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  1. I can contribute the following: PS4: Destiny 2 CoD MW [2019] CoD MW:Remastered GTA V RDR2 PC: Star Citizen Monster Hunter: World Sea of Thieves
  2. The worst part about this list is realising that all the games you think are good are actually older than ten years and holy shit I'm 30 now. Will do a list for later.
  3. Just dug this vid off my PS4. God I miss having a gun like this in Destiny 2. Didn't put it under Montages because let's face it, it isn't 😛
  4. Hola, I'd be up for raids
  5. Won't be able to do Wednesday unfortunately. What about Thursday or Friday? I also need to do Scourge...
  6. I'd love to get Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrow completions. Those are the major things holding me back from getting the seal.
  8. I've not touched WoW in months but for some reason I'm still paying a subscription [emoji23] I'd be up for a noob night, all of us running around Dun Morogh or some shit. Via the FG App
  9. Having played a few Invaded missions, while on the surface it seems like you're just replaying the normal main missions, the inclusion of Black Tusk troops and tech, and a mix up of how the missions progress has introduced enough variance to not make it a boring replay. I like it. I also like how you constantly have to be on your feet when travelling on foot as you may stumble into very heavily skilled/hostile Black Tusk groups, or how the control point you were going to pass is actually no longer friendly as it had been taken over again (and of course, taking it back gets you loot.)
  10. Managed to get part of the last Shipment Gungame and the full Crossfire (street) Gungame recorded by my PS, unfortunately without party chat (I've corrected this setting now). I'll get them up onto UTuub at some point! Via the FG App
  11. Sod off you shotgunning camper Didds Via the FG App
  12. Got the last Gungame and something else captured, although not sure if it recorded part chat. Also what sliding? I don't recall doing any? That first Shipment game broke me. It's a map and gamemode I hate but somehow I beat everyone to the win. Had to laugh at one point when I had the R700 sniper and I was running after 5 people who kept spawning directly in front of me in melee range and I could not kill them hipfiring it at all. Via the FG App
  13. Well deserved lads!! Now we just need to get Rich to play more Destiny...
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