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  1. Jason

    Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

    It changes up the strike to make it more challenging or more fun, elemental burns, non replenishing shields, your mele is stronger, you take more damage in the air, shit like that. I said when I first saw the road map that I would probably play the game again in May, and it seems that hasn't changed. Via the FG App
  2. Jason

    Beer Thread

    We've had it. Been in the wife's family since 1972. The distributor we've only had about 5 years. Via the FG App
  3. Jason

    Beer Thread

    Funny thats what you guys call Stella, that's how we feel about Budweiser drinkers. Lol Via the FG App
  4. Jason

    Rainbow 6 Outbreak

    Didn't realize that many had it. Chris and I just picked it last week after I nagged him some. Via the FG App
  5. Jason

    Beer Thread

    Shit, we sell so much of it they give us these fancy pants glasses to serve it in. Lol Via the FG App
  6. Jason

    Beer Thread

    Yeah, we sell it at both places (we have a distributor also), I think it's 5% iirc. Via the FG App
  7. Jason

    Rainbow 6 Outbreak

    I got the season 3 pass since I didn't pay anything for the game (trade in credit), it was 29 bucks I think. The old operators don't seem discounted yet. So far digging Fuze and mostly using rook on defense, but plan on getting a few new operators to try. Have 6 atm. Edit :unless 25k is the discount price? Then what the hell did they used to be? Lol Via the FG App
  8. Jason

    Beer Thread

    Lol. Nice. I haven't. Interested in trying it and possibly selling it at our bar. Has a large startup cost for what I want to do. Unfortunately. Been jumping around on what I've been drinking lately, some IPAs, some stouts, and this one Shandy I'm addicted to. Via the FG App
  9. Jason


    Didn't see the minecraft tag. Thought we were talking about brewing beer, was disappointed. Via the FG App
  10. Jason

    Rainbow 6 Outbreak

    That was a big factor in me deciding to buy it. I always wanted to play it anyway, and knowing they aren't planning to pump out sequel after sequel made my decision easy. Via the FG App
  11. Jason

    Community Calendar: GTA FG Races

    Do you get hyped before hand by watching old episodes of top gear? Via the FG App
  12. Jason

    CoD WWII - Who's getting it?

    Nope. Wasn't even having fun in the beta. Via the FG App
  13. Jason

    What’s wrong with Destiny

    Don't mind the static weapon rolls much, but mostly agree with what's been said. Bring back the Heroic strike Playlist and make it a viable loot choice. I keep expecting them to add an update that does this. Minor complaint, but Wtf did they do to the vault system. It was damn near perfect at the end of D1. They are using too many recycled weapon and armor skins imo as well. Hopefully that changes with updates and dlc. Example, they have this sweet new iron banner armor and recycle every gun model. Come on man. I actually enjoy crucible alot this time. All and all I'm enjoying myself, but I can see the hardcore players running out of shit to do. Via the FG App
  14. Jason

    Iron Banner

    Whoa. Via the FG App

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