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  1. Bluebear

    FG into 2019 - Updating Roles

    Well deserved lads!! Now we just need to get Rich to play more Destiny...
  2. Bluebear

    Last Wish Raid

    I should be able to do either day Via the FG App
  3. A lot of lore about Uldren can be found elsewhere. There's guides for finding the 'Forsaken Prince' lore snippets out there. Via the FG App
  4. Bluebear

    Destiny 1 revival week.

    I'd be up for this. Need to get flawless raider and finally Plat D1 Via the FG App
  5. Bluebear

    New Destiny Quiz Available! Destiny - Quiz No. 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 58 seconds Fucked up on the Trials space (because I;ve never done it), and Gambit enemy races
  6. @VGon_BGon48 Where do I start? Uldren is the Queen's brother yes, and he was by her side in Destiny 1, back when the Guardian was seeking information on entering the Black Garden. He was also by her side (near enough), when the Awoken fleet assaulted Oryx's Dreadnaught in Destiny 1 The Taken King. This is where Mara disappeared, presumed dead when Oryx unleashed his paracausal weapon, destroying everything in a fifteen-thousand kilometre radius around the Dreadnaught. Uldren survived, crashing on Mars but with no knowledge of what had happened to his sister. He could still sense her however, and put all of his efforts into finding her again. Meanwhile, The Reef was leaderless, searching for either of their ruling Sovs. In both of their absences, Petra Venj became acting Regent, and like Uldren, also spent her time looking for Mara Sov, not believing that she had perished. Uldren was always ruthless, doing what he had to, to reach his goals. His mind strained, he let himself be captured by the Fallen House of Kings (supposedly approved by his sister), in a bid to help them in return for use of their resources and intelligence to find Mara. This made him a traitor to his people, the Awoken, and over time his associated with the Kings led him to start conducting raids on the Reef, killing and looting, justifying his actions by Mara's sacrifice. He also wanted to destabalise Petra's control over the Reef, as he saw her co-operation with the Last City as an insult, having held a dislike to Guardians for a long time. When the Traveller awoke, Uldren broke. He could no longer hear his sister's voice, and started drinking Ether to numb the pain of losing her. At some point, he sensed her and followed it, coming across a near-death Fallen Archon Priest by the name of Fikrul who had been attacked by Guardians. Wishing to himself that he could save him, Uldren found his wish come true and Fikrul be restored to full life, but with one change; Fikrul's Ether was corrupted. Converting more and more Fallen into Scorn, Uldren and Fikrul took over the House of Kings, eventually converting it entirely. At this point, Uldren leaves the Scorn to their own devices, concentrating once more on Mara. He tries to talk to Petra Venj, but realises that wouldn't go anywhere. After a vision of his sister, Uldren tracks down a Techeun, Ilyn, and accuses her of keeping Mara Sov trapped in the Dreaming City. While on a rant about what direction the Awoken people were heading after Iltn accused him of madness, Uldren has a moment of clarity and gives up, surrendering to the Awoken. Seeing that there was clearly something wrong with him, an infection of Darkness (presumably from the Battle of Saturn) but not willing to look past his crimes against the Awoken, Petra and Cayde-6 throw him into the Prison of Elders, where he wouldn't cause any harm. Then came a prison break. Uldren, fully convinced he was following his sister's wishes, left the Prison with the Scorn, killing Cayde-6 in the escape. Having been told by his sister that she was trapped in the Dreaming City, he made a key out of Light (a shard of the Traveller), and Dark (from the infection in his body). Racing against the Guardian, he got to the Dreaming City Watchtower uncontested to meet and free his sister. But there was one small problem. Ever since the Battle of Saturn, he was never having visions of his sister or hearing her. Instead, it was an Ahamkara, a Wish Dragon, that had been communing with Uldren all this time, and while he detected that something was amiss, his blind love for his sister made him keep on going. The Ahamkara, Riven, had been brought to Mara Sov by Uldren when it was just a baby, and Mara created the Dreaming City using Riven's wishes. This was all undone when Oryx attacked the Awoken fleet at Saturn. When Oryx used his weapon, at the instant that it touched Mara, Oryx discovered the Dreaming City and visited it. The corruption of his prescence introduced the Taken, and Oryx also Took the Techuens and Riven. Riven was tired of being trapped in the Dreaming City, even after Oryx's death, and so, started to parasitically influence Uldren's mind to achieve escape. The worst thing about all of this for Uldren? His sister had always been alive. In the same instant that Oryx vapourised Mara's body and discovered the Dreaming City, Mara became a soul lost on the Ascendant Plane, much like Toland the Shattered. On Oryx's death, Mara was strong enough to find what she needed in the Ascendant Realm to free herself, allowing Petra to commune with Mara with the Oracle Engine and prove that she lived still to Petra and the Guardian. While she was sad about her brother's death after the Guardian's battle with the Voice of Riven, she did not hold a grudge. ---- Bit of a lengthy reply, but that's essentially the basics of Uldren/FakeSister/Sister situation between Destiny 1 and now. With the Forsaken lore collectables, there's a massive amount of lore for the time period before Destiny 1 involving the Sov siblings, such as when the Collapse happened (creation of the Awoken), Uldren's first visit to the Black Garden, and so on.
  7. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    I think I'll take you lads up on that. I don't mind kipping on the floor or whatever Via the FG App
  8. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    Anyone fancy going halvsies on a room? Still need to book, whoops! Via the FG App
  9. Bluebear

