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  1. There's those in between who somewhat care but not enough to be a collector. Toys boxes are designed to be binned once opened mostly, games cases tend to feel nice to look at and feel in your hands. Something about buying unboxed games doesn't feel right with me but I don't go looking for pristine condition. Especially newer consoles which are disc based, I don't like buying loose discs. if I couldn't find an affordable game with box, I'd obviously settle without a box/case.
  2. Spacedeck

    FIFA 23

    As expected too but Legacy edition once again for Switch.. Pretty much fuck EA at this point.
  3. @GazzaGarratt the TV I have isn't new as in the last few years, so might even do the job? https://www.manualslib.com/manual/261597/Samsung-Le32c650.html?page=7#manual I can't even remember what connection works best for PS2. Which consoles would actually work on this TV? One of them devices would still be handy for use of playing on monitor. Purchased Oct 2010, so had it almost 12 years!
  4. @GazzaGarratt Which device do you use on modern TVs? I've been looking at PS2 ads on Gumtree for months, tempted by a few but ultimately left it due to not having a CRT TV.
  5. Yeah, so I mainly emulate and use 8BitDo controllers, but only those which gives the authentic look and feel. I don't use these for any modern gaming, I have an Xbox One controller for that. But there's still amazing devices which allow the use of original controllers on emulation. Raphnet is such one. It's the only device on the market which supports Memory Packs and Rumble Packs.
  6. So I do still pick games up now and again, mostly for X360 and PS3. Whether you see them as retro or not, I don't care 😅. Xbox 360: PS3: Game Gear:
  7. Also to add, while I don't have the room or funds to go physical, I do try to get as close to the real thing where I can. So I have the 8BitDo N30 controller to play NES, GB, GBA, GBC, 8BitDo M30 for GameGear and MegaDrive, Raphnet adapter for use with a real N64 controller which supports rumble packs and memory packs, Mayflash adapter for a real GameCube controller and Bongo drums, PS3 controller for PSOne and PS2. The authentic look is nice to have but I much prefer the button placements of the controllers to be near identical or very close to the original controllers, if they also happen to look the same then it's a huge bonus.
  8. Lack of storage, cost of games, rare games that would cost an arm and a leg to purchase, size of CRT TVs and bad quality from newer TVs unless using expensive adapters. There's plenty of reasons why one would go down emulation route and I do this for the very reasons I listed. I lack any kind of space to build a collection like I would like, nor do I have that kind of money. While I do emulate, it lets me play games I would never otherwise have played or owned, you can choose between the better frame rates of USA versions (with slight reduction to picture). Certain consoles I would tend to go physical though and I'm still interested in obtaining them, but these will be systems that use discs due to size to store them digitally and they will be consoles where a lot of games wasn't ported to newer systems. So things like GameCube, PS2, PSOne. If I build a collection now, it'll be a selective collection where I'll try something out through emulation before investing in the physical version. None of the money we spend on retro things goes to the companies that made these products anyway.
  9. I did and it's fun. There's 6 cups in total, once you complete them all, they just reset at a harder difficulty. Playing online is probably the biggest draw back, there's 4v4 but only if using 4 switches and each switch has 2 players playing per switch. 4v4 with randoms is something they really need to add. There's the creation of a team but I think this is somewhat limited, I jut haven't joined a club to try it out yet. You can't select no team and have the CPU vs CPU which is something I'd have liked to watch. Overall very fun, great gameplay but some areas are lacking and could use some improvement.
  10. I hope you all had a great day! Did you get a break or spend the day with your kids? What did you get up to? I received a lovely home made card but have spent the day being a Dad. Cleaning the room, vaccing, countless washing, caring for my youngest daughter who's got sickness and runny poos... fun day. Looks like it's a call to the Doctors in the morning as she just isn't improving. Anyway, hope you all had a great day (not just Dad's!).
  11. I've tried Stadia and to be fair to them, the controller feels nice and I had a much better experience streaming through Stadia over WiFi, than I did using Microsoft's streaming service through GamePass on an ethernet connected to the pc!
  12. That's a great deal but just make sure you'll play the game. I have bought too many bundles cheaply (including the last one of Cities Skyline), and hardly even touched it. So good price in general but only if you have intentions to invest time.
  13. Spacedeck

    EA Sports FC

    Isn't the whole licencing for teams / players one of the biggest selling points for EA? Not sure where it'll go if they don't' have that.
  14. Where can we view all the unearned achievements?
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