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  1. cyberninja2601

    COD WW2 - First Impression

    I tried it and enjoyed it, unfortunately is seems like everyone has already moved one and I don't think I've even reached level 40 yet. Getting a decent team that PTFO is a challenge for sure.
  2. cyberninja2601

    COD WW2 - First Impression

    First impressions, It met expectations .... ... Unfortunately Glitchy as hell, connection dependent Player war with a few people here. I need to understand what to do better. At least it has some potential. Played DOM as well. I have to get any other map but that London map in that mode
  3. cyberninja2601

    CoD WWII - Who's getting it?

    Sounds like peer pressure again to me .....
  4. cyberninja2601

    Forever Gaming

    I have my 5K, but what's the point personally to get it Lee? if the Clan has capped already does it add anything? As I understand the clan is already capped.
  5. cyberninja2601

    Who's Ready and Playing Wednesday?

    Because my Amazon membership gives me 20% off if I order to the physical copy from them and I am a cheap bastard
  6. cyberninja2601

    Beta .2

    I tried it for about 30 minutes last night. Turned it off. I played 2 or 3 domination matches. Insta kill, head glitching, camping summarizes it up. I might give it another go today but at this point it's very unlikely I would get the game
  7. cyberninja2601

    Who's Ready and Playing Wednesday?

    Well I caved and got it. Perhaps I can get into gaming a little again
  8. cyberninja2601

    Destiny Calendar: WotM Raid - Normal

    I would love to but that in middle of the work day for me. Have fun
  9. cyberninja2601

    Brexit 1776

    I would think that the most embarrassing thing about to whole thing is that we won with the help of the French. No one, but no one gets beat by the French ....
  10. cyberninja2601

    Brexit 1776

    Just remember that on the day of Chucky's coronation Or perhaps HRM will manage to outlive him to spite him
  11. cyberninja2601

    Destiny Calendar: Pat's Maiden Raid - Crota 390 LL

    I guess I was muted and did not realized. Still good job
  12. cyberninja2601

    Destiny Calendar: Pat's Maiden Raid - Crota 390 LL

    Thanks for caring my ass on this one guys
  13. cyberninja2601

    Destiny Calendar: Pat's Maiden Raid - Crota 390 LL

    cool. Looks like we have a proper party I'm at 389 I believe. Because of my ghost. So my weapons and armor should be respectable. My game play however, maybe not
  14. cyberninja2601

    Marvel Heroes Omega

    I can't say on the PS4. I played many years ago on the PC and you got better stuff if you played as a group and it got harder. I was also harder in the "real game". I think BETA is easy so you can progress. I played as Rocket Racoon and dead Pool a lot. They kinda follow classes. Tank, Range, melee, magic and skill. I played as Thing, Hulk, rocket raccoon, jean grey, dead pool. Rocket was the most fun for me but quite OP at the time. His shield gen and groot made it easy to solo just about every boss. I played as hulk on the beta and found the UI a bit clunky compared to the PC
  15. cyberninja2601

    Destiny 1 Fireteam Support Required

    What about the "forge"? Stuff drops like crazy there.

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