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  1. TigerBurge


    I think,we’ll I hope,they have learned over the past few games what people want especially in CoD. With the success of WW2 being back to basics type CoD and them obviously changing Blops4 mid development they have a idea of what we’re askimg for and wanting. I think the changes being made at Activision is in direct response to the quality of games they’ve been putting out as of late. Most of the cut backs aren’t at the game design level but higher up management. That’s the last I read at least. Personally i I like the three lane maps. Always have. Don’t have the cluster fuck like the others have.
  2. TigerBurge

    Who's Getting BO4?

    Like I said in another thread. moving Van to head blackout was a bad move. The game is still solid as a whole but is lacking new content.
  3. TigerBurge

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    Zampella has always had his shit together. Even when he he was the head of Infinity Ward. He’s openly talked shit about EA and the first Titan Fall. Hates exclusivity. Hopefully he doesn’t get greedy with this game
  4. TigerBurge

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    For some reason it auto corrected “absolutely not“ to “Andy”
  5. TigerBurge

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    Andy not. I’m struggling to get things going.
  6. TigerBurge

    Anyone using Garmin Connect?

    Have one going with some friends on the Apple Watch. Pretty funny to see how lazy they actually are
  7. TigerBurge

    Will Blackout Go F2P?

    I may of heard it in a video. Don’t remember
  8. TigerBurge

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    I’m not going to lie,I love seeing Fortnight being dethroned on twitch. I hate that fucking game
  9. TigerBurge

    Will Blackout Go F2P?

    They have already said it’s going to be stand alone F2P by years end.
  10. TigerBurge

    Will Blackout Go F2P?

    To me Blackout should of been a F2P game from the beginning. Never tied into Blops 4. Blackout is getting updated a lot more that multiplayer is with patches and such. It’s really too much for 3Arc to handle. Blops 4 multiplayer still is very good but needs some attention. They said that Blackout will be a separate stand alone sometime this year. Probably when the next CoD comes out
  11. TigerBurge

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    So far it’s getting huge reviews from streamers and YouTubers. All say the same thing. The game play is fantastic, movement and gun play feels a lot like Titanfall. The biggest complaints are ammo is scarce and you can only play in a three man team,no solo or duo. I’m going to try it out at some point mainly because I loved Titanfall,still one of the most underrated games and Respawn does the community right
  12. TigerBurge

    BO4 Clips

  13. TigerBurge

    Division 2 or Anthem?

    @J4MES OX4D I get what you’re saying and agree mostly with you. With F2P games a lot is hidden behind pay walls or a very lengthy grind like Warframe. AAA titles are trying to keep up with a society that wants instant gratification with everything where nothing is earned. Cosmetic items really don’t bother me in games like CoD but piss me off in games like Destiny where that’s part of the game. Like getting a ship that does nothing for beating the raid but once you had it you rarely took it off or a shader but now they have monetized a very simple aspect but important part of the game. Companies dont care care about gamers or even their games anymore. All we are to them is a paycheck. Fortnight has proven that a free game can make millions by selling stupid skins and to me that’s the real problem. Even the once beloved 3Arc has taken it up the ass with this CoD by many people who have turned against the once savior of CoD. Developers will eventually learn that they need us gamers if they want to survive and thrive in this industry. Look what happened to EA with Battlefront. I think it will continue with big AAA games. Just have to give it time.
  14. TigerBurge

    Division 2 or Anthem?

    I mostly agree with you,just busting your balls. I hate how how games are now built on micro transactions. If it’s purely cosmetic items I’m fine with it.
  15. TigerBurge

    Division 2 or Anthem?

    Is there any games you like at all? James would you bitch about a blow job?


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