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  1. I think/hope the chances of it getting messy would be slim with the people we have on here. Everybody I've spoken to or played with seem like good guys. Could just have a zero tolerance policy: screw somebody over once and you're banned from either selling/buying again or just a straight ban from FG altogether. I'd happily offer myself as a moderator if something like that came about. It was my idea after all
  2. Can't remember if I suggested this in here before. How about a place where members can buy or sell games? A bit like how OCUK do their members market. Have it so you need a certain amount of posts before you can enter that section. Would be good for people to get hold of cheaper games and for people to get rid of games they don't want any more.
  3. Their reasoning for putting prices up is that they haven't gone up since 2005 but development cost has gone up by 300% or something. Fair enough. But they completely fail to mention that games are now jam packed full of micro-transactions - cosmetic shops, battle/season passes, XP boosters and fuck knows what else - to an absolutely fucking ridiculous amount now, whereas in 2005 you basically just had map packs or story DLC. And they make quite literally billions of dollars from them. If they were to put prices up and remove all the MTX shit then I'd be fine with a price increase. But they won't. They'll continue to try and milk every single penny out of their playerbase. So I'll continue to buy new and used games on disc and sell them afterwards because fuck these fucking greedy publishers. This video shows exactly why a price increase is bullshit.
  4. The lack of Dead Silence has just completely killed MW2019 for me. I like to be able to run around the map and in that game you can't as you can be heard from miles away. I distinctly remember playing S&D with you lot one night and I lost the round because somebody was sat in a corner and they heard exactly where I was even though I was crouch walking. That just isn't fun. It doesn't suit my play-style for COD; I can play slow,tactical game (Siege, Hunt) but COD is supposed to be fast paced. I can jump on BO4 and have much more fun playing that game because DS is in the game.
  5. I really don't like the fact that health will be 150 and there is no Dead Silence again.
  6. @GazzaGarratt It was actually the freezer door that I didn't close . Which meant we threw away around £30 worth of food.
  7. The disc version looks better when it's laid down.
  8. Oh god yes! The netcode and server issues made it horrible to play at launch. But once they fixed it then it was excellent. The campaign was also pretty decent. And it made me think "this looks incredible!" as I'd just made the jump to the PS4.
  9. BF4 was/is absolutely fantastic. Easily one of the best shooters on the current generation of consoles.
  10. They're fake. There isn't a PlayStation 5 Facebook page.
  11. No idea what reviews you've read but the Pixel phones have what is considered to be one of the best camera on any smartphone. Certainly much better than Samsung or Oneplus. I had a Oneplus 7 Pro before the Pixel 4 and the camera is a lot better on the Pixel. Battery life isn't as good but it gets me through a day easily so that will do me.
  12. It looks like a great phone but at £1099 I think I'll passs I'm currently using a Pixel 4 XL. It's a great phone.
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