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London Meet Up 2014 (former Eurogamer Thread) - pg 29

Plumbers Crack

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OK didn't know where else to put it but felt it needed to go somewhere as it's now SEPTEMBER!!!!

So, what are we looking forward to? Big screens, possibly a play with the next gen consoles? For me it's putting faces to names and voices.

Post your thoughts here and if any Admin wants to move it somewhere, feel free to do so as long as you tell me where you put it - I have enough trouble finding keys and things! :)


Thanks to Capn_Underpants for the artwork

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This thread is full of win. I was excited enough to read about eurogamer but then the thread turned to man sex. I now have a messy laptop in front of me. Thanks for that.


Diddums, you must, I repeat, MUST, do a video with all of you there for your blog, so that those of us that can't be there will have a face and voices to go with the names. Just putting that out there.

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I was actually considering coming over there for this but the timing is not good right now and the money would be a slight issue. God, I would want nothing more than to get shitfaced with the bunch of you and then throw up all over Euan!!! I still love you Euan!!! :wub:

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