    Calling All PvP Players

    I'd be up for a regular comp night. Chill out, do 10 games a pop, win or lose I won't care. It seems like there's no quest stages for Luna's Howl that actually depend on winning matches, just pure kills so I'm happy with that. Via the FG App
  10. Bluebear

    What do you do?

    I work at a company that produce equipment used by the utilities sector. I'm responsible for the development of the desktop software that's used to monitor and archive records of the work done by the equipment, so a lot of it is looking at what features in the software I can implement to make the end-users life easier. Just recently added on a module that uses a database to store the information (rather than file based as the rest of the program). Significantly quicker and easier to fetch the info, and will allow for the user to have custom filters (queuries). Main languages used are C# (WPF) and SQL (SQLite databases). Also work with Python for some other bits and bobs (small internal scripts and programs). Considering I only started using the above languages just over a year and a half ago, I'm surprised just how well and fast I took to them. Previous experience was with C/C++, but with the UI stuff in C# WPF, and the industry standard of 'seperating' the background logic from the foreground UI, it was quite a bit different. Vastly more exciting as a day-to-day job than my previous which was literally copy and pasting code for 5 years....
  11. As Lee said, with the coming of Forsaken, the lore has suddenly stepped into overdrive. While CoO was meh, and Warmind revealed more about Rasputin and its origins (and indeed cleared up mystery surrounding the missing Elsie Bray and the Exo Stranger), Forsaken's lore both 'in-game' and in the lore collectables have put the spotlight on a LOT of lore from D1 that people thought was never going to be really touched again. Even in party chat, I've heard people asking questions like, "Find Toland? Who is Toland?", and I've badly wanted to reply but when you're in Crucible or in a strike or getting whiffed out of existence by yet another bloody Sleeper in Gambit, it's never really been the time/place to start delving into the (surprisingly) extensive lore surrounding even 'small' questions like that. Feel free to post your questions in this topic, big or small, and I'll either answer them there and then or if I feel it's too big a question, make a topic on it. In the meantime, I am planning out two topics at least, both dealing with current events that are getting a lot of speculation and discussion. The first will deal with Savathun and her plans with the Taken and what the Last Wish was all about. The second will be surrounding Dredgen Yor, Shin Malphur, the Shadows of Yor and of course, our favourite rogue in the form of The Drifter.
  12. Bluebear

    So Much Time Wasted

    It's not loading my D2 data at all other than being in the top 11%... Via the FG App
  13. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    @techno if you need a lift, I'm in Ossett. Via the FG App
  14. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    I'll be there lads. Just need to book l'hotel. Via the FG App


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