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  1. Rust plays exactly like Rust did before. Spawns suck. Still a good paced map. Whoever controls the town typically wins
  2. There’s also one for US if anyone is interested under Destruction inc. time is set to 10pm eastern time. Let me know and I’ll shoot you a invite. There’s typically four of us in around that time most nights
  3. I just completed this quiz. This one sucked My Score 58/100 My Time 175 seconds
  4. Honestly all CoD games had two or three really good maps. A couple of decent maps and the others were complete shit. Seems the same every year with the exception of Blops 2. Most of those maps were excellent. If they would of left out a couple of windows or doors in this one a lot of the maps wouldn’t be that bad. You just have way too many angles to watch. MW2 had some of the best and worst maps in the series to me. The original MW at the time I thought were great but after remastered came out I realized they weren’t too good. MW3 to me had some of the best maps. Then both Blops 1 and 2 are the gold standard to me in map design. I actually think I like this years maps better than Blops 3/4.
  5. I hate Piccadilly but oddly enough I typically have some really good games on it.
  6. It’s not on the US Netflix.
  7. See I loved the Oceans movies. So to me these were just ok
  8. It wasn’t that. It get like a cheap knock off to the Oceans movies. I want a wide array of films. Really don’t watch TV shows. There’s a few here and there but movies are my thing
  9. Really not my type of movie. Probably the only movie Woody has been in I haven’t really cared for. 4.2/10 If you want me to contribute to this @GazzaGarratt you better step up your movie knowledge. I don’t watch shit like @Diddums. I like good movies
  10. Not sure if the lot of you are into mobster movies. Check out The Irishman on Netflix. Good movie. I’ve been on a Mon kick as of late. Watched it along with Donnie Brasco and Goodfellas while off.
  11. Pain and Gain was so damn good. You should be able to find the actual story about the movie. Amazes me these people were real
  12. Fucking soccer question. I’m don’t taking these fucking things
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 117 seconds  
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