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  1. RenFengge

    Raid .... DSC or GoS

    @Kemp210 - do you want in?
  2. Helpful! Thanks! (because these emails from Playstation tend to go in a tab of my emails that I never read lol)
  3. (this will be the last thread I poke at/sort of see about reviving for the day) This would be a good thread for @TurboR56Mini to also post in when we do our walks and eventual hikes. As for me? What did I do today? Let's see... I skipped the gym due to not sleeping well and being sore from MMA. Out of odd curiosity... I'm going to start tracking the forming of a bruise on my shin from my heavy bag kicking work from yesterday. Because... this thread asks for photos?
  4. Omg.. can we revive this thread? I'll start: https://vm.tiktok.com/
  5. This is a post worth reviving for a moment... Because this is quite a story! And maybe it's me getting old... but it's super touching. Did you ever tell your wife you wrote this here?
  6. I eventually want LW eggs... and just better understanding of it lol.
  7. RenFengge

    Raid .... DSC or GoS

    You know what our group did (this was before we joined FG)? We went straight into GoS with the intention of everyone getting Divinity... It was our first raid ever. And, here we were thinking, "We'll just schedule a day, and we'll all get Divinity even though none of us have ever done GoS." Do you now see where my trauma comes from? I wanted to "cry" after we were stuck on the third encounter for hours. Funny story. It only took like 2 attempts with someone who actually cleared the raid like 40x to give us a new strat and get us to complete it. It then took us probably
  8. Hopes and dreams for that to happen... I mean Days Gone came out how many years after Syphon Filter??
  9. Yup. If I need to divide it for US vs UK/Europe, I will. There are logistics partners for online retailers that can handle this. Or, depending on volume, I don't really care about doing it myself from our home for US side. Just depends on how this is all set up.
  10. RenFengge

    Raid .... DSC or GoS

    Lol. I just wanted to give you a heads up on that lolol.. I think running GoS a few times before trying to get Div might be a wiser choice.
  11. RenFengge

    Raid .... DSC or GoS

    @Bluebear wants Divinity. 😄
  12. This.. this is so important. And, it's something I never thought about until I started training when I was 19. It was amazing how much combat training tempered me. But, yes. avoidance at all costs if possible... if you have to fight, then do so... and my mentality is "I'll fight you for about 5 - 10 seconds if I must, but I'm doing it to break you down enough so I can run the f*ck away". 😂 This is why I always save up some energy and not go all out in anything I do lol. I need energy to run away!
  13. I'm in a shopping mood... and am curious on fun and awesome merchandise to get some cash flow here. This would be a bigger side project for me to outline and implement as we would want to accommodate all price ranges and purchasing capabilities... then figure out logistics. Again, I'm just babbling... so ignore me.
  14. RenFengge

    DSC or GoS

    I'll join if needed. I'm fearful to do a GoS on a time limit as I need to be out the door by 9:45AM ET (possibly 10:15AM ET). But, I'm a bit more interested in running it with this group!
  15. RenFengge

    Raid .... DSC or GoS

    Lol. I'll join if needed. A bit more interested to see how this team will run a GoS... a bit more curious to see if we can make it a lot less painful than how I remember it hahaha.

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