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  1. lepercolony

    Moderation of Speakers Corner

    well that sucks. but i get it. in my experience, people only get upset when they can't defend their opinions, but i understand that people really aren't trying to defend their opinions on a gaming forum. i guess i can agree that it didn't have a place here if you're really going for a gaming community (over the community i found and enjoyed in Speaker's Corner). i just want to say that earning respect through the debates that took place there was valuable to me, and i thank those who allowed it to continue for as long as it did. with all sincerity, good luck with the growth. and pass this along to McNasty if you see him.
  2. lepercolony

    The Last of Us 2

    the bow is back! that's a relief. looks like they might've added a more robust dodging mechanic for melee combat? if so, that'd be sweeeeeet. the 9:00 mark sums up TLOU for me -- low health, no ammo, just wits and crafting limited resources on the fly. survival over slaughter. it's the anti-CoD. also, Ellie's "old man" better be Joel.
  3. lepercolony

    Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War

    i'm so fucking nervous to see this movie. anyone catching it this weekend?
  4. ohhhh shit, someone tell Drifter!
  5. lepercolony

    Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War

    if you had told 10-year-old lepercolony that one day the characters from the comics i loved (and no one else cared about) would one day feature in blockbuster movies beloved all over the world, and ultimately be in a film TOGETHER, i would've said, "shut the fuck up." i swore a lot more back then because it was super cool.
  6. lepercolony

    It's Been a While

    welcome back dood!
  7. lepercolony

    Last of Us 2

    watched this over and over last night. then proceeded to watch some theory vids on YT. my disappointment that there weren't any Joel/Ellie appearances was mitigated by the thought that the woman was actually . . . . . . never mind, i was gonna do a spoiler but i couldn't figure it out lol. just watch this if you dig speculation:
  8. lepercolony

    Last of Us 2

    gives me goosebumps every time. every. damn. time. i try to avoid thinking about how far off the release date is because it makes me sad. all i can do is continue to play the shit out of the first game and hope the MP is similar. easily my favorite game of all time, considering both the Story and the MP. dude i'd totally loan you mine if i weren't still playing. sorry. maybe you can find it on the cheap given that it's been out for a while. it's worth it -- i'll personally refund your purchase if you don't feel the same.
  9. lepercolony

    Road Rash Returns - Road Redemption

    my earliest gaming memories are from Road Rash -- very cool.
  10. lepercolony

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer #2

    good, maybe they'll have horsejacking. that sounded weird, i meant i want to jack someone's horse. . . . ok just never mind.
  11. lepercolony

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer #2

    aka Westworld beta. looks so good.
  12. lepercolony

    Game of Thrones

    seems like more than enough time to rebuild the wall.
  13. good riddance, fuck this guy. (on the real though, i appreciate the context and it's good to hear from you again man, if for no other reason than to hear you're doing well. respect your reasons, do whatever you gotta do. but in all seriousness . . .)
  14. lepercolony

    BIG update for FG website

    thanks Lee!
  15. lepercolony

    Nostalgia adventure games

    no Full Throttle?! i'd recommend that one, loved it as a kid.


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