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  1. Plumbers Crack

    Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

    Nice one @tronic44 👍 you got us over the line!
  2. Plumbers Crack

    Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

    @tronic44 and anyone else in the #FG Warriors clan.... we need 2,000 points in the latest Clan Games to reach the 30,000 prize....anyone else with a TH6 or above please jump in and help (you also get the prize as well!)
  3. Plumbers Crack

    Forever Gaming

    Well done guys! 👍
  4. Plumbers Crack

    PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Suggestions???

    Sorry Tommy, I should’ve been a bit clearer with that post...you can’t share it between a PS4 and a PC. As you said you can always reformat later if you want to reuse it on a PC
  5. Plumbers Crack

    PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Suggestions???

    Nice...just got to remember that, once formated, it will only work on the PS4 and it can’t share a USB port. I leave mine plugged in one port, headphones in the other and I charge the handset on a phone charger every night
  6. Plumbers Crack

    PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Suggestions???

    External hard drive that plugs into one of the USB ports...that way, if you eventually upgrade again to say a PS4 Pro you can take everything with you.
  7. Plumbers Crack

    Mayhem is on the Crucible schedule for next week

    I love it but I only use it to get super kills...back to quick play for wins
  8. Plumbers Crack

    Football Transfers Completed 2018

    Thinks kicks piano playing out of the park!......
  9. Plumbers Crack

    FG Member of the Month - New Feature

    Well done guys and thanks again
  10. Plumbers Crack

    Doom Eternal

    Very nice but do the codes still work?? 😂😂
  11. Plumbers Crack

    Leviathan Raid


    That’s coz I’m easily confused...I actually thought after I posted it “I thought Lee and his family were going to a yurt for the weekend “ 😂
  12. Plumbers Crack

    Leviathan Raid


    I’ll be on from about 7.00ish if this happens...just give me a shout and I’ll leave the usual suspects 👍
  13. Plumbers Crack

    TWAB - Destiny Forsaken Key Changes

  14. Plumbers Crack

    Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

    That’s what I think as well Tommy
  15. Plumbers Crack

    Happy Birthdays!

    Happy Burfday Stretch! 🎉🎉💥

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