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    SBMM - Sweaty Based Match Making

    Sweat and skill are intrinsically linked. Like peas in a pod. Or Diddums and Kronenbourg.



    SBMM is a factor that seems to always spark huge controversy but in reality its always down to how the individual player’s mentality. True, we don’t want to always meet 'Mr. 360noscopeskillzproplus' but at the same time everyone is also very happy to meet 'Joe Noob' that has two thumbs but uses his nose to move around the map. The inner nature of 99% gamers is to win. Every game is a competition and its fun to win. But its when you get caught teetering over on the wrong side of the double-edged Sword needing to win - the next controller is going out the window quicker than the annoying cat stabbing your sofa and then becomes a real issue.


    I personally think the moaning and criticism of SBMM is a minor point - unless it is abundantly clear you are always coming against Pro MLG players. Playing against better players will make you a better player in longer terms. Fact. For this reason its why I’d rather have two playlists, similar to the Overwatch style that pools players of any skill together in a form of Quickplay and then another pool that SBMM rules. But lets be clear, I don’t care what these rules are in the minutia.


    "Something, something, rank near players, something" Whatever.


    They are all much of a muchness and to think a game developer will go out their way to match you in SBMM games against full teams of FPS Ultras if your skill level is lower is utter BS.


    This all resorts back to mentality though. Players need to be more mentality prepared to enjoy games for what they are. That doesn’t mean you can’t expect more but to be the ultimate sweatfest competitor in general won’t help your game, job and life tactics. Games are made for fun. What creates the sweat is people, not SBMM. Try to win, work as a team, get in the zone, but losing isn’t a bad thing. It helps you learn where you went wrong (yeah, you did) and what you can do to put it right next match.


    But who am I kidding with all this talk of enjoying the game? People want to win at all costs. And they will always want an excuse. I wouldn’t be surprised if gamers follows football trends and the number one driver turns into making money rather than for the love of the game.


    On that note we leave that story for another day.

    Edited by GazzaGarratt

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