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  1. Don't think there'll be much of a waiting list for that
  2. Oh well..... Jose Mourinho named new Tottenham manager succeeding Mauricio Pochettino - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Jose Mourinho is named as Tottenham manager, succeeding Mauricio Pochettino who was sacked on Tuesday.
  3. Oh no! Mourinho is the bookies favourite and BBC is reporting both parties are locked in talks! Feel sorry for you guys if this happens
  4. Welcome to the forum
  5. Top post mate! I’ve just watched some more of her videos...amazing, I would pay to see her live Edit: Went online to see if she was touring and nearly booked a ticket to a Tina Turner tribute show!
  6. A very interesting read Elliott I noticed you don’t specifically mention pensions - what’s your take on this?
  7. Hi Elliott, My kids are all in their 30's so this may not be relevant but here goes... 1. Not really. At the time I was reasonably fit thanks to gym, squash and karate. Now I have still have the body of a god but unfortunately it's Buddah 2. Nothing really. I had a really understanding wife regarding karate which was mainly in the evenings. The squash and gym were done before work or at lunch at the sports facility right next door to where I worked. Anne's fitness was mainly focused around walking and we both ate reasonably healthily
  8. Takes over an hour guys so get on it asap
  9. Agree with 95% apart from the bridge map..it gives a Joe Average sniper like me the chance to have a little snipey fun! You’re doing well with the gold guns though Froggy, I’m struggling with hip firing. Think I’ll have to tape up my ADS finger
  10. Good to hear your lovely voice again the other day John...weicome back!
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