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  1. Plumbers Crack

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Well, I logged on briefly today but you were AFK! 😂 I got into what I presume is the effect area of the beacon (funny coloured wisps from my man and a gold pick in the top RH corner of the screen) but couldn't see any massive effects so am I doing anything wrong?...I put an iron ingot in the beacon before I started
  2. Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Let me guess....you bet on an Inbred win? Serve you right! 😂
  3. Plumbers Crack

    The Dawning 2018

    Just got my sledge as well! Via the FG App
  4. Plumbers Crack

    Patrick Mahomes

    Flying high at the moment Lee, possible Superbowl contenders...you can jump on their train if you want to be a glory hunter, 😂
  5. Plumbers Crack

    Patrick Mahomes

    Yeah, wish we had him! I believe his college nickname was “Showtime “
  6. Plumbers Crack

    The Dawning 2018

    All 3 required recipes done...5/12 treats baked...hope to get me a sleigh sparrow by the weekend!!
  7. Plumbers Crack

    Destiny 1 revival week.

    I'm up for it if I can get on at the right time [emoji106] Via the FG App
  8. Plumbers Crack

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    You said it was in the hills! There’s lots of hills in Minecraft.....at least you found it though! 😂
  9. Plumbers Crack

    Wireless issue

    Hi Mc, Try this from their support forum https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WiFi-Routers/Nighthawk-R7000-Slow-WiFi-speed/m-p/1542192
  10. Plumbers Crack

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    By the iron farm in the hills...I put a chest down with a sign for you 👍
  11. Plumbers Crack

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Left you some Obsidian in a chest 😎
  12. Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    ....and City lost!
  13. Plumbers Crack

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    I have obsidian...how much do you want? A full stack?
  14. Plumbers Crack

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    I’m up for this. Put a chest somehere (and tell me where it is!) and a material list on signs and I’ll start collecting next time I’m on
  15. Plumbers Crack

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    This. If you consider it’s a tenner a shot x 3 mini DLC then I’m well happy with that Unfortunately, the days of CoD with buy the game then purchase the DLC for additional maps and that was it are now gone forever. I think Bungie have probably got the balance right now and they seem better than some of the horror stories we’ve been reading, such as RDR2


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