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DMZ Players what is your PvP etiquette?


DMZ PvP etiquette  

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Hey folks, initially I had been avoiding PvP situations as much as possible in DMZ as I was afraid of both the power of the 3vs1 as a solo player and didn't want to lose all of my loot, and in most instances if I knew enemy operators were nearby I was getting out of there as quickly as possible. 


Since playing a little more I don't value my loot as much to be honest once you are a little more comfortable with the game and you know where to look its relatively easy to find some sensible weapons, a Medium Backpack, Two Plate Vest, Self Revive or Revive Pistols, this gives you a good chance of survival so I have been embracing the PvP when finding an enemy operators out in the DMZ. 


I did take out a player at a Dead Drop during a match yesterday and then dead dropped his loot myself, I felt a little bad after then wondered if I should feel bad or not which has prompted this question. I know that really anything goes theres a hunt squad contract in the game which gives you cash for taking out enemy players and also a Calling Card for taking out 500 operators in DMZ so its encouraged. 

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Eventho I haven't ventured into DMZ as of yet. 

I went with the I'm not afraid option. 


If I see an enemy regardless I'm 9/10 times going to engage or retreat to find a better angle to continue the fight. Unless heavily outnumbered. 


I aim to kill and kill what I see. 

My mentality is kill or be killed. 


I'm not really into the petty camping exfil or that, it just ain't my style. 

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I went with engage only if there is a mission. Could have been try to squad as well.


If I am in a good squad that communicates I even "bait" the players when asking to squad up. I run a thermal sniper now. Tell them where they are and that I will shoot to their right then I do it.  

Squad up or die 🙂. After that they usually do. 


Another option could have been, kill one (with the sniper) and wait for teammates to come and revive. Then take them out. If they are solo I tell them to ask for help and I revive them which makes them part of the squad. I tend to try to help the Solo guys. They are usually not a concern


When we run 6 to a squad we pretend there are 3 of us. That way if others engage they get a big surprise. 




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I wanted to add that extracting is preferable to anything else in this mode. You get the extraction bonus and an bonus perk if you did a contract. The most I have gotten to is 10 perks (which meant 10 consecutive successful  extractions). Those are the same perks as MP.  Getting those makes you near godly so it is friending players to get out successfully is to me preferable than getting the 100 xp for an operator kill and their loot. 




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Great thread @Tove . I think sometimes these gamemodes can be really intense, so to ensure that fun is actually had rather be anxious of the impending stress caused by getting angry at the game, I just go for squads when we see them 9/10. The off chance the common sense decision is to do whatever the other thing you are doing instead because maybe its extracting, etc. But other than that, its better to set yourself up not getting too attached to all the stuff you get because thats when the game hurts you most.


People who run Warzone with me already know I like to set our own little fun mini goals such as 'Top 10 squad with 15 total squad kills and complete 6 contracts!' or something like that. To win those modes is a small %, so why get down about it? Make up your own rules of fun and the win becomes a great bonus if you get near the end. Similar with DMZ imo.

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You are spot on @GazzaGarrattin DMZ you really can't be too attached to your kit sooner or later you will die and lose it all and to be honest its extremely easy to find a 2 plate and a medium backpack, and 3 plates and large backpacks aren't exactly difficult to come across also. Getting your insured weapon back is a bit more difficult but you can do reasonably well with the guns dropped by the AI you really don't need a meta loadout in DMZ to have fun. 


I played a game last night and someone got extremely angry as I killed him, but if you look at the circumstances he could have avoided it, he was looting within the Weapons case area my squad was hunting the juggernaut and I had popped a UAV tower in the area, he should have left he knew that an enemy squad had a UAV nearby but still choose to remain moving from building to building looting yet expected us to just let him get on with it. Its a PvP game mode and many of the missions in the game require you too kill other operators.


I don't quite fit the poll conditions anymore as my playstyle. I'm still at the "I'm not afraid - I don't look for a fight but if I come across an enemy squad I will seek to take them out" but with the exception that I know which fights to avoid taking if possible. My example above being one if a squad pops a UAV in the area I'm gonna bounce as they have the advantage. I probably need an "I'm Sensible - I know when to avoid or engage

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