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  1. How long have I been off Destiny and it's all gobbledegook![emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
  2. Thanks Rich.... celebrating with a haircut! Happy birthday Jordie! Via the FG App
  3. Happy completion of another orbit aroundthe Sun, Kev!
  4. Phill’s link worked for me but try this fella..... http://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/7906-officegaming-chair-advice/&tab=comments#comment-129845
  5. Plumbers Crack


    Hello! [emoji106] Via the FG App
  6. Lee’s next poll...’if you were an item of furniture, what would you be?’ Welcome to the forum Adam!
  7. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay
  8. I think there's a Warzone one as well but I haven't bothered with that yet There's a new map, quite small, called Chesire Park bit of a run and gun map
  9. I thought it had finished, then.... Via the FG App
  10. I've ticked merch and ('cos I'd get so much grief if I didn't) the Old Veteran FGers, although what that entails I have no idea
  11. Agreed pre-Klopp Phil but, in the cause of balance...... In the five years since 2015/16, Liverpool have used £515.59m to spend on players but crucially, £408.02m of that has been generated through player sales. For every £100m spent, £79.1m has been recouped as shown below, with most of those departing being fringe players who failed to make an impact under Jurgen Klopp.....Over the five-period in question, Liverpool have a net spend of just £107.6m compared to City's £602m and Manchester United's £484.9m. source: Liverpool net spend argument needs revisiting, with FSG short of credit despite three key principles - Liverpool.com WWW.LIVERPOOL.COM Liverpool's net spend under FSG has come under fire again - but is that fair?
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