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  1. Yes, we spent a week in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is the most moving and humbling man-made structure I've ever seen. I absolutely loved the city. We're considering going to Madrid at some point as well. Next year is our next "abroad" vacation. Should have been this year, but we needed to put a lot of money into home renovation/repair this year and pushed our schedule back a bit to keep the finances comfortable.
  2. Blame Dave Grossman, retired colonel, author, and fraudulent academic. "Killology" was his invention and he gained fame through the books "on combat" and "on killing". The problem is he went way outside his lane and made claims he has no research to back up. He's usually the poster child for "researcher" who's linked video games with violence, though. If the fucking media and politicians would stop making the shooters famous and giving big blocks of time to airing their agendas, we'd see a decline. Girls who need fame make sex tapes. Boys go kill some folks. You can be the biggest loser nobody with zero voice and zero fucks given about you, but you go mass murder and suddenly you are famous and everybody wants to know what you believed and why. You think other loser nobodies don't fucking notice that and crave the same attention? Of course they do. In the US you can use a gun, other nations you may have to use fire, a knife, or a vehicle, but it's a global problem because you become globally famous for 15 minutes. Quit making these assholes folk heroes, watch the decline.
  3. Paris was the only place I had trouble finding someone who fit my parameters quickly. Usually you don't have much of a wait for a weighty gal to wander by.
  4. Collecting Cars | 2015 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 OWNED BY CHRIS HARRIS COLLECTINGCARS.COM A high-performance American muscle car that has been cherished by Chris Harris. The winning bidder will get a personal handover, including... There you are, one already imported.
  5. I feel like perhaps I should share my system for finding good local restaurants when traveling. I assure you that the system always works and that this is not a joke. When I told a buddy of mine about it he assumed I was just being funny, then he saw it in action when we went to Memphis and it lead us to an incredible local barbecue place. So what you do is scout for a reasonably well dressed fat woman. Not morbidly obese fat or you're just going to get a buffet, but fat enough that you're reasonably sure she'll get winded on a flight of stairs. Nobody under 30 or over 50 years old. Nobody with children in tow. If possible, someone without a wedding ring, but if it's a low target environment you might have to go with a married fatty. The manner of dress isn't as important as the apparent value of the clothing. Someone dressed like someone who'd date her could afford the sort of restaurant you're interested in. She must, of course, be local and not also a tourist. Once you've spotted an appropriate fat woman, simply approach with a "pardon me, Ma'am, we're from out of town and was curious as to a good local restaurant." sort of line. I generally don't specify what type of restaurant so as not to pin them down or make them search their memory. I want their gut instinct (so to speak). I have done this in multiple states in multiple countries and it has *always* worked out well.
  6. It's definitely a lot of fun to drive and has a few modifications. The suspension is a Peddar's adjustable that lowers it about 1.25" and the stiffness can be adjusted easily with knobs. Well, the front is easy. The rear requires crawling under the car. You can set it to road, track, drag race, etc. The newest 'Vettes you can do it from the driver's seat as they use a magnetic system. The seats are Catskinz, which is real leather vs the synthetic/leather mix of the factory seats. While not really a big deal to me, JR Hildebrand's autograph is in the glove box. J. R. Hildebrand - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG I've been kicking around doing an intake, headers, and custom tune on it. Maybe some 3.91 gears. Not that it isn't already stupidly fast, but I want a bit more, you know? Always a bit more...
  7. We don't have Nando's, but when I lived in Qatar I remember liking it. We have a ton of independent and/or small chain pizza places that would make you spit on Pizza Hut. Jockamo's, New Bethel Ordinary, and (if you like Chicago-style) Giordano's are all excellent.
  8. Bump because the new Corvettes are mid-engine. I was prepared to hate them as Euro-trashed versions of an American classic...but they look pretty nice. (Nothing against Euro-trash, you understand, but I want American mullet inspired styling on American cars, Euro-trash on European cars) I'm driving a 2011 Camaro SS/RS at the moment and intend to keep it until my son is through school. Then look at a mid-engine 'Vette
  9. Unless road tripping and staying close to the Interstate, I generally avoid chain restaurants. For convenience on longer trips I typically stick with McDonald's for fast food. When I visit my Dad we usually go to Logan's steak house. It's a middle-of-the-road steak chain that's a good value to dollar and has a chopped steak my (denture wearing) father can eat. He's also wheel chair bound, so if he's too tired to get in and out of my truck again we'll go to Sonic for milk shakes. Sonic is a drive-up where the staff (often on roller skates) brings the food to your vehicle for you. If he feels like getting out, we'll go to Culver's. Now, the exception is if I'm in Texas. Whataburger is awesome. Best fast food burger joint by a mile, but only in Texas. Close to where the cows grow up, you understand. Indianapolis has a pretty decent international selection. I'm always down for Turkish or Peruvian.
