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  1. Been having a blast playing this... learning the mechanics... figuring out what strategy works best for me currently. Also, reading the update on the upcoming patch, I love that they are listening to the players to address some quality of life items, namely resource quantity and end game. The next patch is going to allow the player to choose the abundance of resources. The following is going to allow a true "last player standing" end. Currently, even the longest game ends at 600 turns, which for me, is too short. I like to take my time and see what happens. Additional patch details: HUMANKIND™ - October Update Content Overview - Steam News STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Last week, we reviewed some of the improvements already made to Humankind since release and told you about the next patch coming October 28th. Today, we want to take a closer look at the content of...
  2. So, I think the misunderstanding is that people think they use "fake guns" all the time. But, they don't. They actually use real guns with blanks. Actors aren't responsible for loading the gun. All the responsibility is on the prop master. The prop master manages all the guns and loads them. Shows the actors how to use the guns. Verifies all the safety stuff too. However, lots of people forget or don't know how "blanks" work. Just because there's no tip, doesn't mean a shard remnant from a blank doesn't always remain in the barrel, and that's what might have been "shot out". Are there fake guns, sure. Are the ones that they shoot fake? Not really. And, there's the random fact from my very random life experience on this.
  3. I love these builds you do! So, been wondering if you have ever seen this guy's work? Classic Wrecks: hand made junker car art by classicwrecks on Etsy WWW.ETSY.COM You searched for: classicwrecks! Discover the unique items that classicwrecks creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global...
  4. RenFengge

    Last wish

    I will step out if we are full, and someone need to run it for a chance at 1k. 😄
  5. I'll hop on my PlayStation today.. so PS chat...
  6. Ah BJJ... leaves me always feeling uneasy lol. Very awesome you started some martial arts! I love it. I've been on/off some sort of combat martial arts since I was 19. I would have started training at a younger age if I was allowed. Right now, I'm training in MMA with an emphasis in Muay Thai. I previously trained in Eskrima/Kali... then the standard boxing when I came back to the US as finding a legit instructor was and is difficult. Sparring is always a blast. But, I've learned that I prefer to keep my opponent at a distance, so I react and counter a lot faster when I'm wielding sticks as opposed to empty hand. Or, if my current Kru just decides to switch from drilling combos and go into sparring without telling me, I will end up using moves from Eskrima to counter. It's a lot of fun for both of us. He doesn't get a student who only knows what he's taught him, and I.. well, I just try to survive lol. He knows I train for real life situations and not for sport... so we always end up taking it to another level when we go over combos and counters. Have fun with it!
  7. We could run a few nightfalls, if anything.
  8. @Baabcat - sort of struggle on the numbers? I think a lot of it has to do with companies doing Return to Office and whatnot. At least that's the issue for me and @TurboR56Mini . As for others, I think there might be a disconnect on some who are more technologically challenged than others. I no longer have the time to personally reach out to the usuals, and they aren't easily found anymore lol. @Leeesh13 has been doing a fantastic job on pulling everyone together while I have not been able to do my usual rounding up of people... and posting raid events! I think for today, if we get 1 more, then we could 5-person it if necessary. Also, we're down to do more LW. I do need to get more comfortable with it lol.
  9. Can't leave @Baabcat hanging...
  10. I legit thought this was spam when I got the notification... out of sheer nonsense of the headline and blurb.
  11. RenFengge

    Fresh VoG

    Shucks. If I was home today, I would. But I gotta go to the office. Have fun! I'm sure others will be around!
  12. Shall we try this on a Saturday? I'm off of weightlifting for a few more weeks, so @TurboR56Mini and I can start at 9AM ET/2PM GMT on Saturdays. Sundays are good too, but not sure if all you people further ahead want to be up late on a Sunday lol.
  13. So. What I'm seeing is. I should log back into D2 and start paying attention again...
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