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FG Series & Videos - And So It Begins

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40 minutes ago, GazzaGarratt said:

@IRaMPaGe  clip was great, little clips like that are ace to send across to Rich but also what Rich says above is also true and probably easier cos then you don't have to 'time' it, just whenever the match has finished and you know you had a good one or two clips within it just save the last x minutes. You can trim it later on or split it using Share Factory on the Playstation.

It was just a naked Uzi no attachments, total trash gun lol. Thought the kills and movements were smooth. I was aware you can trim down to the second. I just enjoyed the full minute and even left the death in. It was more a choice than ability. But appreciate the help, will check Rich's video. That sounds way easier than trying to time or remember to clip it.


But yeah trimming is easy, but I have a lot more knowledge on "how to" now.


Glad you enjoyed the clip tho, problem is I set high standards for myself. Even a decent clip worthy streak, maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist. 


But yeah I was just putting that clip put to test and see if I could get things working.

I have hit quite a few frenzy kills X5 with shotguns. Done some disgusting things with the model. Even the R9, I dunno what it is. I just don't enjoy the R9. My least favourite shottie for sure. I actually liked the origin. 🙂

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Don't overthink it @IRaMPaGe , just keep playing the game and pressing Share and Square at the end of the match! Honestly, you'll start enjoying your clips again because you'll see the differences between games you've recorded.

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