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  1. I’d be up to give this a go. Although probably too late in the season to get to fabled for me
  2. Thought the ending sucked. All the southern lords agree to Bran as king, Sansa says no, and nobody says WTF!
  3. Arbrlest is worth getting , quite a fun gun ive not done PvP during revelry mainly cos be grinding PvE and Gambit and the revelry booms have been really helpful. Finally dropped Jotunn this morning as well. So OP in crucible looking forward to giving it a spin
  4. Come on the Boro! although I do expect Derby to get that last place
  5. Lol , he found a clan who were doing the challenge, joined it, got it done, got Rivensbane and rejoined FG. Tells me he’s the first in the clan to get Rivensbane, but I told him technically he wasn’t in the clan when he got it ! Back me up on this guys!
  6. Well Charlie needs a clan raid (last wish) for the Raid Seal , so if anyone wants to run it tonight or over the weekend that would be cool cheers Bob
  7. I’m still playing , happy to help out. Got a few nights spare this week if anyone wants to raid.
  8. Cheers guys, life good but busy. Sorry I havent been on here too much lately, just up to my neck in life!
  9. Kinda interesting the almost total lack of info on Season of the Drifter, with two weeks to go. Not at all sure what to expect , which is a bit worrying!
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 108 seconds  
  11. Baabcat

    Raid tonight?

    We can run a couple of noobs through , need 4 experienced , rest can learn. It’s probably a couple of hours max, although the last bit has random relic runner selection which can stretch the time a bit. About 7pm I guess.
  12. Baabcat

    Raid tonight?

    Anyone want to run LW with me and Charlie tonight. He’s after the Rivensbane title and needs a clan raid to get it done. He’s promised to behave
  13. Baabcat

    Nightfall rank

    I always run tether with rig boots for these challanges , with a modifier of around 3. Grounded and Match game are pretty good modifies to run as easy to counter. Also did one today where we put heavyweight on (which is a penalty) but then jacked the handicap up high, when heavy was dropping it was pretty good Guns, tigerspite, EP shotgun and Sleeper, what else !!!
  14. Baabcat

    Patrick Mahomes

    Too right Gary, this guy has been awesome, really entertaining
  15. I get Diddums POV on this , does seem every week new tales of corporate greed on AAA games pop up and it’s easy to feel fleeced. Hiwever i I am in for the annual pass, didn’t even really consider it. D2 and CoO were a disgrace but I do think Bungie have got their shit together from then on and the games in a pretty good state. Certainly I find loads to do, and love the chase for new weapons and doing the new end game. £30 for 9 months of fresh (ish) stuff to do is a no brainer
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