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  1. Plumbers Crack

    Anthem Endgame

    At least he’s honest
  2. Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    I don’t usually say this, but it’s actually enjoyable watching Man Utd at the moment. Terrific game for the neutral to watch tonight
  3. Plumbers Crack

    Last movie you watched

    I know it’s an old film but watched the original John Wick on TV last night...what a movie! Definitely going to keep my eyes open for John Wick 2
  4. Plumbers Crack

    Anthem Live Trailer - Neil Blomkamp

    Where was the tobacco in that?
  5. Plumbers Crack

    RIP Gordon Banks

    Sod it, it’s that good let’s have it here as well....
  6. Plumbers Crack

    RIP Gordon Banks

    Didn’t see this separate thread lads...video of that save is in the main football thread
  7. Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    RIP one of, if not the best ever goalkeeper ever.....”Safe as the Banks of England “ England's 1966 World Cup-winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks has died aged 81. Regarded as one of the game's greatest in his position, Banks was named Fifa goalkeeper of the year six times and earned 73 caps for England. He is perhaps best known for his wonder save from Pele during the 1970 World Cup against Brazil. Born in Sheffield, he won the League Cup with Stoke and Leicester, before retiring in 1973. "It is with great sadness that we announce that Gordon passed away peacefully overnight," his family said. "We are devastated to lose him but we have so many happy memories and could not have been more proud of him." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47196017
  8. Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    But is he really worth 400k a week? I know they’re not paying a transfer fee but that’s surely going to up the ante for everyone else? After tax that’s about 215k a week!!! So how much is Ronnie on? And how do Juve get their wage bill past FFP?
  9. Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    😂😂😂😂 Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has signed a pre-contract agreement to join Juventus in the summer in a deal that will earn him over £400,000 a week. The 28-year-old has agreed a four-year contract that will see him join the Italian champions as a free agent, ending his 11-year spell with Arsenal. Ramsey passed a two-part medical in January, having picked Juve following talks with a host of European clubs. He will be the highest-earning British player ever based on basic salary. The Wales international's Arsenal contract expires on 30 June and the Gunners will receive no fee when he leaves. In confirming the deal, Juventus said the club would incur costs of 3.7m euros (£3.2m) but did not specify what the fee was for. For more see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47203118
  10. Plumbers Crack

    Happy Birthdays!

    ^ Wot Lee said 👍🎂 ^
  11. Plumbers Crack

    Real GTA

    Love the way, at the end, the blocks of money disappear as he walks over them
  12. Plumbers Crack

    Happy Birthdays!

    Yeah happy birthday JB, sorry I’m late...hope it was a good one
  13. Plumbers Crack

    ''There are only 2 genders''' BAN!

    Good points Doc
  14. Plumbers Crack

    New politics, or stunt?

    Love it...if it’s genuine!


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