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    There and respawn again a gamers tale

    Have you been questioning the directions in which most studio's have taking recently?


    Maybe it's the content or even the possibility of only digital titles, in the rambling's of this controller warrior you may find some of your queries raised. The expectations of the modern gamer seem to have drastically changed due to the games in which we purchased being released broken or unfinished, we then purchase said product with the promise of it being hot-fixed or patched, this sadly has became the norm and more people are becoming numb thus letting it slide.


    I personally find this quite disheartening, as the sole users our say should be driving studios to make changes to the way games are released. Let's go back to the days of old, no internet, no CD's that act as product keys I'm talking about cartridges. Games were as intended and I think it's needs to return to that methodical style of producing in order to not stifle or erode the games industry. For many people games are collectors items, whether it be a limited edition, contain extras such as prints or figurines. In my eyes a code for in game currency or a downloadable soundtrack should never be put into this because they are not physical, this is going to be a huge issue for many fans of a particular studio/franchise.


    All in all I feel somewhat fobbed off when I buy a new title, after spending hours downloading and then copying only to finally get stuck in then find a game breaking bug. Don't worry though guys, it will get patched and this all depends on the size of the studio for time scale. Hopefully things will change with the next gens - not only graphically also with the games being done to a better standard.

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