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    Excellent quiz, man I sucked ass. I was certain I was gonna get half of them right at least. 😂
  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 25/100 My Time 185 seconds  
  2. I would totally agree with yours. Although I had an original Nintendo before the mega drive I played the mega drive for a lot longer and really enjoyed those cartridges and with more friends. The PlayStation 1 tho wins for me with the sheer amount of time spent and quality games. At the time the graphics were unreal and the selection of games available.
  3. GTA6 has had that long to be made it better be good. I mean if they are going to fully milk it for a decade afterwards, they will do a proper job of it imo.
  4. A little bit of Sniping on MW3 Village, using the Barrett. 50 Cal. Disclaimer I hate the heartbeat sensor, but sometimes used it to trigger people. 😂 Tasty 3 piece game winning kill with the Thermal MSR Sniper quickscoping. 😎
  5. Great minds think alike 😊 I thought an MW3 Shotgun M.O.A.B was worth sharing for the vibe. I probably have a few other random gameplays dotted about YT. And ofc about a million clips. 😂
  6. Bump! Randomly found this old dusty entertaining topic. Now I know it's not a Thursday, but KSG Shotgun MW3 M.O.A.B anyone? From yours truly. 😎 Sorry again for breaking the rules. 😜
  7. Will have to give that a watch Phil, sounds good. 🙂
  8. One of my absolute favourite Lee Scratch Perry songs.
  9. I was born in 86, so missed most of the fun in the 80's. I would more class myself as a 90's child in terms of growing up and the general experience. Unfortunately I don't own anything as far as I'm aware of from that time period.
  10. Happy Birthdays to @Plumbers Crack & @jordie1892 hope ya's both have an awesome day!
  11. Yeah I had no idea he was good at cricket as well. Love the old Celtic manager Tommy Burns's quote during Gorams career. "When I pass you can put it on my tombstone, Goram broke my heart" Having read Goram made 26 appearances in the Old Firm Derby, 11 clean sheets and only 5 losses from that. Pretty good stats.
  12. Using The Gorenko Sniper. 
  13. Using The Gorenko Sniper. 
  14. Klauser pistol, Throwing Knife, Kar Sniper. 
  15. Legendary goalie for Rangers in the 90's has passed away after a short battle with cancer.
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