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  1. Another US Tragedy

    ^ what Gary said ^
  2. Football (Played with Feet)

    Rochdale are on their way to Wembley!!!
  3. Skool daze

    I’m just dipping in and out of this debate but, if the analysis and statistics aren’t skewed, this appears to be a well thought out article
  4. New World!

    I decided to enchant my shovel and axe for the hell of it..... Axe = Fortune III and 2 others Shovel = Silk Touch plus 2 others Wouldn't credit it, could you?
  5. New World!

    Bad news Lee...they've got the horse in!!
  6. Skool daze

    Edit: this was a response to the video...Leper interrupted my flow!
  7. New World!

    Lee, the pikeys must be getting a horse...they've put up a stable that's even closer to your gaff...just saying
  8. Ryan Mason v Peter Cech

    Petr Cech = Top Man
  9. Football (Played with Feet)

    Good result last night Phil....could this be your year?
  10. New World!

    The pikeys have been on Lee...they said someone has thrown up a half finished house that's lowering the tone of the area and can we do something about it?
  11. Community Calendar: Minecraft get together

    I'll try and get on at sometime that evening. I don't think I can use Discord but PS4 party chat is another option
  12. New World!

    You've got neighbours...some pikey has built just down the road from you!!
  13. Football (Played with Feet)

    I loved the first video but that looked a bloody painful ending!!
  14. Road Work

    Decisions, decisions!!
  15. New World!

    @GazzaGarratt Nice to see you've made a start Lee! Hoping for an invite to the house warming party. Has Dax had a go yet?

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