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  1. Does everyone here play? I just picked up the game and I'm back on Ps4. I feel like a total noob. =/ still trying to figure out the getting rushed and flanked mechanic.
  2. I think the annual pass is too much for stuff that I don't get too much enjoyment from. Im a strike grinding kind of guy. Without any new strikes, there's not really much to get me to buy the dlc. If they dropped a couple of strikes than I would have considered it. If you like raids and pvp than this would have made sense to get.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 100 seconds  
  4. Tbh it looks like a tiny dlc. No strikes has me really disappointed. That's my favorite aspect of the game. Jump on to do a few strikes and get off. I haven't bought the season pass yet. I think I'll hold off for a bit.
  5. I love the franchise but hate this game. I think I really wanted it to be fun but it just feels like all I'm trying to do it go pick up garbage, breakdown garbage and store garbage in stash. That's literally all I've done. I always liked fallout due to the idea of wandering the wasteland to find some cool npcs to talk to. I don't like this holotape idea. It feels lazy. I really wanted this to work out. I think they would have been more successful if they announced remastered fallout 3 and new Vegas instead. Add co-op to those games instead of a copy and paste fallout 4 without the story.
  6. I'd have much more fun playing with a bag of sh*te.
  7. I didn't really enjoy it. My experience was beating the first mission in a group to open the free roam. I run into a saloon and get shot. Come back for vengeance. Rinse and repeat. I'll have to try one of the game modes.
  8. Definitely need to change my name. People still call me DarkArchitect.
  9. I have 80 without doing any bounties. I'll have the auto rifle tonight. Never doing iron banner until I hit 590+. It's hard to compete when there is a level difference and I'm not good at crucible already.
  10. I'm enjoying the festivities so far. It sucks as a warlock who only uses exotic helmets though. Rahool screwed me again.
  11. Warlock 554 No aim. Just like to get on and get bounties done. I love running strikes. I enjoy raiding too when I have time. Escalation protocol is a lot of fun with 9 clanmates. Lots of mayhem.
  12. I like this. I'd be more than happy to help fhnd Diddums breast augmentation.
  13. Welcome to FG! I've always wanted to do some YouTube videos but I have a voice and a face that belongs in a coal mine. It's pretty brave to put yourself out there. Glad to have you ok board.
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