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  1. For me, the best time in COD was MW2 to Blops 2. All four games, with Blops 1 and MW3 inbetween, were the glory days. Great maps and dlc too.
  2. I do have a soft spot for VU, the banana album and the last one, Loaded (which was pretty much all Lou Reed) get listens once in a while. Teenage me saw them play in the early 90s when they reformed briefly, tripping my arse off, of course 😁
  3. Definitely one to check out, particularly if it's free 🙂
  4. When I first came across Dr Disrespect I thought he was funny, I thought it was all tongue in cheek. It's hilarious that I was totally wrong and the guy is playing it totally straight. Hilariously sad that is.
  5. Massive update now live, with servers up to 100 players, new missions, dynamic events and more.
  6. The dub fx guy has been going round for a few years now and has gotten some very good artists to work with him, he must have a great time doing what he does. Now for some Eek a mouse in his youthful glory: No wicked cannot reign 😉
  7. I could be here all day with C64 sound tracks but this will do 🙂
  8. Go tell us about yourself in the Introduction section. Using @Greboth as a reference does not necessarily stand you in good stead 😅
  9. Tubby's production soothes my soul 🙂 I'm going to see these guys in Brixton this Friday
  10. @Spacedeck you reminded me of one of my all time favourite songs. I've picked the 1957 version here instead of 1927 as the sound quality is better but i do love the original.
  11. I lasted up until the point she totally unpredictably accidentally cut herself and then switched it off. I know it's hard to be original but fuck me, at least try🤔😅
  12. Ha ha his son is a massive cunt so I guess the acorn didn't fall far from the tree 😅
  13. I imagine that most games that have a VR version in mind will tend to be 1st person. That Aliens type atmosphere and maybe some RPG elements, in a Dead Space style but with 1st person, would be interesting for me.
  14. It makes me laugh to be honest, the lengths the failing economic system will go to squeeze out every last penny it can. Profits are king of this world and this is a natural, logical manifestation. It's not a new thing either.
  15. Ok, so it arrived Monday morning. No instructions with it or anything but I'd prepared and watched a few videos on set up. Very straightforward. Love the case it arrives with and its a beautiful looking little machine. I've made my Steam account appear offline for the time being as a couple of my Steam friends are work colleagues 😉 So far I have installed: Katana Zero - brilliant game and plays very well on SD Prey - i will now finally give this game some love Hotline Miami Divinity 2 Rimworld Disco Elysium Desperados 3 South Park Stick of Truth So, what was i looking out for to start forming an opinion? My no.1 concern was controls. 2nd was sound. 3rd was holding it for long periods of time. I'll start with sound. It's amazing, with or without headset/ear buds they did a really good job. People were talking about fan noise. I've haven't heard them at all. Sound without headset is very loud and rich and I take my hat off to Valve on that. But yes controls. I was a bit afraid to begin with that I would find them too fiddly. But I have been pleasantly surprised. Rimworld, the game I thought I would have most trouble with, has been a dream to play. The track pads work extremely well and there has clearly been some effort made to ensure user friendliness. I'm very happy. For first person shooters, I'll wait until I've spent some time on Prey before fully feeding back. I still prefer keyboard and mouse but from what I have played of it on the SD it's very smooth so far. With regards holding it, I can put it on my lap or if I'm in bed it's light enough not to be cumbersome or tiring. So yes, after 3 days I'm very very happy. I'm going to Ramsgate on Saturday and it's only the possibility of me getting drunk there that's stopping me taking it for the journey, will see😁
  16. I forget sometimes that many of these games now are being made for children, with extra features to make collecting extra revenue from in game purchases. When I say children I mean adult children. Probably explains why I prefer more hardcore tactical games these days when it comes to multiplayer.
  17. Nice into mate, ever think of picking up Gran Turismo? We do a league occasionally and a few of us will be looking to play Thursday evenings. Other than that, welcome aboard 👍
  18. I hear the No Pixel multiplayer mod is very well done, I'm surprised they've not taken that down too.
  19. I hope its good and I don't get 20 seconds to comply.
  20. Ubisoft released some updates and footage on this game. Not impressed. I can't even be bothered to share a video 😁
  21. I checked out the lobby to see if it has improved. Still can't save set ups but looks like changing track or settings no longer means starting a new lobby, which is a help.
  22. Yes, that's why I said "when it becomes retro" with the word "when" suggesting it hasn't happened yet. Keyboard fights are easy😅
  23. I hear a bunch of ZX Spectrum games have been released on Steam. In my junior school half the class had Spectrums, the other half had C64s. One poor lad had a BBC micro computer which only had Elite to play. I've not played a bad console so hard to say, they all have great memories, C64, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, GameCube. When it becomes retro though, the Xbox 360 rules them all, without a shadow of a doubt👍
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