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  1. Hey question is there a free artwork program for free that can help me make a logo for my cousin’s business I’m working with jeta and gimp but can’t seem to get the two to cooperate is there any thing I can do?
  2. Ok I can see the tha it’s just I’m not a fan of Pokémon go’s catching mechanic
  3. Nice I will always buy a Pokémon game although let’s go Pikachu/eevee didn’t pull me
  4. So ready for this now I have one more excuse to buy a switch!! Also nice that the UK gets a spot light this time!
  5. Will do I’m about halfway and most are pretty good
  6. Finally got my hands on this I’m in love it’s been a blast so far I can’t wait to see what is in store
  7. LMAO 😂 holy shit I’m in stitches I got to find the Deadpool one also those references lol I had no idea it’s like the 90s called
  8. The legendary item that the buff is based on https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/ring-of-royal-grandeur-Unique_Ring_107_x1
  9. Yea it really doesn’t open up until 70
  10. Only the fact that a new buff is out strictly for seasons and it you can reduce the number of set pieces you need to get the bonuses it has
  11. Yea I like the atmosphere and you can tell where they get the inspiration from
  12. Was wondering if anyone played this I’ve been messing around with it it’s kinda cool very dark souls like but is it’s own beast I’ve already beaten 2 bosses
  13. Do you think theres any replayability in the game Justin once completed? No more than yes I replay when I want an easy game to relax to but if you know where everything is there really isn’t a sense of discovery plus I play the originals once in a great while but I always come back to it but I’m trying to look at it without the nostalgia glasses on but it’s hard not to
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 116 seconds  
  15. Nice if you remember how everything played then it’s going to be a wonderful nostalgic trip I’ve completed all three games and had a blast
  16. You should it gives Mario Cart a run for its money
  17. I wonder who here will buy it I kinda want to do a CTR tournament when it comes out
  18. As Christmas is drawing near I wish my Forever Gaming Family a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family and friends during the holidays
  19. WHAT?!?! That is blasphemy! Lol to each their own Mario Kart is still king of the kart racers but I grew up with this game so my inner child is excited
  20. its finally been announced and I’m HYPED!!
  21. Thanks very informative some of that story I saw during my play through of forsaken although I may want to try the last wish raid to get more lore info
  22. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 87 seconds  

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