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  1. Winter Olympics 2018

    We always like to watch the olympics. Hate the damn figure skating but enjoy most of the other events.
  2. Destiny 2 - Crimson Days

    Still isn’t enough
  3. Assassin's Creed: Origins

    No you won’t. Stop lying to yourself
  4. Resistance dlc thoughts

    It plays nothing like Detroit.
  5. What would you do?

    Online purchases are not. When it’s RNG based it’s no different than playing a slot machine.
  6. What would you do?

    Didn’t say it was going to happen. He asked what would we do? The loot box system is coming under a lot of pressure here. Several states are looking into it it now. Hawaii has already started to compile data on the gambling aspect of it.
  7. What would you do?

    Like I’ve said before Eververse has to go. Show the community that you are listening to us on this. No one thinks is a good idea. Micro transactions are ruining gaming all together Bring back the grind. Random rolls on weapons. Hard as fuck nightfall’s but rewarding. Fimd a way somehow to separate PvE and PvP.
  8. Why ww2 is shit

  9. Why ww2 is shit

    See the problem with these people who make these videos are going for one thing, views. I watch two YouTubers when it comes to CoD games. Driftor and Exclusive Ace. They have both been critical when it comes to the game but also have good to say. And if you’re posting Thunder videos his reputation holds zero water. Sorry just saying. All these people say the exact same this,it’s broken,it’s the worst call of duty ever,can’t wait until the next CoD. Blops 3 was broken as fuck. They all are. It’s a fucking game where people try to find exploits. Most of of the people’s hate have to do with the sprint out time. No one would of never noticed it if Ace didn’t do a video about it. Plus in reality I would say 90% of people couldn’t notice it if it was reduced. What people are bitching about is a different between 300 milliseconds to 250 milliseconds. And QuickDraw isn’t broken. Does exactly what the attachment says. It allows you to ADS faster. Says nothing about ADS faster out of sprint. It has never did that in any CoD game. There is plenty of shit I would change in this game. There is also tons of shit I would change in every CoD game. People need to understand that they will never make a more perfect game that MW2. The most fucking broken game ever
  10. Whole Pig on a Spit

  11. old face saying hi

    Welcome back. I’ll shoot you a friend request when I’m on again. There’s a few that still play CoD.
  12. COD WW2 - First Impression

    I think shotguns are being used more. Every match seems to have at least two or three
  13. CoD Bragging rights

  14. PS4 Headsets

    You can get the Sony gold or platinum for a fairly good price. Good sound quality and reliable
  15. Destiny Developer Updates 2018

    I’m afraid that one and only thing will bring me back to Destiny,Eververse must go. Like completely gone. Like they need to kill that bitch off. Then I may consider coming back to Destiny. I feel very betrayed by Bungie at this point. They had every chance not to screw this up. Well they did. I didn’t have a major problem with the micro transactions in D1 as it was mostly cosmetic stuff. Now they are locking every damn bit of the best stuff behind it. For what,greed! I don’t know who thought this was a good idea but they need to be fired.

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