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  1. Yeah. So I assume my astros and sweet ass scuf controller (I got it used, for $50 bucks!!!)are now gonna be useless.
  2. Meh, I’ll probably buy code vein.
  3. Ok. Yeah what I meant was this a new season pass or included with forsaken season pass. So I guess I’m gonna have to pass on this.
  4. Is this free from the forsaken pass or is this a new paid thing?
  5. If you haven’t played the Last of us, PLAY THE GOD DAMN GAME NOW. That’s all.
  6. The first game was a masterpiece in gaming history imo, I’m pretty excited for the second one. I hope the story is just as good. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that, for some reason , hasn’t played it...but that ending Jesus.
  7. Jason

    Survival Mode

    I can almost hear the screams from Reddit....
  8. I had fun in 32 v 32 and it ran like a champ on my ps4, oddly enough. A few lag spots here and there, but I think it’s great they’re trying to branch out. It was a clusterfuck and definitely won’t be for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s definitely hectic. I found the sniper shotgun combo effective or running a hybrid sight in my ar and using semi auto for long range worked well. The vehicles are a little clunky control wise, I haven’t got to try a helicopter yet to see how it works. Spawns aren’t all that much different from BF, you can spawn on a teammate and you may get immediately melted so that’s on you. You can also spawn at “owned” flags. As as far as the rest of the game, I’m still enjoying myself. Definitely looking forward to seeing some new maps, guns and shit like that. Partying up with friends again has been nice. Games running really well, love the ttk and the powerful feel on the weapons and explosives. I’m glad they’re taking some risks with these new game modes and trying to make cod have something for everyone. Hopefully they don’t spread themselves to thin and end up pleasing no one. The gaming community is awfully fickle after all.
  9. They don’t reset because you can get a nuke like mw2. Edit: At least I assume that is why.
  10. I have a secret labs titan, for what it’s worth. It’s a nice ass chair also if for some reason you don’t like that one. Heavy as all hell though.
  11. I love it. The gunplay is rock solid. I think the gunsmith system will be pretty cool. I suck at the cruise missile. I really like 10v10 tdm, but I do hope they have a few smaller hectic style maps IW is famous for. Claymore I do think a mini map would be nice mostly for figuring out where my teammates are and where the fuck I am. I’d be fine if they didn’t have red dots show up when people shoot. My fear is everyone has to run ghost because personal radar and uav will be up constantly. I’ve been shooting them down in the beta just because they are a huge advantage. Just a few quick thoughts. I hope to get more pt this weekend. I’m super optimistic about this being the game I was waiting for. Hopefully it is.
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