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  1. I’m fortunate enough to live in Salisbury constituency which has Stonehenge in it, so last time around I got to vote for King Arthur Pendragon , Leader of the Druids. I know Monty Python would disagree : Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you! But fuck it, I used to love near Hartlepool who voted a Monkey Mascot for mayor and he did a pretty good job! Go Druids!
  2. Yeah I don’t know for sure but I guess it acts as a +3 powerful reward up until 950
  3. Pinnacle gear just means it can drop above 950, if you are at 950 it will drop at 951. Just an add in for the real grinders in the community.
  4. yeah thats the key bit about armour , so cheap to try different perks out that’s it’s a decent system. Also upgrading to 7 energy is dead cheap so worth doing. Higher than that expensive but I’ll only do that on a few prices anyway. kinda thinking of junking pretty much all my old armour at this point
  5. Enjoying it so far with some meh moments. The grind to max light itself isn’t bad, think it will take three weeks max and as I don’t mind jumping around in all different modes quite happy to do that. As ever I take little notice of the story! Seemed ok. Had one moment of massive confusion when I thought Uldren Sov turned up before remembering my hunter looks very like Uldren Sov by coincidence , duh! New armour system I am undecided about , don’t see the need for the affinity system but equally not sure I’m that worried about. Love being back on the Moon! Welcome back Monte Carlo Not sure I totally understand the point of nightmare hunts but as mini strikes they are ok. The joy of being slapped around by Phogoth again ! Vex Invasion I’m finding very meh. I’m not keen on things you can’t fail and you don’t seem able to fail this. At least Menagerie had some variety and you could fail individual steps. This is like the ultimate no skill no jeopardy hold fire down for 20 minutes. Hope it evolves as running it three times for light is a chore already.
  6. SoH miniboss challenge is getting scaled down from next Tuesday , will be 50 kills with final boss counting as 5. Makes me happy as I’ve been away for all of SoH so far so nice I haven’t had to suffer the 100 miniboss kill requirement !
  7. Was incredible ! Nice to see an England team get some luck for a change !
  8. If you’ve got Horror Story I believe that can be used at what ever character level you are
  9. Chris little tip on the forges, if you’ve unlocked the first one you will also have unlocked the last one (also in the EDZ) . The good thing about the last one is you can forge any BA weapon in it, so you don’t actually have to unlock the Nessus forges at all (except for Triumphs). That’s good as the quests to unlock them are pretty grindy.
  10. Baabcat

    Weekly Reset

    Yes I don’t think they thought the quest through very well, for so many boots and arms when I just want a chest! 3rd step is the worst I think, bloody Grenade kills !
  11. Baabcat

    Weekly Reset

    For Iron Banner the quest steps are a bit of a pain at times , see the link: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.shacknews.com/article/112515/iron-banner-quest-in-the-season-of-opulence-destiny-2%3famphtml=1 I believe the quest will be season long so at least we don’t need to do it all in one go!
  12. Yes I think the weekly bounties that only give one core need changing, should give 7 at least like the clan one
  13. I think the point is you grind for the perfect perk role and guarantee the masterwork trait you want, and then upgrade that .
  14. I think the third slot just makes sure the weapon drops with the masterwork stat enhancement you want , so for example shotgun with range enhancement. Doesn’t drop masterworked weapons as such, just the stat you want
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