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  1. Excellent work !! Top achievement that !
  2. Will do if this download update ever finishes , so bloody huge I had to delete Destiny!
  3. Hi Dave the invite didn’t come through except as a friend request ? Can’t you try again , thanks
  4. Any chance of invites for me and Charlie (Venom) ,ive kinda abandoned Destiny and Charlie has been drawn to the dark side (Animal Crossing) so would be good to get some gold old wholesome Call of Duty in.
  5. Would have loved to help guys but I’m up north for the next week , good luck getting it done
  6. Actually just put this on my phone a few days ago, free to play and a very good strategic game. Never been into card games but when I tried the Witcher out I ended up playing gwent more than being the Witcher. So handy to have on the phone as a quick 10 min time killer but also very deep strategy
  7. lol some of these are so funny, anything with Death in cracks me up. Also I found out lately that Stephen Kings horror books are all tentatively linked in a made up universe where a giant turtle is the main diety. Make me think Terry Pratchet was taking the piss somewhat !
  8. So Grand Master nightfalls have arrived. With the new Conquorerseal. Going to be a fairly rare seal and I wonder if anyone is wanting to team up to try and get it. The seal involved beating the 6 ordeal nightfalls on GM difficulty in one season. It’s released now, with 7 weeks of the season to go. I’m sort of thinking itlll be one a week and then maybe Bungie will make them all available for the last week, but that’s just speculation on my part. Although it would mean people maintain an internet if they miss one. Ordela is set at1050 light but max power allowed is 1025. Not sure how many are at that level but good reason to get your pinnacles done! Think it’s pretty hard even at that level so would want the team to be at that sort of light. Think it will be a lot easier to accomplish with a set team or small pool so let me know if anyone’s up for it.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 31/100 My Time 235 seconds  
  10. For PvE there’s a load of armour mods built around the seventh seraph weapons, which make your kills drop Warmind cells, little explicable bombs that are good room clearers. There’s also one mod in the last column of the artefact that’s turns arc classes into warmind cell production lines. Warmind cells are a lot easier to use than last seasons charged with light mechanic and personally I really like the seventh seraph weapons, even though they can’t drop the damage/reload combos that are the traditional god rolls. Also swords are very popular, lots of new mods to help them out and easily the best thing for destroying overload champions. For PvP hard light is super popular, spend a couple of games in iron banner to see just how popular.
  11. Awesome work Stretch, King of the Shielders !!!!!!
  12. Remember guys , knife only in the zombie apocalypse!
  13. Good work guys, its a bitch if a fight that one
  14. Yeah it’s screwed but easy enough fix. Go to your PS4 settings and manually put your clock back an hour, then load in. You’re trying to get an empty instance , so if it doesn’t work first time (as others will be doing this) keep fast travelling back to the same spot until you do.
  15. I kinda already do this, except for more money, with British Gas homecare , which has been well worth it for me. More expensive, but call outs are all free (think one has an excess) but it’s a piece of mind thing. And they replace my pinholing radiators free of charge , so have been pretty good, although lately set or has gone downhill a bit. But I guess the question to Dids is how would you compete against a big corporate like that, cheaper yes but I’m paying for the responsiveness of a big corporate and therefore piece of mind
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