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  1. This might be a maybe from me, might have something on Thursday night, if not I’m here dude 👍
  2. Can you do the raid for the first time and do Divinity quest or is it best to do the raid first?
  3. I can do mostly evenings (7 onwards) as that’s when I get some time to myself and raids are not short etc so I’ll keep an eye out for any happening around that time, cheers
  4. SWAINEY84

    VOG run

    Anytime from 7.30 onwards really mate as that’s when the boys settle for school the next day but weekends they might stay up an extra half hour or so ( they’re 7 and 5 yrs)
  5. SWAINEY84

    VOG run

    If you need 1 more for vex catalyst I’ll jump in if not I’ll do Sunday if it’s still on, these evening times are great for me as kids in bed etc
  6. SWAINEY84

    Last wish full run

    Sorry can’t do tomorrow as looking after kids while their mum works, it just wouldn’t be possible at there age but hopefully if there’s another one soon I’ll jump in if possible
  7. SWAINEY84

    Riven cp x 2 for keys

    I only thought it was swords lol
  8. SWAINEY84

    Riven cp x 2 for keys

    Ok cheers bud, yea I need some keys to eventually get it
  9. SWAINEY84

    Riven cp x 2 for keys

    Is this the cheese strat(sword etc)
  10. SWAINEY84

    Last wish full run

    You might have to buddy, my kids mother has been called into work so I’ve got all the kids with me tomorrow(4) oldest being 7 and youngest being 6months so going to take them to the park etc for the afternoon, sorry guys, life’s a bit hectic at the moment and only really get to play while there at school or in the evenings at the weekends unless mums not working
  11. I recently changed mine and it doesn’t seemed to have affected my games but it could be different for everyone
  12. Now that took guts to write that and be so open about the struggles your facing because most of the time we tend to put on an act and don’t let people in to see how we really feel so hats off dude, I know we haven’t spoke or anything but I wish you all the best on your journey to get better, you will get there in the end, it may not be easy but you will, GG’s and well done for staying off the drink, take care buddy
  13. I echo want the guys are saying but if anyone wants to ask a question or need any tips regarding weapons or armour or just generally what to do as a new light feel free to ask and I’ll help in any way I can 🙂
  14. I’ve not even done last wish lol I would be down to grind for 1k though 🙂
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