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Games we can no longer play

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There is a lot of discussion around video games and the preservation of them, it got me thinking of MAG, it was an FPS on the PS3 that had an insane number of players. However they shut it down (maybe prematurely) and it just made me think about games that are no longer playable no matter what you do i.e. emulation or private servers etc. Another that I think of is Wildstar, it was an MMO that to me had a lot of potential but it never quite got the player numbers I don't think.


Are there any that you can think of that you look back on fondly?




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MAG was a pretty decent and highly ambitious title but its reliance on needing 250 players a server whilst the game was competing massively with Modern Warfare 2 was just asking way too much. Bad Company 2 and Black Ops really added insult to injury and then Battlefield 3 finished it off almost. 


There is quite a few games that you can't get (legitimately) anymore which are bloody iconic - No One Lives Forever, Project IGI, Black and White and Battlefield 2142 are just a few. Games like the OG GTA trilogy have also been replaced with the Defective Edition and ones like The Sims 1+2 have been placed with the newer releases. 


I also think overwriting CSGO and Overwatch were terrible decisions especially the latter which completely replaced a legendary game for a hugely inferior sequel built purely on greed and silly decisions. A full legacy version of CSGO should've been left behind but now all traces of it have been removed essentially minus a watered-down backdoor version. 


Thank god for emulation! 

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