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  1. Misneach_

    The FG Awards 2018

    I’m with Most of these guys, definitely have to plan an to take a trip overseas to get in on this, it was just all around awful timing. We have to plan a huge one and do an FG Fun raiser to get as many there as possible.
  2. Misneach_

    Clash of Clans...are you interested?

    Whatever happened to this. Searched up dog warriors and there were 2 groups one with 6 and the other with 2 ..... I take it back, I didn’t put the # in there. Please add boys.
  3. Misneach_

    PlayStation VR

    @phil bottle @tronic44 @GazzaGarratt First Phil, yes there are some games with serious movement that I tend it get a little of that dizziness, or I tend to get it a lot if I’m descending/ ascending in the games with elevators bits. However, you do get use to it after some time. Richard, you are absolutely right sir. The reason I picked up PSVR was because I had just played on a friends oculus. He has a top of the line gaming pc and 4 sensors throughout the room. It was amazing. I didn’t have that kind of money $$$ or space. You can get some movement with PSVR and games recognize the sensors on the rear of the headgear so you can physically turn around 360 in the game. Again, I feel VR is the next level of gaming ‘que “ready player one”’ and this is the entry level for 250$ us I was able to get into it. Maybe next time @tronic44 is in the states playing with toys I’ll be able to meet up with him. 😊
  4. Misneach_

    Forever Gaming

    Going to try to grind away a some light level stuff before gta Friday tomorrow.
  5. Misneach_

    FG GTA Racing

    Hopefully we get into this again tomorrow evening 🤙🏻
  6. Misneach_

    PlayStation VR

    Hey, what’s up guys! It’s your boy Matty Ice here aka Misneach aka missneech. So recently I picked up the PSVR on sale and wanted to share some of my thoughts etc. First off the few things I have played within the last 2 games were considerably amazing or atleast I thought so. What you want from the VR experience is total immersion. So far I have play the Spider-man homecoming demo and Batman Arkham VR. Both put you into these roles and the design was amazing. Batman was about interaction with your environment and more detective south work that point and shoot stuff. So far it has been worth it and a fun experience. Graphics quality are pretty decent and have complete 360 designs. As I discussed with @Diddums I’m only disappointed in the lack of content. There seem to be many shooter games but not as many puzzle-interaction games. maybe I can convince @GazzaGarratt to put one of these up as a Christmas drawing.
  7. Misneach_

    Iron Banner - Season 4

    I got some nice kills with the bow from a distance. It’s always good times with FG.
  8. Misneach_

    Gambit Mode

    I had a great time @GazzaGarratt you know that. I am hoping to get a group of us on routinely to play this. Also anyone who wants to help with other tasks. I need the dreaming city just gotta get the taken kills.
  9. Misneach_


    Going to call out @SystemZero, one of my buddy’s from work and fellow Firearms Instructor. Say hello to Jeff ladies and gents.
  10. Misneach_

    Recommended by a friend

    Welcome buddy!
  11. Misneach_

    Hay Day

    I’m so sorry @Diddums I’m so use to you just being there..
  12. Misneach_

    Hay Day

    Should anyone choose to download HayDay on their mobile device, it is a free gaming to puts around on while your on the can (in the Lou?) or riding the train to and from work. Check it out. Once you hit a certain level you can create a neighborhood. I just created a Forever Gaming neighborhood. @GazzaGarratt @LordBaguette @tronic44 @Amnotright @ChaosGladiator @crispymorgan
  13. Misneach_

    Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    @Diddums he isn’t getting me on that lol. I’m a little tapped out as well. @GazzaGarratt gotta wait for my wallet to replenish.
  14. Misneach_

    Prep for Forsaken

    I'll be doing my weeklies leading up to DLC Launch. I would like to know of the people that are going to play regularly, what classes will you be playing as? where do we have holes that we will need filled. I have all 3 classes but not all 3 are up to par.
  15. Misneach_

    Hello my lovelies!

    Welcome aboard. Although we may have abandon you at 10:30 we are a diverse group and there are always people on on various games and platforms.


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