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  1. @Tar-Eruntalion many thanks for all your tips. I’ll certainly take those into consideration when we go looking and ask those questions. There is a local company that has turned a lorry into a gaming party bus that you can site out for parties etc. I happened to contact them to see if they could point me in the direction of someone who sells the computers or could help us construct one ourselves. He purchased a gaming computer for his son 1.5 years ago and has suggested a company in Belfast to speak with. So I’ve sent them a message and they will be in contact when they get their bundles together for Xmas. So as much info as I can gather up from now until then will be great as I’ll know the right questions to ask etc. 👍🏼👍🏼
  2. A huge thank you @GazzaGarrattand @RenFenggefor all the information and advice you have given. Thanks for sharing the pros and cons you found with the laptops @RenFengge, I can certainly appreciate both sides of the coin. But we are pretty certain the gaming computer will be a fixed location, most likely in my sons bedroom on a desk. I can see the benefits of a laptop being portable but I do try to ensure he keeps up with his other activities etc as well as gaming, so the fact it’s of fixed abode and he can’t take it with him everywhere won’t necessarily be a bad thing. you guys have been so so helpful thanks so much. And that would be great if you could share or point me in the direction of various bundles that cover a range of budgets. I do understand that the likes of call of duty etc is no doubt in the pipeline soon so I would prefer to go abit more high spec to allow for that. One thing Santa brought last year was a gaming chair so we have that!! Woohoo! But any ideas on desks would be great too. And believe me when I say I’m a total newbie when it comes to all this so what seems like simple ABCs to you guys is like a a different language to me. So please elaborate as much as you want, don’t assume I understand because it’s highly likely I don’t!! Lol. I promise I am super clever on other topics in life, gaming just isn’t one of them! 🤣🤣
  3. To be honest we will go with whatever is best. Initially I had thought a laptop was more contemporary, as who the hell has desktops nowadays! Lol. But speaking with family members who are more technologically minded than myself are saying that for gamers desktop is the way to go. That it’s easier to upgrade certain parts with a custom made desktop rather than a laptop? And if something goes wrong with a laptop the whole thing needs replaced whereas with a desktop you can remove that one component and replace it. I could be talking complete nonsense though so please correct me if I am. I get what you’re saying about it being a bad time but this is a “Santa” present and you know when a kid has decided that’s what they want, it’s hard to turn them. And he’s been wanting this since last Xmas! Lol. So I don’t think I have a choice!! Regarding budget, we were ideally hoping to get him decently kitted out with the potential to maybe add on, for around £600-£700 but if it went abit over that we could stretch a little. please don’t apologise for questions I’m so thankful for your help.
  4. I’ve also just asked him “randomly” what games he plays and yes all of the above with the addition of The Crew 2, Star Wars battlefront on PS4 and super hot VR being the favs alongside terraria
  5. Hi and many thanks for your reply. He plays roblox, minecraft, terraria, among us etc. He also has a PS4 and PS VR headset where he plays five nights at freddys, Spider-Man, various motorbike racing Games. He also has a switch where he plays Zelda, mario, etc. But he defo spending more time on terraria at the moment. I’m not into computer games at all lol and neither is my husband, so this is a total minefield to us! 🤯 we don’t have a monitor either so we are starting completely from scratch. thanks so much for your help, and I will defo take a look at the website you’ve suggested. 👍🏼👍🏼
  6. Hello everyone. My nearly 10 year old son is a huge gaming fan and is looking to get into it but I have no idea where to start regarding hardware. he is looking a pc/gaming computer for Christmas but I’m guessing this isn’t the type of the thing you can just walk into curry’s/pc world and purchase. so I’m looking some help, where would I go to start looking at gaming computer setups and what do I need for someone who is just getting started with it?
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