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Mkay, we need to sort this out.


First off, I work from 07:00 to 19:00 or 19:00 to 07:00 depending on my shifts. This means that I won't be able to attend many raids but such is life unfortunately.


Secondly, we need to establish raiding days and times. What times would suit you guys, and what days?


Thirdly, please post here who you are, your main spec, and when you'd be available.


Fourth, and this is the most important one, I need people to step up to the plate. If I can't make it, then pull your finger out and organize something. I'm making Klax and Erux raid leaders so if they're on and it's raid night, you will need to listen to them. If anyone else wants to be a raid leader, please let me know.


Fifth, START RECRUITING!!!! I've done ALL the recruiting on my own except for when Sven brought Druidi into the guild, and it's getting tiresome that I'm the only one. If you raid with someone and they seem nice, extend them an invite. It's not hard guys.


Also, please get others to sign up here so we can organize this stuff outside of the game. That way anyone can read our stuff wheneve rthey want, and nobody will miss anything.


Tl;DR: Pull your fingers out and get busy recruiting and organizing raids.


Let's start off with raid days and times though.


I want to move up to normal as quick as we can as that little green text saying "flex" on my gear is pissing me off.


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Diddy has a knack of doing the Leeroy stuff every now and then, but without the shout. In Cata it drove people nuts.   About a week ago or so, it actually gave the LFR team a kill over Malkorok. "Just

Diddy has a knack of doing the Leeroy stuff every now and then, but without the shout. In Cata it drove people nuts. :D  About a week ago or so, it actually gave the LFR team a kill over Malkorok. "Just jump into the fray"-kind of tactics, if you can call it something. :D


"wtf... we just pulled??!"

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I'm a warrior. I have no brain, I am merely a skeleton with a shitload of muscles glued to it. I assume no responsibility for my actions, if it has a pulse and it's not Alliance, it has to die.


Spine was awesome though. How you guys put up with me I'll never know but kudos for it!




Anyways, is anyone actually gonna answer the questions I posted?


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I would do Dave but i've no idea what the fuck you guys are on about?  :lol: Just love that Leeroy clip

burnfitbillyboy said

Well while me and Euan were trying to nail the strippers tonight, Fufu said she doesn't sleep around... Other than that the game is perfect


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Oh there was a question there? I just got caught by the video-clip...


Times: Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun. From 19:00 server time and forward.


Classes/Roles: Survival Hunter, Ranged DPS.


I'll try get into recruiting. Honestly saying, I suck at it like no other. But I can give it a go. What do we need? 1 tank, 2 healers and all the DPS we can get? Any class specifications or just about anyone knowing their shit is welcome?

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I will reply to this, I also have some problems attending every raid atleast from the start.


only day I really know I'm available each month is sundays so it would be a preferred day for me to raid on, rest of my schedule does change month to month. But I will know this 2 weeks in advance and post on these forums.

Last day I won't be able to attend is 28th of may wich is a wednesday.


as to what days we chose it matters if we're going two or three days a week

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Gotta remind you guys, that we better use the names of our Mains here, because most of the people wont know who we mean by Klax, Boom, Erux and so on...


So my Main character on the guild is Ivorial, survi hunter. "Boom"=Ivorial/Sindream/Wraithinia.


Klax-the-DK was renamed to Xevach. So "Klax"=Xevach (and some other chars too). Death knight.


"Erux" ... well, can't remember who he was using as main. Please help me here.


"Diddy" a.k.a "Dave" is Kreex/Heretician.

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this is Nöodles/Druîdî



I can bring a Survival Hunter or a Resto Druid


Until the end of May I have a pretty steady schedule workwise. basically 8 am to 6 pm. And only weekdays.

In June, however, I'm going to start with weekend shifts and late shifts to 11 pm, probably changing on a weekly basis and will know it probably only one or two weeks in advance.

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Ilunette here, or as you know me Crazy Chick, i would prefer if you all call me the queen, but what ever works! xD


MS: Holy

OS: Bad Reti 


If needed i could gear up better dps or even tank. I used to be a tank back in all of wrath and half of Cata, so i have actually been a tank longer on this toon than healer, but i would prefer beeing healer at this point in the game =) 


Also im available for raids when ever! =)

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right .... erux here or whatever starts with a e and ends with a x 
I got : resto shammy / elemental
retri pala / holy
destro lock/affli
disc / holy priest 

survival hunter
i can raid from 20.00 every day but most weekends i wont be here friday and saturday because im out drinking

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I'm 7 hours a head of you guys, so therefore f**ked whatever time you pick. I'm dreading the world cup.


But I'll give it a go once a week at least. Just put it in the in-game calendar so I can sign up.


My characters are random colour + marlin, or name + vegas. I'll have one of each on GB soon enough;


Bluemarlin is 546 fire mage

Jazminvegas is 537 survival hunter

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Ehm..... Vilate here, kinda guessing the forum name gives it away :P


Anyway here is my char info:

Vilate: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Vilate/simple

Current itemlvl 546

Main spec: Disc/holy

offspec ilvl: 530



Also i have an rogue alt that was my main when i hardcored raided in cata

Despired: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Despired/simple

Current itemlvl 508

Mainspec Sub/Combat


I would pref that we raid between 20:00-23:00 (Servertime) because of getting up early somedays :)


Im pretty new to the guild but its awesome to finally get some casual raiding done without having to join some shitty pug :D

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We are definitely getting somewhere here... still I'd like more people to sign up and put in their times and roles. But we can start planning based on this as well.


Anyone with Tanking OS and somewhat OK'ish gear, please step up now. I can see Ilu mentioned that option there, which is nice. :)


Which leads to a point, where we could use another healer if Ilu finds herself tanking some day. Any OS-healers over there, check your gear and be prepared!


Please go ahead and recruit people interested and geared, if you know any. Persuasion, bribery and intimidation can be used, if it leads to more raiders. ;)


The rest will be pugged, just like before. I'll start an initiative within the officers to come up with fixed days soon, maybe latest next week if not during the weekend.

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Hello guys im Tokugawa the new monk.


Im 535 ilvl atm windwalker (dps) can attend to raids almoust every day after 18:30 till 22-23:30 server time.

Im 537 pvp if u guys doing that to.


Thx cya there.......

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Regarding flex raids:


As far as I am aware, you can do Flex cross realm, meaning, if someone has a viable alt, we can just invite them via battle tag.


BTW, it seems i got the late shift this week, so I won#t be home before 11pm server time:/

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On 4/8/2019 at 7:16 PM, Diddums said:

Fuck me, I forgot about this! @leonvegas we need to round up the troops again! Do any of the others still play? 


This would be pretty cool to see.

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