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  1. Pew pew zombies! Wait. Wrong gun. Bang bang zombies! Let's go poke some zombie nests, @crispymorgan
  2. Might be a great idea to hold off on it. I held off on the original.. just as its one and only DLC was coming out. I was super glad I integrated the DLC story into my first playthrough. However, since this is the game for me for 2022, I will not be waiting. I might be holding off on Elden Ring. Haven't decided.
  3. The desert horde base is exactly what @TurboR56Mini and I wanted when we were first playing. Just to survive horde night in peace and not die. I, however, have come to love the chaos and watch things blow up now lol. I think the lack of spawning has to do with no actual land mass near us. I would have thought they would have spawned in the water.. but nope.. Just on a tiny tiny sliver of land that didn't have water on it lol.
  4. Totally disappointed in the lack of integrated chat.. Like.. what.the.actual.fuck. Hoping it's in their roadmap for 2022.
  5. Sony isn't EA, so I'm not exactly "worried." Then again, while I play D2, it's not a game I cherish... nor do I think there's anything really to ruin by this acquisition. We all know the general grind for D2. And, the story is like background noise if you haven't played since D1. D2 is straight loot shooter. Any RPG elements that made it unique and interesting was left in the D1 era. I would be more "concerned" if Microsoft bought D2... Sony actually lets its developers go do their own things (in general) and not dictate nonsense (RPG developer - yeah, you don't do that anymore. You do loot shooter).
  6. Was your first run a day-and-a-half run, for Div, and with your friends who also never ran GoS? Then only to be stuck at the mote encounter for too long.. then the final boss encounter where motes fall off the cliff or into the floor... or the boss just straight up being immune all the time... or random wipes. Trauma. But, will I run it with friends? Sure, only if @TurboR56Mini suffers with me lol. I will not do the mote run at the final encounter without him.
  7. RenFengge

    GM Help for anyone serious


  8. I specifically hate this raid because of the trauma it gave me... and because of the bugs the longer you are in it. Will I do it? Sure... if someone needs Divinity... and only if @TurboR56Mini suffers with me 😄 Will I do this one? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  9. Hm... @TurboR56Mini and I have some eggs to finish getting as well...
  10. To the bitter end! (3 days later) Hahaha. Anyway.. You know I'll be there to cover you! While Charlie and Carl do lots of the heavy lifting 😄
  11. Do we have any Strongman athletes here? Because I am obviously doing the Strongman workshops for my gym this year, and my arms with the atlas stones! So, I'm looking at these: Serious Steel Stone Sleeves WWW.SERIOUSSTEEL.COM A HISTORY OF THE SERIOUS STEEL STONE SLEEVES It took us close to a year to design and develop these stone sleeves. Beginning back in 2016, with just a sketch and some leather, we began forming and... Meanwhile, I want these for my MMA: PRO Deluxe Tan Leather MMA Gloves WWW.MODESTVINTAGEPLAYER.COM Elevate your MMA experience with this beautiful vintage inspired PRO Series MMA Glove set by the Modest Vintage Player. Individually hand-crafted in small batches using the finest genuine full-grain cowhide...
  12. Yup. I saw. Except that people can sign up for Discord.. and non-playstation people cannot really sign up for PS Chat.
  13. Probably needs to be on Discord as not everyone has PlayStations. Hope everyone's quest for Divinity is ready to go!
  14. @Ajay distilled it down perfectly. It is about climate change, and how after all this time from scientists and data specifically spelling out the problem, we are now probably too late to really turn the tide of climate change. This is also confirmed by the movie's creators. Also, agree with @phil bottle regarding the comedy aspect. I have zero desire to watch the movie because it's not my preferred comedy style. Plus, while I enjoy thought provoking movies, I need to be in the mood for them... especially if it is not a comedy style I enjoy.
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