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Plumbers Crack

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  1. Belated HB fella, sorry I missed the actual day....hope it was a good one
  2. Nice Phil....Episode 2? Film a contract from start to finish (poss fast forward during travel if needed) including landing...and talk more I can’t remember the correct term but has SC reached the stage where they no longer wipe your progress on reset or update?
  3. How are you doing with the Ribbon of Honour challenges?
  4. So that’s 16+ diskettes, a cup of coffee, multiple snacks and oddles of patience then?
  5. Surely it’s a nightmare with your playing style Biron
  6. Mum had vascular dementia so it’s MIND for me as well
  7. I’ll get John Wick’s puppy to fight you...no wait, that ended badly!
  8. Don’t forget most TV guides for the week appear in Saturday newspapers
  9. Posted this elsewhere but this is on Netflix at the moment
  10. Hold my beer, where’s my ‘Skins baseball cap?
  11. Also on Netflix this week is this one..... Just love this series
  12. Yep, welcome aboard the....
  13. This could lift my Minecraft experience to a whole new level and maybe even improve my CoD K/D from 0.74..no, wait, that requires quick response and hand/eye co-ordination..maybe just the Minecraft then ....how much? I'll take two!!
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