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  1. RenFengge


    No worries. You've got 5 so far.. we'll find a 6th for that spot. @TurboR56Mini and I will be away from the 5th until the 12th. Happy raiding!
  2. RenFengge


    @TurboR56Mini and I will be a "maybe"... thus a backup. We are prepping for our upcoming vacation before the world shuts down again lol. So, the pup has to go upstate on Wednesday. May or may not be back in time.
  3. How curious... Not that I was entirely expecting it this year.
  4. Valheim - Steam News Hub STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Updates, events, and news from the developers of Valheim. Vikings!We can’t believe it’s been over a month since we shared more details on Hearth & Home, and it’s time to share more! We have begun wrapping up our summer break, and wanted to share some new content we’ve been working on.We’re still on track to deliver the update this very quarter, and as always, thank you for your kindness and patience. Your response to our roadmap post in June was super supportive, and the questions that came through in the reddit AMA gave us lots of inspiration for future updates.Here’s a small haul of loot related Hearth & Home content:Coin stack and Coin pile - so you can build a dragon worthy hoard with all your excess wealth (sorry trolls)Treasure chest - to keep your additional excess wealth and supplies safeIron grate - to lock up your treasures, or maybe a captured greydwarf or twoWe’re also happy to share that we have three new vikings joining the Iron Gate team next month, a programmer, an animator, and a QA Manager, who we’ll introduce you to soon.May Frey bless you with a bountiful summer harvest!The Iron Gate Team
  5. Yay!!
  6. Baab and Charlie aren't around this weekend, but that doesn't mean we can't raid without them! Sign up if you want to join in for laughs, finish a glow, get your Vex, or whatever else.
  7. @J4MES OX4D - updates were pushed out. Let us know if you are still seeing an error? Thanks!
  8. RenFengge

    VoG run

    Lol. Did you guys do this challenge a few weeks ago? 😄
  9. Hm. Interesting. We haven't pushed out the latest update to the forum just yet, so that might be why you are seeing it.
  10. RenFengge


    Full roster! Strong team! Curious to see how fast you guys blast through the raid! Most likely you'll be done before I'm done with my pre-workout drink for MMA lol.
  11. This looks visually stunning, with a story I would love to dig into. Since it's on Switch and @TurboR56Mini and I are travelling soon, I think I'm going to download it for our travel. Thanks for highlighting it!
  12. Hmm.. See, this is the type of game I would play on the Steam Deck lol.
  13. The gamer in me is a bit sad about the state of the industry, but I've been sad about it for a long while. The rest of me who has gone through almost 5 years of this to some degree while at a certain employer in different "frat boy industry", who spoke to the press under anonymity out of fear of retaliation (I was not the original leak who got the ball rolling), who commiserated with others as news broke out in the WSJ, NY Times, and industry-specific news, who lined up lawyers in case the lawsuits started to come in, who worried about potential career and livelihood consequences... The rest of me is sitting back with some popcorn to see it all burn down. The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Fallout Is What Women Have Been Saying All Along KOTAKU.COM Developers and industry advocates grapple with realities of widespread discrimination Activision Blizzard sued by California over widespread sexism, sexual harassment WWW.POLYGON.COM Women at the company described a ‘pervasive frat boy culture’ Activision Blizzard employees denounce corporate statements: 'We are here, angry, and not so easily silenced' | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM Over 20 current employees, including lead World of Warcraft devs, are speaking out against their company.
  14. I finally was able to watch the trailer. This looks pretty interesting. To be honest, I never read the books or watched any of movies? TV shows? Whichever? I just could not get into them. I think a lot of the issue with the fantastic Sci-Fi stuff we all grew up with being translated to film has always been quite a feat to achieve. The audience for books is a different audience for live-action, as those who watch live-action do not generally have the patience for a story with all the rich details to unfold. Those of us who were avid comic readers are used to waiting for a story arc to unfold over time. Live-action-only audiences typically are not, which is why the budgets for such shows and movies never had the same budget as regular mainstream shows and movies. With Marvel creating a vast universe in the movies and coming back to TV, I think live-action-only audiences have finally gained the patience to get beyond typical bite-sized entertainment. So, stories like Dune can now prosper in the movies and possibly TV if they go in that medium as well. Some Sci-Fi stories are just really difficult to fully tell in the 2-hour (pushing to 3-hour) limit of movies. I know that one of my favorite book series was pushed to be made into movies, but eventually, the writer admitted that the amount of story that needed to be cut was just far too much of a compromise. He states that he is pushing for TV show like GoT, and all his fans agree that it is the better outcome. The first book alone has enough content for the first season, with easy segments for episodes. The special effects required would only be able to be achieved with today's (and future) technology, giving a more immersive visual experience. For Dune, I'll actually watch this when it comes out. I'm intrigued. Fun cast of actors with a few that are always a treat to watch in whatever role they land.
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