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  1. Check out Prestige is Key. By far one of my favorite YouTubers. Exclusive Ace is good too. Both seem like honest people. Prestige is definitely critical on the things that suck. I’m actually surprised that they invited him to the event after all the bitching about supply drops in Blops 4
  2. I don’t have a problem with them bringing back old exotics. However I do wish they were quest driven only. Not to be put into the loot pool. It seems like a lot have been given by quest but I wish the quest was able to be gotten at anytime. Looking at you thunderlord.
  3. Well I have the Nessus one unlocked now. Wish I would of seen this earlier
  4. Well getting back into it I’m now working on the forge parts. Did the first one. Now on the part where I have to gather stuff on the Shore. After that I’m not sure what I’ll do next. Need to get my power level up and do the new thing
  5. Nope! They said that these characters are done. Said they didn’t want to use these characters is spinoffs. I’ll try to find the article
  6. What about the balls? Is it just worth saving them until big tournaments or buy them whenever you want? Yes and no. I save the last couple for tournaments. The others I use during regular play
  7. I hated the ending. Really anyone other than Bran but once I started thinking about it, it wasn’t he who “won” the Game of Thrones it was the Starks. Sansa got liberation for the North, Jon lord commander of the wall and Bran on the wheel chair throne. They all won. My biggest disappointment was Arya got nothing. She was the bad ass in this season and she’s left to play Dora the Explorer
  8. I don’t watch a lot of tv so my list is rather short • Game of Thrones • Agents of Shield (however I’m way behind) • Shameless • Dexter • Sons of Anarchy • Two and a Half Men • The Ozark
  9. Yeah I had a feeling about Tony. The scene from Ulrton kept popping up. Hate it because he was by far my favorite character. There were parts that bothered me about the film, looking at you Cptn Marvel, but all and all it was great. Thought they did a great job making it about the original crew. So so what was the metal clanging sound in the post credits? Some say it was the original sound from Tony making his first suit. I think it’s more. Like Logan
  10. Gives you extra golf bag to set up different clubs. It hides your first shot so no one can see where you hit it. Things like that
  11. As the battle scene was very well done and intense, was I the only one that was a little disappointed in the episode. I left more questions to be answered than anything. Like what the fuck is Brans deal.
  12. Yeah I looked it up. I’ve messaged them to try to recover my account. They haven’t responded yet. I’ll let you know if I hear from them
  13. Anyone still play this? I’ve gotten back into it and started a clan. Forgot how fun this game was. Let me know if you are interested in the clan as it’s only four people in it.
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