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  1. I can read it now....it's now unintelligable rather than unreadable!!
  2. Phil, any chance of editing your post as plain text please mate? I’m struggling with pale blue text on grey background #BeKindToOldEyes
  3. I got the email Phil, but talking to Lee, he hasn’t or has mis-Lee-d it. What do we do now? When can we have a group lesson from you (might actually be an FG video opportunity - “let’s try landing....ohshitohshitohshitohshit”)
  4. If that was in the EPL it would be a top contender for GOTS
  5. We’re stuffed....James has tipped us for automatic promotion! At least you’ve gut the scummers going in the right direction
  6. @GazzaGarratt Lee - do you know? Edit: Ignore me...it has WiFi and Broadband so shouldn't be too bad
  7. Welcome Rob...You mentioned the Xbox in your first box but I notice you also have a PSN tag...do you have a PS4? What PS games do you play?
  8. Welcome aboard mate!
  9. 11 - 14 October (top RH corner of the picture montage...I know, not a good place for important info but you are on the FG site ) All details are in the second and third posts of the first page
  10. Salad looks nice but the dressing could be considered....suspect?
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