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  1. they get aired out once a day to stop moisture build up and get some air in, but there isnt much else i can do as i have limited space. The leaf spot are due to the extremes of temp we had up here, was very cold for a week now its shot up to about 18-20 and is forecast to stay that way all week.
  2. Any suggestion as to what is affecting my tomato plants ? I was wondering if it is early blight, but it didnt look like any of the pictures i had seen. where the leaves are like this, those browny patches appear to be dried out and dead leaf tissue.
  3. from what ive heard it sounds like a steaming pile of hot garbage but it was kind of sweet seeing this blind dude crying with happiness when playing the game, because this game has something like 60+ ways of modifying the screen, audio and controller options to allow people with as many disabilities/impairments to play as possible. even if the game is total cringe, the accessibility customisation alone might hopefully set a new industry standard and every game and console moving forward have these options.
  4. I'm surprised you haven't had complaints that its misogynist
  5. If you want MW2 nostalgia we can all download MW2 for free on PC and play private anyway haha
  6. You know the feeling.... -You've dropped into a fairly quiet area with your boys and girls. -You've looted fast, got a loadout and enough cash to spare for everyone to get self revive. -Maybe 2 of you have UAVs -You've done some recon and scavenger challenges so everyone has an amour vest and 8 armour plates. Maybe even a gas mask or two. You've spent maybe 20 mins in the game.Your squad has come across one or two players and successfully taken them out. You've got 2 sneaks of the final circle and start making your way there through a very quiet unlooted area. You're all in a building, all running ghost. AND THEN IT HAPPENS..... A chopper starts to hover over your building...you're all running ghost and none of you have shot at them...but they seem to know you are there. Your teammates start shooting at them out the window and get laser beamed with headshots and go done. You sneak out the back of the building as you havent been seen, but then you go down, shot in the back in a hail of bullets. How the fuck did they know i was leaving the building out that particular entrance ? And then you check the kill cam.....the other player has their sights up and is tracking you through a solid wall, despite having no visual of you in the building whatsoever. Then their aim follows the back of your head and doesn't miss a single bullet. Havent had this happen ? what about the people headglitching and jump shotting you with a KAR98 they picked up off the ground and getting a headshot first go ? Every subsequent headpeak is a perfect headshot. What about someone sniping hitting you with a perfect headshot from 500m and then the kill cam showing them spin around 180 and zooming in on you immediately with nothing to let them know you were there ? The hacking situation in Warzone is absolutely disgusting. It seems like a solid 1/3 of my games (PC cross play) I am coming across hackers, either dying to them or ending up spectating them in the final circle. Am i the only one who thinks it is really prevalent or has anyone had any better experiences ?
  7. Grau and RPG secondary, EOD ghost Amped , heartbeat C4 come at me
  8. Bump can someone add me please :-) (DrD1amond) I need to get everyones usernames added again, trying to find a thread with them all in
  9. Cant hurt to have a reaffirmation every once in a while. Anyone who legitimately thinks they are a deer is mentally ill and i hope they get the help the need. Kind of ridiculous Twitch would even make this decision in the first place but nothing really shocks me any more lol.
  10. it seems to have done, fingers crossed, i have had no more BSOD crashes since i did this.
  11. for the sake of completeness, windows answer centre has suggested that the RAM is likely fine and that it could be a chipset/motherboard issue. I've updated/reinstalled the MB drivers and will see if this puts a stop to the random crashes, fucking computers. Daily BSOD and i cant figure out the cause - Microsoft Community ANSWERS.MICROSOFT.COM Hi everyone I am running Win 10 on my desktop. Specs are: MB: Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 3 GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (6core) RAM: 2x8 GB The lead up to my problem is that i had a BSOD I've u
  12. Dr Diamond

    New GPU

    true I will take a look. Ive heard of Ray tracing but other than the name know nothing more about it ahha
  13. I completed the Story mode which is pretty cool, but i dont really see that there is much to do after that. By the time you have completed it , its pretty easy to survive and be set up with a nice camp.
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