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  1. I would agree that it depends. People on my team do HTLM, Python, tcl, C++ depending on the project. Most of them are rather similar, once you learn one, they others come easily
  2. Not worth spending the money prosecuting based on the crime The guy is done professionally and as become a joke, What's sending him to prison and spending over $150/year gonna resolve It;s not like he can be a repeat offender. Who the hell is going to hire him?
  3. All I could think of reading this is that I am getting soft in my old age and "pointy hair boss". First thing that came to my mind is the that I would ask one of the "kids" on the team to go and do that for me Patrick
  4. I would understand if this was April 1st but seriously ????
  5. No you are free to pay $20 or free not to pay $20 Your choice
  6. Well I finally learned a mode where lag does not matter. I got to pretend to be a chair or a wheel barrel. Cool
  7. @McNasty Stop mincing words. Tell us how you really feel
  8. cyberninja2601


    This is what they said to their share holders on the earnings call which could send Bobby to jail if it was proven to not be true: Activision will take a multi-pronged approach to funding that investment. First, the company will lower priority for games and initiatives that are not meeting expectations. Second, Activision will cut costs by integrating many of its sales, marketing, and sponsorship positions across the business, and lay off about 8% of its total workforce, removing what the company called "unnecessary levels of complexity and duplication" in certain parts of the business. With an estimated 9,600 employees last year, that means the company will reduce its staff by nearly 800 workers.
  9. I know that you sent me an invite but I was in the middle of a Zombie match which went on for over an hour at the time and was preoccupied with trying to stay alive Maybe next time
  10. I do play. However I am in beautiful sunny California so I can't imagine what our connection would be like. I am will to give it a shot however since I could not careless about K/D or any of that shit Been playing zombies lately cyberninja2601
  11. Welcome to the Forum, you can have a look at my Intro if you wish. I'm a 53 year old and in my case I have an Autistic daughter (Aspergers) . So again another person that may understand. I think there are 1 or two more parents of Autistic kids here as well. There was a transgender member as well, however I don't recall seeing that member in a while. However that's not because that person was bullied in my opinion Don't worry if you get out of line we will give you the smack down
  12. I played Zombies on the Weekend with Randoms. I quite enjoyed it actually. I played the IX map and my best game was 38 levels. I would imagine with a better coordinated team it could have been better Any of you guys playing it?
  13. It guess it would be nice to play him. He goes down pretty easy
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