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  1. SoH miniboss challenge is getting scaled down from next Tuesday , will be 50 kills with final boss counting as 5. Makes me happy as I’ve been away for all of SoH so far so nice I haven’t had to suffer the 100 miniboss kill requirement !
  2. Was incredible ! Nice to see an England team get some luck for a change !
  3. If you’ve got Horror Story I believe that can be used at what ever character level you are
  4. Chris little tip on the forges, if you’ve unlocked the first one you will also have unlocked the last one (also in the EDZ) . The good thing about the last one is you can forge any BA weapon in it, so you don’t actually have to unlock the Nessus forges at all (except for Triumphs). That’s good as the quests to unlock them are pretty grindy.
  5. Baabcat

    Weekly Reset

    Yes I don’t think they thought the quest through very well, for so many boots and arms when I just want a chest! 3rd step is the worst I think, bloody Grenade kills !
  6. Baabcat

    Weekly Reset

    For Iron Banner the quest steps are a bit of a pain at times , see the link: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.shacknews.com/article/112515/iron-banner-quest-in-the-season-of-opulence-destiny-2%3famphtml=1 I believe the quest will be season long so at least we don’t need to do it all in one go!
  7. Yes I think the weekly bounties that only give one core need changing, should give 7 at least like the clan one
  8. I think the point is you grind for the perfect perk role and guarantee the masterwork trait you want, and then upgrade that .
  9. I think the third slot just makes sure the weapon drops with the masterwork stat enhancement you want , so for example shotgun with range enhancement. Doesn’t drop masterworked weapons as such, just the stat you want
  10. I went pier and efficiency 2 and then rune comparability. Rune comparability allows you to guarantee a beloved sniper drop
  11. I’m up for some Banner next week, haven’t really done much of it for a long while but been sucked back into the crucible this season due to that sniper rifle quest .
  12. Got my first CoS clear , final fight actually pretty straightforward once you learn it, just got to: get the buff and shoot the right stuff swap the buff on a timer deal with your crystals (needs teamwork) Deal with other peoples crystals if they lose the buff give other people the buff if they lose it deal with the deception (needs teamwork ) deal with deception kill mechanic deal with the fake boss mechanic deal with the ogres swear like fuck when you miss a one phase kill by a gnats dick As chaotic a fight as I can remember in Destiny but actually not too bad once learned
  13. Been having a good go at the new raid over the weekend and I have to say it’s a load of fun. Doesnt look like it will be overlong when people learn it ( only 4 encounters ) but there’s a repeating mechanic that is demanding but fun at the same time. The mechanic basically involves getting a blessing buff , and switching it occasionally with a team mate , which means loads of team work and communication. You go through pretty much the entire raid only being personally able to kill half the types of enemies. Immune Thrall are scary as hell! Really fun mechanic. First look at the boss phases they seem complex as hell but it’s not too bad, just comes down to managing the buff among the team and a bit of planning. (Phase 1 anyway, ain’t really down much of phase 2 yet) Also the jumping puzzle is pretty straightforward In terms of the actual jumping Can see this becoming a favourite raid.
  14. I think they’ll follow the year 2 path of good DLC advancing the story followed by annual pass for three extra content drops. I think it’s worked quite well and kept the game fresh with new stuff to do
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