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  1. Baabcat

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    I wouldn’t say the Riven cheese is complex, but it’s defintely not easy. Even more than that the two fights that come after Riven are not a cake walk, and there’s no loot until you get past them. Id like to learn it properly at some point but Bungie are certainly making you work for you final drop even with the cheese
  2. Baabcat

    Festival of the Lost 2018

    Same here. Hell with a PSN of baabcat how can I not have that!
  3. Baabcat

    Raid Boss Archetype & Last Wish's Failure

    Not sure I particularly care on Kalli. Let’s face Kalli is a warm up fight , all raids have had them but this is the first one with a named yellow bar to kill. So why shouldn’t it be a bit easy. Kinda of agree on Riven though, have only seen a bit of the fight but the cluster bomb way needs nerfing out to make it a proper challenge.
  4. Baabcat

    Nightfall rank

    I think my reward was poor as I’m pretty high light, so probably drops better if you are lower. But it’s is mostly a challange thing and a vanity thing, blue halo for the week, triumph score. It’s also pretty fun, if you like hammering through stuff.
  5. Baabcat

    Nightfall rank

    Well I’m about 580 but I ran with some guys a bit lower than that. Probably best to be above 560 although the strikes say 540. However given whole point is to steamroller as quickly as possible with negative mods on haveing a light advantage is probably wise
  6. Baabcat

    Nightfall rank

    So yet another thing Bungie has given us to strive for is a Nightfall rank ran by Zavala. Main benefit seems to be the Toil and Trouble, presume its a good roll, but it’s an interesting challenge. Basically by using your nightfall card you can get to level 14 Nightfall rank, sort of by getting 100,000 scores in each of the 14 potential nightfall strikes.. Slap on some punishing modifies and off you go. Ive done a couple (meant to drop powerful gear, not sure how that works but I did drop a totally masterworkwd primary grenade launcher), it’s a decent challenge. Anyone else had had a go at any of this. Definitely needs a bit of team work and co ordination, and speed.
  7. Looks like a great place to watch the Europa League in.
  8. Baabcat

    FG Crucible Private Matches

    Team competition would be ridiculously fun. Years ago we had a CoD tournament. Don’t think it ever got finished but it was a right laugh
  9. Baabcat

    The Last Wish (Spoilers)

    Thought I d start this to share experiences on the new raid Has my first good look at first three encounters today with Charlie and a bunch of randoms. Overall so far pretty impressed, nice blend of mechanics and slaying First encounter (Kalli) doesn’t seem to bad, only real problem was making sure we avoided going into separate rooms during the damage intermission. Next encounter (Shuro Chi) I loved , a mad hell for leather charge through gazillions of taken, with some not too bad mechanics. Was like The Abyss with a puzzle, crazy fun, although not a given, pretty tough still. Didnt beat the third encounter, Morgeth, although had a good look at him, from failing many times. One of those bosses where you think think you’ve got him, then just don’t quite manage it. Again mechanics not overly complex but little room for error. Suspect it might be a bit frustrating if we don’t have the right fireteam composition, well of radiance Warlock and a void Titan seemed pretty essential . Overall pretty fun so far. Not too much annoying time wasting stuff (I personally hated the leviathan underbelly, no better way to destroy a raid team than ‘let’s just get the chest at xxxxx’), and that second fight was great.
  10. Baabcat

    Calling All PvP Players

    Trust is the way to go, it’s a great hand cannon in PvP . Zen moment works pretty well for me. Got all my hand cannon kills with it and now getting most of my solar kills with it.
  11. Baabcat

    Gambit Mechanics Explained and First Impressions

    I find Gambit has a lot of ‘awww fuck’ moments. Can be quite frustrating at times
  12. Baabcat

    Gambit Mechanics Explained and First Impressions

    That’s an annoying mechanic if win only counts ? Do points from bounties still count? Also agree the ranks are too big, seems to take forever to get levelled up. Whilst I am enjoying all bits of Forsaken I do think Bungie have ratcheted the grind up a bit too much in too many places.
  13. Baabcat

    Calling All PvP Players

  14. Baabcat

    Calling All PvP Players

    Is be up for it, been working on that quest with no real expectation of beating it. Party up would definitely help. Rank up system is brutal
  15. Baabcat

    How to get Malfeasance - Exotic Hand Cannon

    I got it after grinding Gambit a bit to get some weekly bounties done. Was lucky to be with a bunch of randoms who had destroyed in round 1 so really we weren’t under much pressure when the big guy showed up. Was nervous til he dropped though. Thankkfull the 3 randoms on the other team didn’t quit as this is happening , done by assholes to deny the other tram the quest .

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