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  1. Yup. I have a Switch. Almost finished Zelda, chose not to. I have Octopath Traveler and Animal Crossing. Haven't used it lately tho. I actually have it for my work commute lol.
  2. Those walks around the office... man.... those were a majority of my steps every day. Now, I'm lucky if I break 5k steps a day lol. As for going back in full-time... I wish I could say I was optimistic and say it won't happen, but I'm not. Remote working won't be mainstream until those who run the companies stop valuing physical face time and seat time. Just because they can't handle messaging apps like Slack or Teams, they can't understand how collaboration works without people in an office. I will tell you that the leadership in my company went from thinking during CO
  3. Mabuti! No. I was born in the US (NYC). Went every summer to Manila (sometimes with a stop in Hong Kong) until I was 16. I lived in Manila for about a year in 2002 to take care of family. Came back to the States and now live in Connecticut. Hope to see you around!
  4. Thought I would pop in... Back at the working out and trying to not stuff my face with delicious breads every day. Sore from Friday's HIIT, so I'm continuing my "rest" while Pew-pewing. 😄 Just in time for tomorrow's HIIT... If I'm going to have to be upset about waking up early to start commuting back into the office by the end of the month, then I might as well start getting used to it by going to the gym...
  5. Hello! I wanted to say hello to a fellow Filipina gamer! Welcome!
  6. Hello! I am itching to get glowy armor after seeing @TurboR56Mini 's glowy armor last year, which is much cooler than this year's. Anyone up for being our third in running a Pit, a Nightmare Hunt, and suffering through a Master Nightfall Ordeal? Not even going to try Trials... maybe when I feel like punishing myself more. We're on PS4 and in the NYC (ET) time zone...
  7. Reading book 5 of the Red Rising series (essentially book 2 of the second trilogy).
  8. Need to finish the Legend of Acarius quest too, Collier. It's just sitting in my quests taking up space...

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