  10. I got to be somebody's hero today. Just a right place/right time thing but I was glad to be there to help. I kicked up a pursuit of a clown car full of robbery suspects. 5 were apprehended at the termination point, more fled. Seriously, clown car shenanigans. What I should have done is stay at the termination point and do sergeant-y stuff. What I did was snatch up my rifle and go with K9 because I'm fucking retarded and can't help myself. As we were walking over an overpass the K9 handler turned his head right and the dog jumped left...right over the barricade and into empty space. I saw the dog jump but before I could even open my mouth it as gone. Luckily the handler kept the end of the leash wrapped around his wrist. The weight of the dog jerked him up against the barricade and he was off balance. I was able to run up and grab the leash as well and help hoist the dog back up onto the overpass. I don't know if the dog would have survived the drop but the handler said even if he had he'd probably have to be retired. He offered to buy me dinner at whatever I deemed to be my favorite restaurant but I told him snag my outstanding suspects and we'd be even. Two bit bad guys later I think we're good to go. The termination point was just short of the county line and we had multiple agencies respond. I've never seen a better example of teamwork in law enforcement. Us, park rangers, two sheriff's departments, two neighboring districts, three dog handlers, and investigations all responded and took care of business. I'm pretty damned proud of the lot.
  11. The "Handsome Collection is both cheaper and has more content: BORDERLANDS: THE HANDSOME COLLECTION
  12. Any can't miss bargains out there? I'm strongly considering picking up Fallout 4 and/or New Vegas for the PC. I had a ton of fun with them on console and figure mods might extend the fun a bit.
  13. I'd really like a new Fallout that's properly done. Zero interest in this one even as they continue to tinker.
  14. It's complicated in ways that should be irrelevant and simplistic in other ways. The city planning is just an annoyance. Want to build a factory? Well, you've got to build an industrial zone first. Then build a workshop, which only increases production for the one city. Then build a factory, which will increase production in every city within 6 hexes of the district *if* they aren't already under the umbrella of an existing factory. Same for "amenities", which replaces happiness and is much more opaque. So now you can't just settle cities based on resources, you have to plan for a network of interwoven districts. The AI is still retarded, especially in war. Let me use my knight to charge your tank, killing my unit and doing 1 damage to you. Resource management is simplified. Each strategic resource is basically unlimited. If you have 2 iron mines, you can crank out as many units as you want that require 2 iron or less. Luxury resources grant you 4 copies that are automatically parceled out amongst your cities. So "happiness" is now more city by city, but still with a global influence. Playing tall is death. You *have* to expand regardless of what victory type you are going for, although I hear the expansions modify that a bit. There's a religious victory now, which is kind of stupid. It counts the majority cities you own, not just your settled cities. I lost to Russia by conquering their empire, tilting my empire to their religion after wiping out most of the other civs (playing as Macedonia). Zero of my home cities were following Russia's religion. There's a ton of new units, none of which you will build because production is so limited, even with the correct policy cards, etc. Gold is much less useful. The exchange rate to production is horrendous, and you can't bribe city-states. The only thing gold is for is maintaining your stuff until very late game when you can finally afford a few units. The new spy system is annoying. Spies take a lot of production to build and it's impossible to build enough to protect your empire. Cultural victory? Watch spies steal your great works. Science victory? Watch them sabotage your spaceports and steal your tech. Of course you can do the same to them, but if you make enough spies something else is going to be lacking. In short, there's too many moving parts and not enough production to play with them all. Your empire is bound to have some massive flaw, as is every other empire. You will steam roll anyone who goes for an early religion because you used your production for two archers and a swordsman, which will now easily take a town. Cities can't fight back until you've build walls, which take a lot of production and have to be upgraded each era. I've done three play throughs. Cultural victory as Brazil, Science as Arabia, and Domination as Greece (after reloading and not conquering Russia so quickly). I found all of them rather boring.
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