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  1. Call of Duty Companion App - Apps on Google Play PLAY.GOOGLE.COM Introducing the Call of Duty® Companion App: your definitive, 24/7 connection to all things Call of Duty. Analyze your performance after every battle, receive tailored recommendations for your loadouts, maps, and modes, and track your progress over time. Now, whenever you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Call of Duty: WWII this app will have you covered. Play smarter, win more, and stay connected to the world of Call of Duty wherever you go.KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSEKnow when your friends are online and what they’re playing so you can join the fight. Or, wanna see how you stack up? Track and compare your career stats and achievements with theirs to find out who’s top dog.LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKESGet fully personalized tips unique to your play style, analyze your movements with detailed gameplay heat maps, and receive other tailored recommendations from your loadouts to your last match.NEVER FIGHT ALONEPlay as a team, win as a team, across Call of Duty titles both past and present.* Partner up with a squad of friends and take on weekly objectives together to unlock exclusive rewards. STAY IN THE KNOWKeep a leg up on the competition with access to the latest patch updates, in-game events, launches, and more. Link there for the app because Leigh is too lazy to give us it himself. Via the FG App
  2. "will you just stop ramming me from behind" *insert comment about somebody's mum*
  3. Play both Wolfenstein games but not the latest as its shit. Witcher 3. Spiderman. The new Tomb Raiders. As for COD the new one has a great campaign and does Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. Via the FG App
  4. Yep EA completely fucked the release of the game by slotting it in between BF and COD. It should have released in March like the first game did. I'm now hoping we get a Titanfall 3 announcement.
  5. Titanfall 2 is rumoured to be one of the games for next month. If this is the case then everybody needs to download it as both the campaign and MP are utterly brilliant. *edit* Titanfall 2 has been confirmed now. Via the FG App
  6. Although more maps is good I'm disappointed it's maps that we've played in god knows how many games. They have 5 games to choose from for maps (if you include Ghosts and IW) and they go for the same fucking maps again! I'd like to see some MW3 maps return. They had some decent ones in there. Ghosts had a couple of decent maps as well.
  7. No it's not a meme. They're actually internal developer comments that shouldn't have been made public.
  8. I'm not convinced there is some system in that purposely puts you in shitty lobbies if you don't spend any money. As much as I think Activision are greedy fucks I don't think even they'd do that.
  9. They also think there is some sort of hidden MMR or ELO rank system in the game.
  10. TL;DW Much improved since the beta. Servers run at 60hz for most modes apart from Ground War. Getting shot round corners is still an issue. Not all games are on dedicated servers and you STILL get player hosted matches, which is a fucking shambles in 2019.
  11. It's annoying how fucking broken footsteps are still. When I was playing S&D with some of you lot the other night I noticed it. I was crouch walking and could hardly hear my footsteps so assumed it was the same for player on the other team. I walk around a corner, get killed and my in the killcam my footsteps are MUCH LOUDER to the other player than they were for me. How does that even work?! How can they hear my footsteps louder through a fucking wall than I can?
  12. I never said that if you play against trash players you get better. I said you can't get better if the game puts you into a lobby with much higher skilled players after only a few matches as the game thinks a player getting a decent kd/r for a games is suddenly MLG skill level. I'm also confused as you said the other day "It’s the SBMM shit I’m convinced. " that affects connection. But now you're saying that SBMM isn't in the game and it always prioritises connection anyway The thing is that I've never moaned about SBMM. I put up this video for people who are convinced this game chooses skill before connection.
  13. Also also, Drift0r made a similar video and he says that it appears there is some sort of hidden ranking system in the game. So high skill players will always play high skill players and tanking your k/d for a few games won't affect it.
  14. Also, if you play in a party with people of a much higher skill then you'll get absolutely fucking destroyed. It will base the skill of the players you meet on the higher skilled players in your party. Via the FG App
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