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  1. TigerBurge

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    Played a few matches of HC KC this morning just to see how it flowed and felt. Definitely like the feel of it where you don’t have to worry about healing yourself,winning 1v2 gun fights amd the increased health. May be what I play from now on
  2. TigerBurge


    One bullet is all you need for it to count from my understanding. It’s like getting a medal for finishing fourth place in my opinion
  3. TigerBurge

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    Hunter (565) Titan (530) Anything really. Would like to try the raid at some point.
  4. TigerBurge

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    I don’t go anywhere near don solo. Mostly KC
  5. TigerBurge

    Summit, Firing Range and Morocco

    Really like them all but Jungle. Still plays like shit
  6. TigerBurge

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    @J4MES OX4D are you playing on PC
  7. TigerBurge

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    My biggest complaint is the spawns are fucking horrible. Like I’ve actually never seen them this bad. What’s the point of a beta? Another minor complaint is that SMGs are rather weak. If you run into someone with body armor you was as well kiss your ass good bye. You aren’t winking that fight
  8. TigerBurge

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    Yeah TTK is a little long for CoD but I’ve been playing Destiny so it hasn’t bothered me. The biggest thing to me is it rewards accuracy and head shots. You land a couple of headshots and you melt the other person.
  9. TigerBurge

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    What are your thought on the latest installment to the Call of Duty series. Black Ops 4 I had no plans on getting this at all. However my oldest talked me into it and I’m surprised how well I like it. Played it about three hours tonight. Probably four MP games a three or four Blackout games. Bkackout is good. Like really good. I’m not into Battle Royal games at all and I really enjoyed this. He and I finished fourth in one match the eight in another. MP feels solid. Still haven’t gotten used to healing yourself. Takes some getting used to. Leveling seems a little slow to start. Four MP games and I got to level seven. The couple of guns I’ve used seem good. Seem like a typical 3Arc gun play honestly. Score streaks seem strong. I recommend taking a launcher the Attack Chopper will do work if no one shoots it down. Specialist are definitely not over powered. Honestly seem a little weak compared to Blops 3. The maps are great. 3Arc does the best job on map design in my opinion. Haven’t played all of them but did get to play Summit,Firing Range amd my favorite Slums. I know people bitch about old maps being brought back but they did a great job with these. Three of my favorites. Jungle can fuck off. Always hated that map. I’ll continue to play with him when we get a chance. Don’t know how much time I’ll put into it solo but if more people get it here it would definitely be fun grouping up again.
  10. TigerBurge

    Black Ops IIII

    So fuck me I got suckered in and got Blops. Mainly to play with my son. It’s really not bad so far. Plays well. Flow feels good even on TDM.
  11. TigerBurge

    Just introducing myself

  12. TigerBurge

    Physical or digital?

    If it’s a game I’m going to spend a lot of time on I go digital. If it’s something I’ll play and possibly trade in I go physical. Considering I only play like three or four games a year most are digital nowadays
  13. TigerBurge

    Forever Gaming

    Yes mate. Send me a message when you're on. I should be on both nights. I want to start farming Nightfalls for unique loot soon anyway. Need to find what the best modifiers will be to get the highest score.
  14. TigerBurge

    Forever Gaming

    Anyone down to farm The Warden of Nothing nightfall for the Wardens Law HC either of the next two days ?
  15. TigerBurge

    Calling All PvP Players

    Breakthrough has been removed from competitive for now.

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