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  1. Bluebear

    What don’t you like about Forsaken?

    As Lee said, the previous 'year'/expansion's gear being left behind is a very common thing in MMOs. Having had experience of WoW etc, this wasn't an issue at all for me, but I understand where people who have played FPSes for the majority are coming from. One thing I do like done in MMOs like WoW is Transmogrification, where you can make current gear imitate the older gear of your choice. For example, I have current (7th) xpac gear on my character in WoW atm, but the helmet has an appearance of one from the game's second xpac, the chest, legs, arms, boots have the appearance of a set from the 3rd xpac, and the cloak has the appearance of a Legendary item (that took a massive questchain to obtain) from the 4th xpac. Via the FG App
  2. Bluebear

    Forever Gaming

    An overcharged Sturm wrecks. I used the combo to get my handcannon Gambit invader kills. Kill enough adds with Drag and you get a max of 4 overcharged Sturm bullets; more than enough to destroy an invader even with overshield. Via the FG App
  3. Bluebear

    Early Forsaken Tips and Info

    Remember that you can only hold a max stack of 10 Ghost Fragments. Keep turning them into the Spider for bounties to avoid hitting cap, otherwise you just get glimmer instead of a fragment next time you're supposed to loot one. Via the FG App
  4. Bluebear

    Crispys Controller Hospital

    Yeah, every now and then the lookspeed on my right stick will be sluggish until I wiggle it still looking in the same direction. Although I'm still not sure on this; it could have been autoaim on random far away enemies affecting it. Via the FG App
  5. Bluebear

    Gambit - Free 24 hour play ahead of Forsaken! SEPT 1ST

    Quick comment that I saw from a 'psarrett' on Reddit (the 'Senior Technical Designer (Gambit)' according to their Bungie flair): " Forsaken ships with 4 Gambit maps. Each map supports 3 races, with 3 encounter variations for each race, for a total of 36 Gambit experiences. The trial has only 2 experiences. So you should see greater variety starting Tuesday. " The two race variations we've seen are just Cabal and Fallen, so it'll be interesting to see what the encounter variations are come the 4th. --- In reply to someone asking what an encounter variation was: " What enemies you face, how they're combined, etc. Imagine if the Cabal sent warbeasts for you to melee, for example, or how different a wave of Fallen Exploding Shanks, which rush you and press you with AoE damage, feels from a wave of Tracer Shanks, which can one-shot you from across the map. "
  6. Bluebear

    Gambit - Free 24 hour play ahead of Forsaken! SEPT 1ST

    Absolutly enjoyed this last night, it is such a fun mode, and a mode where people can play up to their PvP or PvE strengths. Kudos to Bungie, Gambit is a fresh feeling gamemode, and I think one that'll make some other games companies sit up. It's fantastic. And the Drifter... talk about mysterious. I get the feeling that he is not a good guy at all.
  7. Bluebear

    whisper of the worm

    I could do with doing some heroics to get Catalyst progression (chests).
  8. Bluebear

    Random Rolls

    Remember the IB scout rifle Colovance's Duty? With the right roll + Hidden Hand, that thing wrecked in PvP Via the FG App
  9. Bluebear

    Random Rolls

    One of my best rolls was this one: Just such a capable weapon with those perks. Via the FG App
  10. Bluebear

    The magic of WoW and my story therein!

    I have Chronicles Vol1 and 2 and honestly, it is so much nicer to read them than trawl through wowpedia. The illustrations are lovely. Via the FG App
  11. Bluebear

    Destiny 2 Post Forsaken Roadmap

    I wonder how much a part Luke Smith had to play in Forsaken and the Dreaming City. As it all seems a similar 'tone' to Taken King which we know he was the director of. I'm of the opinion that he was given a bit of a sinking ship when it came to giving him oversight on D2 after a good chunk of dev time, which makes me wonder just how much more worse it was in the first place. Via the FG App
  12. Bluebear

    Destiny 2 Post Forsaken Roadmap

    I wonder if the Black Armory were the people who gave us the banned technology used in Red Death/Crimson? Via the FG App
  13. Bluebear

    The magic of WoW and my story therein!

    I'm good with whichever server. I have a load of chars on Dunemaul but that is a PvP server. Via the FG App
  14. Bluebear

    Random Rolls

    Triple Tap and Firefly were the best PvE perks I think, in D1. Can anyone say Hung Jury god roll? Via the FG App
  15. Bluebear

    Gambit - Free 24 hour play ahead of Forsaken! SEPT 1ST

    Of course! Can't wait to try it out. Via the FG App

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