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  1. Old thread, but I just picked this up yesterday on the Steam sale. You can get the game with all DLC and a remastered copy of AC III for under $30. So far, I'm enjoying the story and the game play mechanics. I haven't played AC since III, and I never finished it.
  2. Turned out pretty good. Next time I'll use a little less smoke and be a bit more aggressive with the rub under the skin, but all in all I think it turned out really nicely. Good color, skin was pretty crisp, good flavor. The flats of the wings were phenomenal, best turkey wing I ever had. The thinner meat took the seasoning really well and the skin was perfect. It took about 5 hours at temps averaging 270-ish degrees. I did a water pan under it for the last 30 minutes or so because the bottom skin was going to get too dark if I didn't. My rub was garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, kosh
  3. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, although I will be working so we'll delay the traditional meal until Friday. The turkey is brining now, this will be my first attempt to smoke a whole turkey. It's gonna be awesome or it's going to be shit. Here's hoping...
  4. Vivoactive 3 has move reminders and is a pretty solid smart watch and is right at that price point, at least in the US and then converted to your currency. That's the one I used for a long time, and I bought it used. I now have a Fenix for hiking (it's got topo maps and what not that's great for hiking but not something you'd need just as a fitness watch) and the updated Vivoactive 4. The 4 adds a few things, does weight lifting tracking better, but isn't fundamentally that different then the 3. The 4's biggest advantage is the button layout and the animated workouts/breathing exercises.
  5. Yeah, my first impression was right. Not the game for me.
  6. I'm not even trying to take the land. Just win the war and put down the rebellion. Right now, despite his having no army, I'm losing the war.
  7. He rebelled. We are at war. I attacked his army and beat it, but now there's nothing left to attack as far as an army. I see a little town but can't get my army to go there, so I don't know how to attack anything else.
  8. I watched some Youtube tutorials today since all I had was downtime waiting for a riot that never happened. I gave it a try again, and here's the issue I'm running up against. I picked Ireland in the iron age and am some 26 year old petty king. I tried to imprison a chief for plotting. I don't know what the plot was or how to find out, but figured plots are rarely good. I failed and he rebelled. I raised an army and crushed the ever living shit out of his army. Now I'm losing the war because he still has all his holdings. I can't figure out h
  9. You definitely have drink-outs here as well. It's usually with burgers and hot dogs on a grill. I'm not sure what you mean by flavouring the wood. Different wood already gives a different flavor. I'm using mostly apple wood, but experimenting with mesquite as well. Cherry and pecan are very popular as well. Lowe's has an 18" Basso Bullet smoker on sale right now for under $100. Research bullet smokers to see if it's right for you, but basically it's a smaller smoker that can also be used as a grill or steamer and is in a very small form footprint. I am using an off
  10. Amazon.com WWW.AMAZON.COM "The Overstory" is a fantastic novel. It starts as more of a collection of short stories, which then merge into an overall story, (roots into a trunk, it's all tree themed) and it's just beautifully written. It even manages to paint hippies in a sympathetic light... 😉 Seriously, though, one of the best books I've read in awhile.
  11. I haven't even gotten through the tutorial and I'm pretty sure CK2 is not for me. It seems like way too many moving parts, a fairly complicated UI, and just more then I'm looking for in a game. I'm sure it's immersive and fun if you want to put the time in to learn all the bits and bobbles, but I don't think I do at this point. Honestly, I'm just looking for more casual games at the moment.
  12. It appears the base game is free now...but you can pay damn near $300 for all the content.
  13. I've been bit by the outdoor cooking bug pretty hard. I always grilled on occasion, but nothing "special" and maybe 5-10 times a year in total. A few months ago I bought a smoker. That's some game changing shit, right there. It's a combination hobby, science experiment, and art with the result being (usually) very tasty meat. Trying different kinds of wood, different spice mixes, different temperatures and variations...it's all quite enjoyable. I note that as I've gotten older my new hobbies are rather sedate, but here we are. Yesterday I had both the grill AND smoker going a

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