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  1. My god @Diddums you’re a diva.
  2. I will say that adding the mini map back into it really made it feel better. I didn’t think I missed it until it came back. Hope it stays.
  3. You obviously haven’t played the beta then. I’ve never seen so many UAVs I know one issue is there’s only like four kill streaks you can pick and that will change once people get to choose different streaks. Plus once you can use Ghost that will slow some of it down too. I don’t want streaks to count toward streaks. I think gun kills should always count towards them though. I am am a little worried about the perk that allows your streaks count toward your next one. That has never worked out well
  4. After playing a good bit on Tuesday night for the most part my opinions are still the same. However I do have a few annoyances that I would like to point out. The mini map map need to come back. I don’t like how you can’t tell who your party members are. It makes it learning the maps difficult. I don’t like how kill streaks don’t stack. I went on a 15 kill streak while playing with @Jason and only earned a personal UAV,UAV and cruise missile. Needs to start over like in Blops. The color scheme still bothers me. Way to many browns. Spawns need adjusted l,I know they will this is the beta. Pros: Really like the gunsmith. The gun gun sounds are amazing. The TTK feels spot on. I like Ike the maps just wish they were easier to learn,see no mini map
  5. So far I’m enjoying it. My only major complaint so far is the damn color scheme. My old eyes have trouble seeing I’m the brown and gray under tones. I really like like the movement. Very fluid. Feels like CoD but then it doesn’t at the same time. I think it plays a lot like MW2 than anything and that’s a good thing. I’m sure there will be some things I dislike but right now it’s a good change of pace
  6. @Diddums did you piss off one of your boyfriends again
  7. If I’m on I’ll play.
  8. I still have that little video I made of us in MW3.
  9. Welcome back Kenny. I’ll hop on blops when I see you on. Did you download Modern Warfare when it was free? A couple of us were talking about firing it up and get ready for the new one.
  10. My biggest concern is going to be micro transactions. Prestige said he asked several times and they have avoided the question. Once again if it’s only cosmetic I don’t care. Putting weapons in them I hate
  11. Check out Prestige is Key. By far one of my favorite YouTubers. Exclusive Ace is good too. Both seem like honest people. Prestige is definitely critical on the things that suck. I’m actually surprised that they invited him to the event after all the bitching about supply drops in Blops 4
  12. I don’t have a problem with them bringing back old exotics. However I do wish they were quest driven only. Not to be put into the loot pool. It seems like a lot have been given by quest but I wish the quest was able to be gotten at anytime. Looking at you thunderlord.
  13. Well I have the Nessus one unlocked now. Wish I would of seen this earlier
  14. Well getting back into it I’m now working on the forge parts. Did the first one. Now on the part where I have to gather stuff on the Shore. After that I’m not sure what I’ll do next. Need to get my power level up and do the new thing
  15. Nope! They said that these characters are done. Said they didn’t want to use these characters is spinoffs. I’ll try to find the article
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