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Colonel Buckwheat

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    Playing Battlefield 4 and working on my YouTube channel.
  1. I think my proudest moment was playing BF3 on the PS3. We were playing Rush on Grand Bazaar and were pushed back to the second set of M-COMS. I was able to go through the alley and flank behind the enemy team. I threw down 3 packs of C4 into a crowd and killed 7 enemies (out of 12 total!). I also died in the process, but my teammates came over to revive me. As I was skipping away from the massacre, the Rambo dogtag unlocked. Fond memories...
  2. I'm glad they adressed the 0 health issue. It annoyed me more than anything else.
  3. Someone sounds bitter... What about in a jeep?
  4. Most of the issues have been resolved. There is still a bug that shows the enemy that kills you has 0% health, but I think they actually have more than that. The netcode is still and always will be a joke. The connection issues are minimal now and we don't get those pesky CE errors anymore.
  5. We could definitely do that! I sent you a request.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  7. Thank you! I removed them from this thread and I'll post a new one in a little while.
  8. Thanks! It's a new series I've started called BattleTactics. I only have the two videos so far, but hopefully they might help some of you out.
  9. What's the word on posting videos here? I didn't join just to plug my YouTube channel every chance I get, but I have started series that focuses on how to tackle a particular game mode and map. I figured that I would ask before posting any of them.
  10. Hey, I'm Colonel Buckwheat. I was lured here by one of your own, TigerBurge. I am an avid fan/player/YouTuber of Battlefield games. I started with Battlefield 3 on the day it was released and I've since moved on to BF4. After reading some of the conversation here I have to say I was impressed. You all seem like a great group of individuals that honestly want to help each other improve. This is a lot different than what I see in the Battlelog forums. I look forward to engaging in some conversation with you all. I played BF3 on the Playsation 3, and I've now upgraded to a PS4. I spend the majority of my time playing Battlefield 4, but I hop back and forth between other games as well. I'm really looking forward to Infamous: Second Son next month, and I've pre ordered a few others like Watch Dogs and Destiny. If anyone would like to play with me just send an invite. My PSN id is Buckwheat. Thanks!
  11. My longest headshot was 269.23 meters.
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