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  1. I’m not saying that SBMM isn’t in there or that it always goes with connection first. They are. I very rarely have connection issues. However will get into a lobby with some real tryhards after a few games. I also know that it try’s to put you against teams if you’re partied up. Honestly I think there is some kind of fuckery going on with the matchmaking system. Don’t know what it is but something is definitely there. I just really don’t care about it though. I’m more pissed it takes me three days to hack something with EOD. I just want this challenge done
  2. I saw where Amazon and maybe Walmart had it listed for $40 on Black Friday/cyber Monday
  3. @MrBiron I’m a little confused. How do you get better if you play against trash players. You don’t. You get better by playing comparable opponents. Both his and Ace’s video said the same things. Tested separately, that it seemed that it was mostly level based more so than skill. Yeah they couldn’t figure why after five games or so that the quality of players seemed to be better. Nothing in their testing could figure out why. Driftor also had a new video out today stating that the sample size was way to low to prove for or against their original videos. They did pretty much prove that SBMM isn’t in the game. There’s some sort of algorithm that mixes stuff up but if you look at their analytics which was provided you will see that even at the high KD that was a 4+ they were constantly matched with sub 1 Kd players. On the topic of partying up the game try to place you against another party. So yeah if you’re playing someone that’s in a party the chances of you getting against better players is more common. Plus you figure in the communication it makes for a much more sweaty match. They also said that in their observations that it always matched with connection first and have the numbers that proved it.
  4. Halo was and still is one of my favorite series. Didn’t play past three or four. Can’t remember.
  5. I’ve gotten a juggernaut once. Really underwhelming to be honest. Seem to get a lot wheelsons in mine. I absolutely hate that UAV and CUAV are both four kills though
  6. If you’re playing solo @J4MES OX4D you really won’t notice the SBMM it’s when you party up with people of a higher skill where you can really tell
  7. It’s the SBMM shit I’m convinced. I’ve not had a lot of connection issues but there’s times where I’m like WTF. However the lower TTK hides some of the connection issues
  8. This is and has always been in CoD games. I’m just not sure to the extent it is now. I’ve never really paid much attention to it or cared about it but it’s a glaring fault with this game right now. I’ve always been a middle of the pack player in CoD. Can hold my own most matches finishing typically second or third on leaderboards. However in this one if I match up with @Jasonor Bees who has a higher skill I seem to get wrecked constantly and have to go all try hard. That’s not really fun to me. I like to do challenges and such. If I’m solo or with a few people that have a lower skill than me , @BO7H B4RRELS, I’m top of the board without trying. They really do need to tone down the SBMM to where it’s maybe a average of the people and not going off the highest persons skill. Any thoughts?
  9. Has anyone watched this yet? What are your thoughts? Personally I thought it was really well done. The last part was a WTF moment. Well done Disney on the first episode. Can’t wait to see more
  10. The issue with the realm 156 bug as been resolved. There’s parts of the challenges I like while others I don’t. I wish it was like older CoDs where there was always something you were unlocking but I also like the missions as long as they track, it seems like they have fixed most of the bugs with it. Not too crazy about the officer stuff to be honest. Way too much going on there. I understand most are ones you can complete just by playing the game. I wish it was more streamlined. Doing challenges are my thing in CoD games so the more they have the better. Unfortunately it seems like there are actually less this time around. I much prefer the old MW2/3 style vs this one.
  11. Good thing I avoid GW at all cost
  12. See I disagree. I think 3v3 would take the suspense out of it. With the size of the maps 2v2 is perfect except for Hill. That map can fuck off
  13. Has anyone given this a proper go yet? @Jason and myself have been playing a few games of it here and there and I must say this is one of the best additions to a CoD game in a really long time. Brilliantly done and intense. All but one of the maps are great for the mode. What’s everyone’s thought on it?
  14. People have started moving around a lot more in the past few days. The first week was bad with the camping.
  15. I agree with everything you’re saying. Once you hit level 56 there’s a whole new set of challenges that open up and they do track automatically. I wish the UI was more polished. Show what calling cards and emblems are there and how to get them. I do like how you can pick a challenge and work towards competition however I do hate these they are bugged and half ass work.
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