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  1. Awesome work Stretch, King of the Shielders !!!!!!
  2. Remember guys , knife only in the zombie apocalypse!
  3. Good work guys, its a bitch if a fight that one
  4. Yeah it’s screwed but easy enough fix. Go to your PS4 settings and manually put your clock back an hour, then load in. You’re trying to get an empty instance , so if it doesn’t work first time (as others will be doing this) keep fast travelling back to the same spot until you do.
  5. I kinda already do this, except for more money, with British Gas homecare , which has been well worth it for me. More expensive, but call outs are all free (think one has an excess) but it’s a piece of mind thing. And they replace my pinholing radiators free of charge , so have been pretty good, although lately set or has gone downhill a bit. But I guess the question to Dids is how would you compete against a big corporate like that, cheaper yes but I’m paying for the responsiveness of a big corporate and therefore piece of mind
  6. Sorry when I check it’s only 4x , unlocked at level 22
  7. On the season pass there is a buff that (from memory) gives first 4x then 8x progress on the catalyst progression. I’m definitely getting 8 progression per strike for example
  8. It’s not 400 tasks and you don’t even have to have the weapon equipped. In the season pass you end up with 8x per task on the catalyst progress , so it’s 50 things max and it just gets done passively
  9. Madrid is a nice city , well worth an overnight. Huge central square, can’t remember what it’s called but well worth chilling out for a few beers and tapas and watching t he world go by.
  10. Reading always works for me, knocks me out in about 5 minutes flat. Takes me about a year to read a book !
  11. There is actually so much challenging PvE content it is quite hard to know what to do, totally forgot Alter of Sorrow which I have yet to beat. In all cases this stuff just needs a regular team thinking through load outs and giving it a go, and being prepared to fail and try again. Dungeon is really doable, next time I’m on for a night I’ll try and get some people through it. First three parts of the raid are also super doable.
  12. I saw the trailer but rarely take much notice of stuff like that, Bungie are masters of hype after all. Im hoping we get something better than vex offensive , how bungie go from the greatness that was menagerie to the boredom of vex offensive is beyond me and I actually think a 3 month season rotation is probably too ambitious, but I guess this next season is the test of that. Shadowkeep itself is pretty good, VO just looks like it was thrown together at the last minute to beef out Season if the Undying. The continuing core PvE content is pretty good, Raid is great, even if boss fight is a tad tricky. Dungeon is pretty straightforward and entertaining with good reward (MW armour). Been trying to do Master Nightmare Hunts, tough but doable, although the time trials needed for the title look super tough. Probably not as rewarding as they should be, seems all the material rewards are in the 980 Nightfall, be interesting to see if this changes. Looking forward to the artefact refresh to experiment with new builds, Main issues with artefact and Armour 2.0 seem to be the impossibility off getting a really great set of builds for different scenarios and the fiddly swapping of mods between activity types. Can’t see this changing though. Still my (only) go to game!
  13. I’m fortunate enough to live in Salisbury constituency which has Stonehenge in it, so last time around I got to vote for King Arthur Pendragon , Leader of the Druids. I know Monty Python would disagree : Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you! But fuck it, I used to love near Hartlepool who voted a Monkey Mascot for mayor and he did a pretty good job! Go Druids!
  14. Yeah I don’t know for sure but I guess it acts as a +3 powerful reward up until 950
  15. Pinnacle gear just means it can drop above 950, if you are at 950 it will drop at 951. Just an add in for the real grinders in the community.
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