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Cricket World Cup Final

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What a game. What a final! CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!


I felt sick watching it for the last 2 hours, the game swayed one and then other constantly. We restricted the Kiwis to a reasonable total, it felt like they were 20-40 runs short and when England kicked off their batting we looked like we could run away with it. Then Roy got out, then another followed and another. The runs just stopped coming as freely as they started. Mind you, the New Zealand bowlers were ripping us apart.


Once Buttler was caught and us nearly needing 2 an over I thought we were done yet again. I don't think we'll ever see that happen ever again. a 6 caught on the rope, then the next ball a million to one chance hitting Stokes' bat as he dives to the crease. What a fucking play 😂


To then tie a game so you have a Super Over and then for both teams to score 15 runs was incredible. Thought we lost it again after a wide and then a huge 6 that really left it in the Kiwis hands to just knock a few 2's in the last few balls.


Accidentally punching my ceiling in ecstacy was totally worth a few days pain 😂


England Rugby 2003

England Cricket 2019


just need to see the Footy team give us that ultimate dream one day and I can die a happy man.

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