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  1. Hey Lee, Tony will be joining me on my camping travels so also won't be available to join in the fun and games this time. Next time thoughf or sure!
  2. Thank you I got some practice laps in today to get used to the track and cars but no times to disclose yet some improvement is needed!
  3. Lee is right. I do love a good warzone session! haha feel free to add me and we can jump on the plane to Verdansk!
  4. Welcome to the forum dude! I highly recommend you get involved in the FG Fridays too if you want to get to know the guys its always a good laugh
  5. For expensive and fragile dice that you can't roll to hard!
  6. I saw them here dude - URWizards Dnd Obsidian Gemstone Raised Dice Set Gear Style URWIZARDS.COM Notice: Gemstone dice are fragile, so I recommend that you can roll them on s...
  7. Oh man! gutted I can't come to this as Im away this weekend! This was such a good laugh guys I hope you have a good one and I can't wait to join the next one.
  8. G_dub52


    Welcome in
  9. I have a limited skillset but I would love to get involved and pitch in where I can. Basically I will try and do anything if someone needs a hand to make this awesome site even better! I have ticked the 4 that I feel I may be able to help in but as I say even if its just a minor thing that needs support Im always here
  10. I should be able to jump in too enjoyed it last time!
  11. @GazzaGarratt thanks to chatting to me as we got laps down. It helped me calm down abit and I actually really started to enjoy myself and was getting quicker each lap. Damn work getting in my way! How long are you leaving round one "active" @Greboth? Im a few days behind starting with updates etc so playing catch up. Wondering how much time I have to refine my runs
  12. 2:12.814 is my best in the M4 on Imola. Im coming off now for lunch. Ill keep practicing and do some Lambo laps tonight or tomorrow morning to round out the week.
  13. Right, im getting more dialled in. 2:15.336 is my best so far in the M4. Just keep driving!
  14. I've dialled in a bit more now, changed the cam and tyre pressures and got some laps in. With the TT first and now with the M4 lol. Next question where does it log my times? Nothings coming up anywhere! I got 4000 points if that helps. Man Im terrible at this haha
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