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  1. cyberninja2601

    They. Are.. Desperate...

    It guess it would be nice to play him. He goes down pretty easy
  2. cyberninja2601

    Blackjack Shop

    I don't disagree however I like to add that these publishers are all publicly traded companies on the stock market. Their responsibilities are to the share holders and not the gamers. Their fiduciary duty is to increase the value of the shares. If they can do that by getting people to buy ginger bread man outfits with guns that look like rolling pins, the actually have a fiduciary duty to do so. So the dumb shits buying this stuff are the ones to blame
  3. cyberninja2601


    Probably because it is not a 3arc map and not IW map I agree those other maps were much much better, but that would be the practical business reason. 3arc does not own those maps MW2 had the best maps in my opinion for sure At least for BO4 you didn't have to spend too much time learning the maps, there are mostly old maps anyways
  4. cyberninja2601

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    My hunter is probably around 520 My Titan is probably around 507 What I want to be brutally honest is a group of people that I can actually participate with. The last few sessions I couldn't even get people to jump into the activities I needed to I end up playing with randoms or I try to find alternate fire teams. I can't remember the last time I played with clan members other than Dave (plumbercrack). Last time I did a raid all I heard is how much I suck at jumping and how certain members are about to lose their shit. I don't need the aggravation. So I left. I'm 54 years old and I manage and $6B business unit, the last thing I need is stress over how well or not I can play a fucking video game. This is what I do to try to get away from that stress
  5. cyberninja2601

    What do you do?

    I am a bit late to the party but in anycase I manage an applications engineering group at Intel in San Jose which is responsible for 5G networking. People think Intel and CPUs. It's a huge part of the business but Intel does much more. I am in the data center group this is what we do https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/communications/products/programmable/overview.html?wapkw=5g It wouldn't be possible for you to be doing what you are doing now if it wasn't for someone providing these solutions
  6. cyberninja2601

    Sleeper Simulant Changes

    I guess I should continue my quest to get one then
  7. cyberninja2601

    Iron Banner - Season 4

    I tried Banana last night, Could the lobbies were pretty light. Had to wait 5 minutes to get a game in. Did you guys observe the same?
  8. cyberninja2601

    Escalation Protocol


    I will give it a go. I've gone through it a few times already. It is a lot of fun
  9. cyberninja2601

    Escalation Protocol Weapon drop schedule

    I would be interested and it would probably help for me to get Quest gun but I could not find were I could find the EP calendar Went the calendar, when to the meet up area and went to the clan site. I could not find it
  10. cyberninja2601

    Forsaken's 9 New Supers and Abilities

    Titan's. 3 Avengers in 1 I Guess I have to start spending time with that Titan again
  11. cyberninja2601

    Forever Gaming

    Well I ordered it. I have no idea if I will get to enjoy it with you guys. I think in 4 years I completed a raid once, but I quite like the rest of the game See you on week ends (perhaps )
  12. cyberninja2601

    MW2 Xbox One

    have you guys actually tried it? Are there actual lobbies worth playing?
  13. cyberninja2601

    MW2 Xbox One

    Especially with Marathon + Lightweight + commando and a pistol with tactical knife Feel the love again
  14. cyberninja2601

    MW2 Xbox One

    that's kind of cool. I there a special version of the xbox needed for that or is the most basic able to support
  15. cyberninja2601

    Forever Gaming

    Thanks to guys to go me as far as they did in the Raid.


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