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  1. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    I think I'll take you lads up on that. I don't mind kipping on the floor or whatever Via the FG App
  2. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    Anyone fancy going halvsies on a room? Still need to book, whoops! Via the FG App
  3. Bluebear

    Calling All PvP Players

    I'd be up for a regular comp night. Chill out, do 10 games a pop, win or lose I won't care. It seems like there's no quest stages for Luna's Howl that actually depend on winning matches, just pure kills so I'm happy with that. Via the FG App
  4. Bluebear

    What do you do?

    I work at a company that produce equipment used by the utilities sector. I'm responsible for the development of the desktop software that's used to monitor and archive records of the work done by the equipment, so a lot of it is looking at what features in the software I can implement to make the end-users life easier. Just recently added on a module that uses a database to store the information (rather than file based as the rest of the program). Significantly quicker and easier to fetch the info, and will allow for the user to have custom filters (queuries). Main languages used are C# (WPF) and SQL (SQLite databases). Also work with Python for some other bits and bobs (small internal scripts and programs). Considering I only started using the above languages just over a year and a half ago, I'm surprised just how well and fast I took to them. Previous experience was with C/C++, but with the UI stuff in C# WPF, and the industry standard of 'seperating' the background logic from the foreground UI, it was quite a bit different. Vastly more exciting as a day-to-day job than my previous which was literally copy and pasting code for 5 years....
  5. As Lee said, with the coming of Forsaken, the lore has suddenly stepped into overdrive. While CoO was meh, and Warmind revealed more about Rasputin and its origins (and indeed cleared up mystery surrounding the missing Elsie Bray and the Exo Stranger), Forsaken's lore both 'in-game' and in the lore collectables have put the spotlight on a LOT of lore from D1 that people thought was never going to be really touched again. Even in party chat, I've heard people asking questions like, "Find Toland? Who is Toland?", and I've badly wanted to reply but when you're in Crucible or in a strike or getting whiffed out of existence by yet another bloody Sleeper in Gambit, it's never really been the time/place to start delving into the (surprisingly) extensive lore surrounding even 'small' questions like that. Feel free to post your questions in this topic, big or small, and I'll either answer them there and then or if I feel it's too big a question, make a topic on it. In the meantime, I am planning out two topics at least, both dealing with current events that are getting a lot of speculation and discussion. The first will deal with Savathun and her plans with the Taken and what the Last Wish was all about. The second will be surrounding Dredgen Yor, Shin Malphur, the Shadows of Yor and of course, our favourite rogue in the form of The Drifter.
  6. Bluebear

    So Much Time Wasted

    It's not loading my D2 data at all other than being in the top 11%... Via the FG App
  7. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    @techno if you need a lift, I'm in Ossett. Via the FG App
  8. Bluebear

    The FG Awards 2018

    I'll be there lads. Just need to book l'hotel. Via the FG App
  9. Bluebear

    Iron Banner - Season 4

    @gazzagarratt If you got the Service Revolver in Season 3, I'd give that a shot. Nice and snappy feeling gun. I would suggest Dire Promise but I don't think you have that. Via the FG App
  10. Bluebear

    Ascendant Chests

    As most people know now, every week there'll be 10 Ascendant Chests scattered around the Dreaming City. These (and their associated platforms) can only be seen and interacted with if you've dropped a tab of LS- uh, I mean Queensfoil. There seems to be a triumph for each week of the three week corruption cycle for getting all 10, with a further triumph (worth 300 points!) for getting the full 30. To make everyone's lives easier finding the chests, you can use a hunter with Keen Scout to see the chests on radar. Then it's just be a matter of looking up, down left, right to find the platforms to get to it if needed. "But I don't like hunters!", I hear you say! Fear not my triple-jump phobic friend, I have just the hot tip for you. According to a recent find on reddit, there are literal rainbows leading to the pots of gold. While I need to confirm this myself, you can apparently look up in the sky, and if you see a rainbow, follow the bow to where it's 'pointing'. Have fun! Via the FG App
  11. Bluebear

    What don’t you like about Forsaken?

    As Lee said, the previous 'year'/expansion's gear being left behind is a very common thing in MMOs. Having had experience of WoW etc, this wasn't an issue at all for me, but I understand where people who have played FPSes for the majority are coming from. One thing I do like done in MMOs like WoW is Transmogrification, where you can make current gear imitate the older gear of your choice. For example, I have current (7th) xpac gear on my character in WoW atm, but the helmet has an appearance of one from the game's second xpac, the chest, legs, arms, boots have the appearance of a set from the 3rd xpac, and the cloak has the appearance of a Legendary item (that took a massive questchain to obtain) from the 4th xpac. Via the FG App
  12. Bluebear

    Forever Gaming

    An overcharged Sturm wrecks. I used the combo to get my handcannon Gambit invader kills. Kill enough adds with Drag and you get a max of 4 overcharged Sturm bullets; more than enough to destroy an invader even with overshield. Via the FG App
  13. Bluebear

    Early Forsaken Tips and Info

    Remember that you can only hold a max stack of 10 Ghost Fragments. Keep turning them into the Spider for bounties to avoid hitting cap, otherwise you just get glimmer instead of a fragment next time you're supposed to loot one. Via the FG App
  14. Bluebear

    Crispys Controller Hospital

    Yeah, every now and then the lookspeed on my right stick will be sluggish until I wiggle it still looking in the same direction. Although I'm still not sure on this; it could have been autoaim on random far away enemies affecting it. Via the FG App

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