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  1. Greboth is out most if the weekend Lee but I think he’s pitched it small to start with (4-5) but with the ability to increase if demand warrants it. I quite enjoyed the Realms that @Spacedeck organised but I think I prefer the modded versions. Come aboard Spacedeck!
  2. This is awesome mate, well played! I’ll jump on later to have a poke around...I take it everything will be automated by midnight! Should I be lucky enough to get an ender chest, I’ll keep it white / white / white. Have you gone for the “keep inventory on death” option?
  3. Nice one Lee - just a an idea for the Gambit night....instead of team entries have individual entries and draw teams on the night? Mixes things up and you could potentially play with people who you wouldn't normally team up with Via the FG App
  4. I think I read somewhere they’ve never won a playoff they’ve been in
  5. “Off you pop” I believe is his sending off message
  6. I thought Twitch was a video streamer
  7. Apparently it’s downloadable from the Reddit thread
  8. @Greboth @Spacedeck check this out... I was seriously impressed
  9. Not at the moment but thanks for all the work you've put in. If anything else crops up and Dr Google fails, I'll give you a shout
  10. Nice and easily explained...thanks mate
  11. It pains me to say it but I think the Norwich manager would have been a worthy winner Via the FG App
  12. Holy Happy Birthdays Sarah! Hope you have a good one
  13. Crispy...Other channels are available!! Alternatively, if you have a smart TV, line up a few hours of YT vids of bands you like and you're both happy...simples!!
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