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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 41/100 My Time 182 seconds  
  2. Legit laughing about this from the comfort of the train
  3. @LordBaguette lord bread... all for you
  4. Honestly don’t know what the best part of this is but @Nutcuttlit in the corner has me rolling.
  5. I know you’ve got more than that
  6. Went with Mind for my vote, just 2 years ago I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s a horrible disease and hopefully one day we can find a cure or preventative measures.
  7. This was epic and I’m hoping we can do it again this week. If it’s not on the calendar post it up there. I’m going to ensure updates are completed and leave work promptly this Friday.
  8. I pay 7 a month to cover my plumbing because I know it’s extremely old and will need replacing. Eventually, I will need new sewage lines to the street and it will be worth it.( I’ll only have to pay a 50$ deductible for something that I already got a quote for being over 6k to replace.
  9. Honestly love this. Might actually give me the motivation I need if you lot can keep me accountable.
  10. @Diddums is @GazzaGarratt actually going to log on and play?
  11. actually I was about to post last night when I got asked/told to spend some god damn family time! Lol @Diddums @Middle Class Caveman I’m requesting to get this all together for 9:00pm your time. This will give me time to get home from work and hop on.
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