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2022 Qatar World Cup (and its corruption)

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After hearing the news that Michelle Platini is being investigated into rigging the Qatar World Cup decision, I then seen the pic in this thread on Twitter.


I'm really not sure how its took this long to figure out there was fundamental flaws/foolishness in that decision but now it feels all too late as we get closer to having the World Cup there.


What does everyone think about this? Should it go one step further and be reviewed to give to another country? Would that England would get it?? I highly doubt it will happen but I'm not sure how close they are to having stadiums and processes in place to stage it in Qatar.


As for Platini, it seems to flow in the French the salty endings. Just thinking about Zidane's last thing he did on a pitch.


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They're all at it. Snouts have been gobbling up all in the FIFA trough for many decades.

The whole organisation should be disbanded and started from scratch.

Same with the Olympics.

Aside from all the corruption, the idea of a world cup in a place where they have to move the date because of the weather and fuck with football calendars, the idea that the stadiums have been built by ppl living in deplorable conditions, many overseas workers with withheld passports i.e. slave labour, the lack of health and safety, the idea of many thousands of football fans arriving in a country with strict alcohol laws, rules about women etc etc = one almighty fuck up.

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Qatar were cleared after an two year 'investigation' so there's no chance it will be moved. Too many stadiums have been built and people have died making it also. The best that can be done is all the victim countries get their expenses back for their failed bids and compensation too. FIFA has always been corrupt and will always be corrupt just like UEFA. Everyone associated with top level football around the globe is a piece of shit. 


People moan like fuck in the western world about pissy little things like misgendering yet in counties like that, you can be jailed for life if you're a female asking for water in a heatwave. Hopefully it'll be a good reality check for the world unless everything is covered up like it was for the Brazil world cup. 


I hope all those corrupt cunts get convicted but it'll never happen. Can't wait for Sepp Blatter to die in all honesty. 

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