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  1. It’s awesome, I wanted to get most of Witch Queen done before I got proper into it, I’m coming up to the second big dungeon( Lucaria Academy) so still a lot to do but yea it’s amazing, dont know if it beats bloodborne but we’ll see lol
  2. Sorry @Leeesh13 im going to dip tonight, not feeling all that and absolutely knackered, going to kick back and play some Elden ring, would definitely like to jump in another time though
  3. GG’s, everyone did amazing, hard at times but we pushed through and got it done, cheers @Capn_Underpants for jumping in and helping, I think @TurboR56Mini said this was his favourite raid, it was an experience I’ll give it that, congrats guys
  4. Really enjoyed getting to learn this raid last night, there’s 20+ symbols so no one should feel bad for messing up a few times, stuff like this takes time and practice, everyone did an awesome job and beating caretaker after the soft lock made it all the sweeter lol looking forward to Thursday 👍
  5. SWAINEY84

    Rat King Catalyst

    Ok, if more people need it I’m happy to jump in at some point
  6. SWAINEY84

    Rat King Catalyst

    I picked up the gun the other day @Baabcat so as soon as I get catalysts I’m down for a few dares, I might not be able to do it tonight as going out with family soon, does speed up the more people you have?
  7. Super pumped for this, there’s a lot more here than I thought, 50 weapons being added, 13+ Fragments for void 3.0, new season ( season of the risen) kicking off the same day as expansion so a lot for us to get our teeth into which is awesome following this dry period, it’s going to feel overwhelming in a good way, I’m also looking forward to the campaign then going back on legendary for that challenge and extra rewards, they said if you like campaigns like doom, god of war and Titan fall 2 then we’ll like this one, either way I’m hyped and the vidoc was really good, bring on the 22nd!
  8. Only just seen this, there’s a few I haven’t got here, cheers @GazzaGarratt
  9. I’m down for a day 1, never done one but just to get to experience that day 1 feel is more than enough for me while still trying to get a completion obviously so just waiting on the date now and go from there
  10. I’ve never been part of one so just taking part is more than enough for me, awesome! I’m more than happy to jump into any team, just let me know 😁
  11. I’ll be down to give it a go eventually, it’s just finding the time to sit down and get into it without the possibility of having to jump off due to having a 1 year old with me 90% of the time but definitely something to keep in mind, On another note does FG do the worlds first race for raids, would like to get a team together for the Witch queen one?
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