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MW:R activation theory

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I thought about this when MW:R was announced and after seeing a few rumours floating around which echoed what I was thinking; I'd thought I'd share my theory on how MW:R will be playable in the Legacy Edition:- I reckon that despite MW:R being a separate download and a 'standalone' product; users will be forced to use the physical copy of Infinite Warfare as a key to launch the game.


I think this will happen for two reasons:-


a ) Acitivision will count the people using the Infinite Warfare disc to launch MW:R as playing IW to avoid any red faces about the remastered game outshining the new Call of Duty. Activision and Infinite Ward were already humiliated with Ghosts when at lauch weekend at peak; 145,000 were playing Ghosts on the 360 but 260,000 were still playing Black Ops 2 at the same time. This incident also most likely was the reason why Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3's playlist/global player counts were removed to avoid any further embarrassments. There is absolutely no logical reason to remove them other than censorship. Activision have also neglected to release the unit sales figures of the games in the last two years after the woeful performance of Ghosts. They do release the monetary takings but this is heavily mitigated by supply drop income and microtransactions. I think the publishers will once again do their utmost best to protect the lasted Call of Duty and if they have to count the people playing MW:R to avoid uncomfortable questions from the media; I think they'll be crafty enough to do it. 


b ) Enforcing people to hold onto Infinite Warfare can entice them to play it if they get burned on MW:R and even possibly spend money in-game instead of trading it in or flogging it right off the bat. It would also prevent shops from becoming overstocked on Legacy Edition pre-owned copies that only hold half a product and one that many people don't want. If they can just keep people on board who may at some stage play it in the next 12 months after release and they purchase a map pack or supply drops; it'll give extra income on a product that people have already spent £70 on.


I hope this isn't the case and in all honesty; I may wait to see if MW:R eventually comes out as a standalone purchase many months after IW's release once their primary revenue streams have been peaked and/or exhausted but for those that are purchasing the Legacy/Deluxe versions with MW:R included; I fear they will be enforced to retain Infinite Warfare even if they don't wish to play it just to access the remaster and having no chance of clawing back money through a trade in or sale. I'd like this to be added to the official FAQ and people are asking about it but as usual and unsurprisingly; Activision are dodging this burning issue. 

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We'll find out this week for sure.

In theory those who preordered for PS4 via PS store,  Game or Tesco get to play COD 4 a month early.

How will that happen when they won't have a physical disc? 



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