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  1. I just got back from a family vacation. I took my wife and son on a big tour of US National Parks out west. We flew into Los Angeles, spent some time there, then did the tour. It ended up something like this: Los Angeles: Whale Watching boat tour. Kayaking with sea lions. Petersen car museum. La Brea Tar Pits. Hollywood sign from the observatory. Sequoia National Park/King's Canyon National Park (they connect): Hiking, exploring the giant trees and some mountain views. Death Valley: Driving the unpaved trails, some light hiking, star gazing, general
  2. Old thread bump. Anthology, which is all content, is available for $50 on Steam and Epic until next month.
  3. It took a little longer than I expected, but *finally* dipped under 200. I'd hit 200.6, 200.4, but had bounced back up a little after each. Today was 199.8. Yes, the difference is miniscule but the milestone was important to me. I did another trail run yesterday. Different trail, so it's hard to compare times but I think this one was more challenging due to bigger hills: 7.13 mi Distance 1:07:34 Time 9:29 min/mi Avg Pace 554 ft Elev Gain 1,022 C Calories Best road times now:
  4. I don't recall. It's hard to credit it's been so long ago, or that this forum has been around that long. She did eventually reconcile with her dad. I liked him. I may have posted about it, not sure. Anyway, we went back to Jordan for a visit with her family about two years before he died. It's a shame her brothers ruined it for them for so long, but at least they worked it out before it was too late. We've got a 20 page version of it in Word with all the various steps, stamps, documents, etc. that she knows about.
  5. It went pretty well. I had ran 6.27 miles on the road the day before so I wasn't trying to set any pace records. With all the hills, having to do a few log crossings over big puddles/muddy spots, and the like I was quite happy with the 9:41 minute/mile pace. I was probably a bit faster as the GPS signal was spotty in a few places and the track shows me going over a pond instead of the nearby road, etc. I will say I've been bushed for the rest of the day, though. I keep thinking to get off my ass and change the oil in my truck, but I'm enjoying sitting on my ass for awhile. I'm not
  6. Thanks. I was 202.6 this morning and set a new 5k PR: 26:25 replacing 27:13. I think I could break 26:00 if I did a .25 mile or so warm-up, as my first mile is always my slowest. My best mile was 8:07.
  7. I looked at Big Green Egg as well, but went with the Kamado Joe for a few reasons. You get more for your money and the available accessories are better and more options for KJ. I really agonized over this decision. I also considered "The Good One" offset smoker/grill. My wife is enamored with the idea of doing pizzas outside for some reason, though, and that pushed me into the kamado. I don't know if I told the story here already, but I tried a pellet grill from Green Mountain Grills and, while the company was great, the grill was shit.
  8. My wife has been after me to buy a smoker/grill I can use in shit weather. I know, the opposite problem most guys have. I finally sprung for a Kamado Joe "Big Joe II" ceramic egg style grill. It's the tits. It's expensive, best price I could find was $1499 shipped, but it's proving to be worth it. 1) Temperature control is very easy. There are no air leaks, so you have full control of air flow in and out. If you shut both vents, it'll actually kill the fire and save the rest of your charcoal for next time. 2) The ceramic has a lot of thermal mass. Once it's up to
  9. 202.8 lbs is my lowest so far, so getting close to the magic <200. I jogged 10.1 miles in 1:39 day before yesterday to get a 15km challenge from Garmin done. Rested yesterday with a 5 mile walk but no jogging. 5 mile jog today, but on the treadmill since weather is shit.
  10. Thanks. 185-200 lbs, then work on strength mostly as I move in that range. I'm kicking around the idea of a half marathon, but no time goal. Just run the whole thing.
  11. Almost two years later, I'm at 208.4 as of this morning, and am in significantly better shape. I can do a 1 mile run in right at 8 minutes, 5k in under 28 minutes, 10k in under 60 minutes. The Garmin has been really helpful, both in terms of motivation and in data points and feedback.
  12. Garmin also shows you your training load which helps you see if you're pushing too hard, not hard enough, etc. I've been "productive" but we had snow/ice and I didn't run for two days, only walked. Yesterday I went to "peaking" which means you're recovered from previous loads but aren't detraining yet. I ran a 27:45 5k today, a new personal best by 45 seconds.
  13. Savory isn't spicy, necessarily. Anything you could make in a risotto, you can make in oats. Shrimp, for example. Here's a nice sweet one based on carrot cake: 0.50 Cup Uncooked (40 Grams), Uncooked Oats 0.50 cup, Milk, nonfat 3 oz., Vanilla Yogurt (no sugar) 1 tbsp(s), Splenda/stevia 3 large, Carrots, baby, raw (shredded) 5.00 raisins, Raisins, seedless Vanilla to taste Cinnamon to taste 250 calories 14g protein 5g fiber Basically you just mix everything, leave it in the fridge overnight, and it's
  14. If you're going to take your phone with you, you don't really need the music aspect, IMO. I guess if you don't want to have your phone with you then it makes more sense. I always have my phone with me, though, and I let my music play through the phone speakers since I don't want headphones blocking out the world around me.

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