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  1. We'll drive 3 hours to a theme park, no problem, 12 hours on the road is a fairly frequent vacation for us. I'd rather drive then bother with the airport and a rental car whenever possible. I just hate to waste the time when we're overseas. We'd like to revisit England. London is the only part I've seen any of and that was about 14 years ago. Ireland/England is high on our potential list. On a side note, my guide book says crossing from Gibraltar back in to Spain can take as long as 3 hours due to security concerns and screenings. That's also a "something I would have like to have seen" that we can't get to on this go. You can never do it all, though.
  2. I sat down with an Excel spreadsheet, the Eurorail website, and various travel metasearches. Lisbon is just too much bother on this trip. The timing makes it so we always waste more than a full day between getting there and getting back to Madrid. Our flight home is just too early in the day to risk the Trenhotel. The logistics just don't make sense. Madrid -> Granada -> Seville -> Cordoba -> Madrid is a much more relaxed trip. Only one 3 hour bus ride, everything else is short bus trips. No need to bother with an airport and even if our train is delayed or we miss it we can get to the airport for the trip home easily. It's also much easier to work in travel between check-out and the next check-in times AND we never waste a day. We always arrive early enough to do things the day we arrive as opposed to 2pm to 8pm sort of day ruining schedules. Maybe next trip, we'll probably return to Europe again in 6-12 months.
  3. Running the train schedules, flights, etc. that initial circuit turned out to be less than ideal. I think we're skipping Cordoba in exchange for Seville. Madrid -> Granada -> Seville -> Lisbon (by plane) -> Madrid. That seems to be a bit more relaxed of a pace, the legs of the trip are shorter, and the arrival/departure times are reasonable.
  4. I've started the actual planning. I think we're going to do a Madrid -> Cordoba -> Granada -> Lisbon -> Madrid circuit if the logistics work out. I really want to see Alhambra and Mezquita, so that's got to be part of the trip.
  5. Look through the car's rear glass starting just after the 4 minute mark. Definitely a bigfoot.
  6. Today was salted ham, eggs, salsa, and avocado. I'm out of pickled jalapenos, but bought some today to make.
  7. Look up savory oatmeal recipes. Even if you think you don't like oatmeal, just try it. They turn the oats into something like a risotto. It's very easy to make a 600-ish calorie dish quickly and it's tasty and filling. Taco seasoning, jalapeno, avocado and a bit of lean beef Shrimp, spinach, garlic, a touch of mozzarella That sort of thing.
  8. I know it's a popular thing at the moment, but there's no scientific basis for drinking a set amount of water each day. Depending on activity levels, moisture content of your food, etc. there's no such thing as generic advise that's meaningful. Your body isn't stupid, just listen to it and drink when you're thirsty. The "you're already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty" is nonsense for the vast vast majority of people. Is your urine dark? You aren't drinking enough. Is your urine light or clear? You are. Absent medical conditions and a doctor's advise to the contrary, there is zero reason to make it more complicated then that. Pretty much nobody in the developed world isn't getting enough salt. Use something like myfitnesspal to track your intake for a bit and see what your sodium levels actually are.
  9. Impeachment isn't the trial, it's the thing that starts the trial, let alone a finding of guilt. The House is sort of like a Grand Jury, deciding on if a person should face charges and go to a trial. The Senate is then "the court." Clinton was impeached but found not guilty by the Senate. You need 2/3 of the Senate to vote "guilty" for a guilty verdict. The criminal court equivalent would be being arrested but then the judge or jury failing to convict. You still have an "arrest record" but no "criminal record" and no punishment.
  10. You have to find something you enjoy and then do it long enough to make it a routine. If you make it punishment, you'll lose long term. Find something you like, then set short term goals, mid term goals, and long term goals. Hiking/walking/backpacking is my "thing" but when I was younger it was weights. Now I can't really lift weights like I used to without risking of literally crippling myself due to nerve damage and joint issues. I can still carry a ruck and walk forever, though, and I like to do that. I'm up to 15 miles of hilly terrain with a light pack without ill effect, 20 miles if I don't mind being pretty sore after. I'm doing the 26.2 mile Bataan Memorial Death March next Spring, which is a big motivator for me. https://bataanmarch.com/ I put on nearly 60 pounds after I slipped the disks in my back. Using a combination of diet, goal setting, and exercise I've lost 41 of it this year. I hope to do another 30 next year. I've found Garmin Connect to be a big help. You can get some semi-personalized workout plans there for cardio, but not so much for strength training.
  11. I was asking for time management purposes. We're all on US passports so no visa concerns as far as entry. It just matters if we fly back to Madrid on the day we fly to the US or if we fly back to Madrid the day before and just get a hotel overnight. We have 10 days on continent, so we just want to figure out which cities to hit and in what order. I have no connection to Iran. My father-in-law was originally from Palestine but got Jordanian citizenship. I have in-laws in Jordan, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, and a few outside the ME, but nobody in Iran. Out of the US, I've visited, in no particular order: Cyprus Qatar Bahrain Jordan Spain France Italy Canada England I'd like to visit a lot of places. Peru, Greece, Ireland, Germany, and Japan are currently on our "check airfares" list.
  12. OK, thanks. That's probably going to change things a bit, then.
  13. I shipped my pants one. I even shipped my bed. I've never shipped my PC, though.
  14. That's a bother, then. I was hoping I could treat it like a layover and not have to go through customs just to turn around and go back through customs/security.
  15. I'd highly recommend reading The Richest Man in Babylon if you have not done so. That book, along with Ric Edelman's "The Truth about Money" helped me change my life. One line of the Richest Man in Babylon book is a guy (the one who eventually becomes the Richest Man) complaining he can't save money because he doesn't make enough. He is told that no matter what you make, someone else is getting by on 10% less. Figure out how they do it and you now have 10% of your income to save. Seems simple in hindsight, but that one line set me on the path to, over 16-ish years, increase my net worth by roughly a quarter million dollars. I started with negative net worth and almost no savings. Now I'm on the path to retire comfortably at the time of my choosing and could go a year without a paycheck before I really had to impact my lifestyle. That's mixed with still enjoying the "now". We take a vacation every spring and fall break, travel out of the country for one of those every other year, etc. It boils down to priorities.
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