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  1. Winter Olympics 2018

    Curling FTW
  2. CoD Bragging rights

    Got the 15 melee kills in one match challenge done today in TDM on point du hoc. Got 19 shovel kills ( including a triple) and 8 throwing knife kills. Finished top of the winning team without firing a bullet. Video in my ppr , along with the 19 streak I got a few games before.
  3. Resistance dlc thoughts

    The War map is great, I really like it. Hectic as fuck at times but fun
  4. Resistance dlc thoughts

    I don’t mind reskins (delighted to have Resistance back as Occupation) and I never payed the other one so no deal to me, BUT it’s an honesty thing, they actually told everyone Occupation was a reskin but now people who bought last years CoD have just bought the same map again unknowingly, that’s what’s wrong.
  5. Resistance dlc thoughts

    I didn’t like it much at first but I’m starting to enjoy it. Good or not, the issue is really that Sledgehammer did not acknowledge the map pack had two reskins in, which is a bit crappy of them
  6. Ranking System

    Is it missing ‘Total Member’ for Dids?
  7. Destiny 2 Road Map Jan - May

    Desperately needed : Solo player queue for crucible Going to be delivered: crucible quitter penalties Thanks Bungie that will help 😀 I guess I will return at some point (May perhaps) but I thought I might do some IB this time around and can’t bring myself to put the disc in
  8. Music of the 1980's

    Saw them at Wembley last year and they pretty much played that first album all the way. Finished with ‘I am the resurrection’, was awesome
  9. Resistance dlc thoughts

    Thing I forgot to mention , for challenge whores like me Occupation and Anthropoid bring a shit load of new destructibles for one of the precision challanges. Gone from having a grand total of 3 in the initial maps, to having about 10 on each of those 2.
  10. Resistance dlc thoughts

    I don't think they are yet, might just be mosh pit for week 1 Thoughts on new maps: Good to have a couple of big maps, Occupation is welcome back. Anthropoid I think will grow on me but lack of map knowledge hurts. The other one seemed pretty small, the Dom flags are right next to each other, was crazy hectic New war map seems ok to me, defenders have the upper hand at the moment I guess until people work out attack strategies.I got a fury kill with the tank so was pretty happy about that.
  11. Music of the 1980's

    It’s a pretty good line up , got Midge Ure, the girl from Bow Wow Wow. The Blockheads. And the Black Lace Conga Party😀
  12. Music of the 1980's

    Actually going to see this guy at an 80s festival in summer. Hopefully, had tickets to see him years ago at something similar and he dropped out due to mental health issues. Replaced by Go West, who are no way a replacement.
  13. Destiny Developer Updates 2018

    Yes I was pretty encouraged by the changes in TWAB, worth reading. Wasn't sure about a couple of bits ( ability to buy raid gear!) but overall a step forward and the IB changes actually might get me to put the disc in again
  14. Resistance dlc thoughts

    Just watched trailer, accordion looks like it is part of one of the Resistance division uniforms
  15. Resistance dlc thoughts

    S i didn't see the trailer (why waste time when me buying was a foregone conclusion) but maybe it is a prop in prop hunt?

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