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Never been a thread on this, which I'm surprised about as I know the series was pretty big back in the heydays of the Sega Dreamcast.


Not much has come out since 2015 when it was mentioned at E3 and is likely to be exclusive to PS4 however some developer videos have been shared out which shows some links back to the original Quick Time Events in the series.


Good nostalgia points from me, whilst this day and age some gamers may not like this style of play anymore. Although, it's expected some point this year I can already predict it's likely going to be first half of 2018.



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Loved the original and it is such an iconic game. Probably completed it ten times in total. I've loosely followed the Shenmue 3 kickstarter campaign and glad it's making a comeback but I'm not sure how its original elements will stand up to todays games especially if QTE's are going to be prominent. A great story and setting is what will make it thrive though. 

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Game is out November 19th and is an Epic Store exclusive on PC after the publishers screwed their own backers over. Refunds have already been offered. Hard to say whether the game is trying to capture the past brilliance or if it's simply dated and low quality by today's standards. Animations look dreadful particularly the facial ones and the gameplay doesn't look very interesting from what's been show. The Yakuza series does everything Shenmue has done plus more and is far better mechanically and visually. I can't see this game doing too well


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Hope the voice overs are the same like they was on the Dreamcast like they had recorded them in a church hall 🤣


I followed the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter for a while on twitter but it seems like nothing was going to happen, a pipe dream if you will. Then they announced few years later it’s happening then trailer dropped, I got all those nostalgia feels. I just wonder why the original  Shenmue team just stopped and went on to make the Yazuka series instead of just finishing the story? 



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