. Weekly Reset

    Bungie have had to postpone next weeks iron banner as they can’t get 6v6 to work. You couldn’t make this up!
  8. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    I’m actually hoping V2 might be Rust!!!!!! Dunkirk sounds like Boardwalk Eygpt is the only one billed as ‘all new’ which makes me think 2 reskins, but if one was rust I would wet myself with excitement!
  9. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    Are any of them reskins. The description of one sounded like it might be boardwalk on the way back.
  10. Bungie to use Content Creators to Play-test Future Updates

    I watched that and it was classic, whatever Deej said Gothalian just said ‘but no raid ?’ all the way through. Was exactly what loads of regular players were thinking
  11. What dream car would you buy?

    As a leaving present from my last job my mates got me a track day. Got to drive BMW Z4 , Porsche 911, Ferrari (428 I think ) , Missan GTR and a Lamborghini. Was awesome although fastest we went was when one of the pro drivers took us round the track in a Vauxhall VXR Awesome day, Ive also had a day out in a Zonda although didn’t drive it ( probably just as well). That was amazing.
  12. Bungie to use Content Creators to Play-test Future Updates

    I can see why Bungie would do this and to some extent it’s a positive move, but I’m not sure what ‘testing content’ means. If this checking over new missions and strikes and raid then to be honest I think Bungie still do this stuff quite well. I didn’t have a problem with any of the D2 content, thought it was all pretty good. What was totally lacking was any reason to do it more than a couple of times as loot pool was so naff. That’s what they need to fix.
  13. CoD Bragging rights

    yes your own kill steaks and your own nades kill you in core
  14. CoD Bragging rights

    The V2 is not a myth but you need to do it without score streaks. I had my usual hardpoint big 3 equipped so was helped to the 39 by paratrooopers , ball turret, and somehow survived my own carpet bombing on shipment phew. i have only been in I game where someone got the v2 , but it does exist
  15. CoD Bragging rights

    Went 80-15 in hardpoint on shipment, including a 39 kill streak, followed by a 15 streak in the same game. We lost, but hey ho.

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