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Division 2 - What do you want to see at launch?

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Curious now we've seen gameplay and now some key parts to the game that were released at E3, what do you really want to see at launch (apart from a fleshed out game ofc)?


I really want to see The Dark Zone (TDZ) really fleshed out and have some variance in play. Maybe it always doesn't have to have extractions in the way they did it in Division 1. Also, the loot system built on top of the updates in Division 1. Would people like to re-use stuff already created in Div 1? I think a combination of old Weapons and Apparel from the first game alongside new stuff (50/50 in my eyes) would work well. Keeps some continuity between both games then.

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1 hour ago, Sennex said:

Division is the one game I really don't enjoy PVP.

Dark Zone was a good idea on paper but poorly implemented. Don't think it was ever truly improved either especially to the tune of the main game. 


I'd rather they just had choice of either PvP servers or PvE. The original suffered because of gameplay limitations which made it nothing more than a lobby shooter with co-op elements but hopefully TD2 will support large populations and more interactivity outside of just your party anywhere on the map. 

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