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    You're an animal with the shield and throwing knife Stretch! 🤣
  1. Welcome aboard Justin. I’m playing mainly CoD on PS4 at the moment as I’m burnt out on D2 and giving it a rest. 3.30 EST is 7.30 over here so that’s UK gaming prime time . Send me a friend request next time you’re on and put “Justin from the FG forum” in the message. I’ll probably run D2 in the near future as we’re almost on lock down over here and I might need a change
  2. Love this one, especially with the fireworks
  3. Thanks James, never realised dancing was your thang...I did watch it to the end to make sure there was anything CoD related in there but, alas, no....
  4. How many more to get to gold before you get the special camo?
  5. Pretty sure humanity looking in a mirror might be nearer the truth
  6. The most compelling argument was...”it depends where your friends are “
  7. I think the Japanese are waiting for the IOC to TELL them it ain't gonna happen....that way they don't lose face
  8. Probably announce tomorrow intention to close borders Wednesday (my guess) followed by a nationwide curfew of sorts...similar to what's happening in Europe.
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