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  1. Fusious

    Car porn Valkyrie

    dang that thing is nuts.
  2. It is the case. They've now taken away gun game as well during this. After playing I'm actually pretty unhappy with this new update. Night mode is added back into the quick play rotation as well. Crash feels like garbage and now that shoot house 24/7 is gone and I can't choose what maps I want to play, I think I'll be taking my activity to halo. Nonetheless tier progression is solely based on play time instead of performance or some other way that makes you feel accomplished after completing. I'll be back when shipment 24/7 comes out.
  3. Regardless whether it's classified as free or not, I am insanely excited for the new guns. Specifically the LMG. I've been on a LMG kick and hoping this one takes the cake. Not to mention shipment being added. I think it's good they're trickling out updates like this even if they were supposed to be in the game already. It makes for frequent content which is what they need to stay relevant.
  4. Fusious

    93 Nissan 240sx

    Well as you can tell, I have a thing for BN kits lmao
  5. I don't believe so. It doesn't give you a notification if you aren't on when someone adds you. I always forget to check if I have any. I'll be sure to look tonight when I'm off of work! UPDATE @GazzaGarratt I never got your friend request.
  6. Welcome aboard! I too miss having a forum to call home. Even though this isn't the most active forum, it feels the most at home I've felt in a long time. I think you'll find that this place will be worth the stay!
  7. Not that I'm not overly excited about this, but I think after everything we have went through, we actually deserve this! Side note: I will be addicted once again when they drop shipment. I'm so stoked!
  8. Fusious

    93 Nissan 240sx

    Well I'm in the USA! Onevias are actually stock. We never got an s13 with a Silvia front. The ka24 comes in them stock over here too, but NA. As for the current state it's in, I only recently started working on it again and I'm near the end. I have some little things to do and leaks to seal, I'm going bigger injectors after all(740cc) and going to aim for around 260-270whp which is around 350 crank. Should be a fun and nice reliable set up. As far as the 'jdm scene', I guess there's a bunch of different categories of that. This is more styled after the Japanese street style scene(drifting). I absolutely can't stand the Japanese car show nerds. My car looks like a shitbox and theirs being finished look even worse. /rant
  9. F1 is actually really hard to get into compared to others. Up until recently they were pretty closed off to outsiders other than simply watching the race. Social media was recently introduced and back stage camera work. This is all thanks to their new owner running the show. If you haven't watched it yet, there's a show on Netflix that dives in depth on a recent season of f1 that's a good watch. I wanna say they plan on doing it for every season and you really get to see what goes on backstage. This is part of their effort trying to get the sport out there into the modern world and to help it grow. Those are some solid shots! Goodwood is full of legendary cars new and old. One day I will absolutely make my way there at least once.
  10. I honestly can't believe how awful this game has been handled since release. It certainly looks like a AAA game, but it doesn't play or operate like one.
  11. I go as track media, but it's not really a job. I own/shoot for excessive wear. We would like to turn it into a profitable business, but for now I do it for fun. I'd love to see them! Going to Goodwood is definitely a bucket list of mine.
  12. It's honestly like a card/chess game. There's a board that you set up your characters strategically and the characters you can buy are all rng. You have money that you gain between rounds, losing streaks, win streaks, and you can sell units. It's kind of a new genre called auto chess.
  13. Fusious

    01 Lexus IS300

    It took me a little less than a year. The driver pillar was smushed and I had a shop do that along with paint. Other than that, I did everything myself!
  14. I still think they should implement an in game ranking system. Levels challenges, and etc is all play time anyways. The amount of time it takes you to complete something is skill based, but they are just pub lobbies after all. Maybe this is the competitive side in me, but match mmr is pretty useless since there's really nothing to boast about if you're slapping kids that can hardly react in 5 seconds to seeing someone. I think if you really want to play against good players in a competitive style environment, you should join gb's or set up private lobbies.
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