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  1. Those stats are very cool! My Fitbit just died... literally the day after the Google acquisition of Fitbit. Not that I actually use the Friends feature on Fitbit, but it is sort of what keeps me on it. Plus, it easily syncs with GoogleFit. I wonder if the newest Fitbits do the same as what your Garmin does. The VO2 max stat interests me the most. Would love to do Step challenges with the people here lol.
  2. RenFengge

    DSC Raid

    @Baabcat , @Venom , @Kemp210 , @Ajay , @Bluebear , @TurboR56Mini - I am leaving this up because the RSVPs are slightly different. Please note: 1 January 24, 2021 Raid will be at 8AM ET/1PM GMT. You are the 6 people in the raid. Raid is Last Wish (or switch to DSC if you want). I will be online but playing Ghost of Tsushima. If you need me to hop in, cool. If not, I will be continuing to be all samurai/ninja in my game lol.
  3. RenFengge

    DSC Raid

    You're included in my mental headcount, @TurboR56Mini ... since you can't seem to keep up with websites or social media. 😛
  4. 1/23/2021 Workout Squat Workshop - Session 1 Finding 1 rep max for back squat Thoughts: So, I was chatting with one of the people at my gym about weights and barbells. I said, "I swear, the barbell feels so much heavier when I'm home." She laughed and said, "Oh my god! I thought it was just me! It feels like twice the weight at home!" I came into today's session thinking, "My one rep is 185lbs... as per my lift on Monday." Color me surprised when I got pushed to 225lbs. The coach kept adding weights. So, we kept going. I failed at 235lbs, bu
  5. Less chocolate and biscuits lol... yeah. I do love my chocolate and cookies... and biscuits. Anyway. For basics, you could just look at switching up what you eat to be mostly veggies and meat. Ideally, the meat portion should not be any bigger than the size of your palm. The rest of the plate should be veggies. The trick is finding out how to prepare the food, so it doesn't suck and you actually want it. For example, I have serious cravings for sweet potatoes lately. I love them cubed, roasted with oil and seasonings... then topped with a dollop of sour cream (or greek
  6. RenFengge

    DSC Raid

    We will have a full raid team tomorrow. And, it will probably be the usuals for this group. I, myself, would like to get as competent with Last Wish as I am with DSC. We've done the run on DSC this week, and I think some in our group is looking to get some Last Wish weapons like 1K? (yes, I'm figuring this out in my brain as I type). Maybe, Let's focus on Last Wish tomorrow at 8AM ET/1PM GMT. What time is your cut off until you and Charlie have to get back to real life?
  7. Lolz... great run! The 4-ball strat at the end seems so much easier and less chaotic. However... there was a reason why I said I wouldn't be running solar... because I knew I would forget to switch to Stasis. Hahaha. We'll get it next time! Thanks for the other triumphs!
  8. No, at least I don't think so. The one or two times I was in the living room and had to use his headset, I totally noticed that sometimes other people are super low. Not everyone. Just certain ones. I find it weird. My $99 wired headset never had these issues. We only got me a new wireless one because he wants me to play D2 with him and his coworkers on PC, and my wired headset wouldn't actually work. (I prefer PC for the sake of accuracy) Aside from the once in a while volume issues, I think it's a great headset... I think the issues are more user error tha
  9. 1/21/2021 Workout Buy in: 500m Tabata Row 18 Minute AMRAP 10 push ups 20 high step ups 1 heavy deadlift at 90% of 1 rep max (185lbs lift for me today) Cash Out: Dead Hangs at 3 second increments for a total of 30 seconds. Thoughts: Switching gears from being at a gym outside my home to working out constantly in my own home gym takes... effort lol. There was a year where I was pretty consistent on my own when I gave up on the gym scene here. I basically also harassed husband in the middle of him playing Battlefield and D2 to
  10. Turbo can't make it. We still need 1 more.
  11. I use this. Arctis 7 Gaming Headset STEELSERIES.COM Arctis 7 brings DTS Headphone:X 7.1 v2.0 Surround Sound, the best mic in gaming, and lag-free wireless with 24 hour+ battery life. My husband has their top one. We're pretty happy with our choices. Let us know what you end up with!
  12. @TurboR56Mini is trying to see what he can do about his afternoon meeting lol.
  13. Where's @Venom , @Ajay , and @Kemp210 ?
  14. RenFengge

    DSC Raid

    We'll figure this out...
  15. RenFengge

    DSC Raid

    Lol. @RedBeardCG - you okay with 7AM ET?

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