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  1. Thanks @GazzaGarratt. Ive got access to GTAV and MW:R. I havent played CoD in years though.
  2. I think its been confirmed that it'll be under €15.
  3. I think i saw that one on the server list yesterday. I'll get on the server when I next play and start gearing up my character.
  4. Hi Dave and Tommy, nice to see you guys again. @ChaosGladiator yeah man, im up for squadding up sometime. Ill add you on PSN. What servers do you guys play on?
  5. Hi there if youre reading this. Some older members will remember me but most wont. The names Kev, im 38 from north east england. Ive had a bit of a gaming hiatus over the last few years due to various reasons but im slowly getting back into it. I only got my PS4 a few months ago so im kinda late to the party! Im mainly a single player gamer, rpgs are my thing. But currently only playing DayZ. Im hoping to be a more active poster this time around.
  6. So now future students will not benefit from trips abroad due to one kid who failed to heed warnings against sunburn and his blame-for-fame mum. Some people always ruin it for others. Also moobs.
  7. Pretty simple concept but very effective. Just goes to show how easy it is to fool the human mind.
  8. BoroVC


    Holy crap, it's Zake Dizzle! Welcome back.
  9. The 'full version' button seems to be working again now.
  10. Gonna be awesome. The Hulkbuster suit looks amazing. MCU is my favourite thing right now, I'm super stoked for all the upcoming movies.
  11. Just got back from seeing this with my boys. I didn't expect much going in from seeing the trailers on TV but it was a really good film. Great characters, well played by the cast.
  12. Just tested it here and it's not working for me either on iOS 7.1.2.
  13. RIP Rik Mayall. This is very sad news. His comic timing was legendary and was a much loved figure for me when I was growing up. I must've watched every episode of Bottom hundreds of times and knew every line off by heart. Brilliant in everything he was in. The Young Ones, Bottom, The New Statesman, Comic Strip Presents, Blackadder, Drop Dead Fred... he was a great talent. Will be very sadly missed.
  14. No, I can only go from what I've read about it. I've been reading various reports, articles and discussions on it all day. That's where I've formed my opinion. Just because that happens doesn't mean everyone agrees with it.If he hadn't have been killed, what would you have a suggested? Give him a cup of cocoa and a cuddle and say 'don't worry mate, we'll get those mental issues of yours sorted properly, get you laid and integrate you back into society.'? No shit. It's a fitting end that the only penetration this guy ever knew was the bullet in his head.
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