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  1. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    I'm not a fan of Fortnite but it's so much more polished and well-produced compared to PUBG that it really puts Bluehole to shame. The optimisation is still pretty dreadful and there's not much sign of sweeping improvements. The game released in such a pathetic state on the XB1 that even 25-30fps heavily downsampled is seen as a monumental achievement now and its this very generous and naive mindset which has seen the PC version stagger through each update without major improvements as promised. If it weren't for the community market making me so much money; I would have removed this game from my PC long ago. They only released 1.0 so they could bolster their marketplace activity without scrutiny in early access. It's basically H1Z1 all over again at this rate which is a shame as this had stunning potential.
  2. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    I was speaking about the PC version here.
  3. Football (Played with Feet)

    Tottenham will lose to Rochdale on Sunday guaranteed
  4. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    75,000,000 players in China have registered for the two versions of the mobile app which is over 3x the amount that have the game on PC globally. If this gets rolled out worldwide within the next 18 months; it'll probably be the biggest game of all time. Asians are mental for mobile gaming and already were the biggest market for PUBG on PC. Mobile version does look very good and is nowhere near watered-down as people were anticipating. Both the PC and Xbox versions need some serious work and I'm not sure if that'll ever materialise - they certainly are having difficulty on low to mid systems and if it wasn't for Chinese users plaguing the servers; the player counts would be nosediving from all the frustration. Thankfully the game hasn't been out a year yet but with it now being 'finished'; there is no excuse and right now, it's not is a satisfactory state really.
  5. Football (Played with Feet)

    I bet he'll struggle to score against Panama though 0-0 for that guaranteed
  6. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    Looks and runs better than the Xbox One version
  7. Activision Blizzard 2017 Earnings

    Very impressive figures considering their only half decent game is Overwatch
  8. Music of the 1980's

  9. e-Celebs

    Shame it's only 'temporary' but YouTube will never cut the chord fully it seems. After his painfully predictable and PR driven comeback where he fronted that suicide documentary that was clearly written for him to act out; it was clear he was always going to return to his same arsehole ways. He will always find a way to line his pockets no matter what and it seems this z-list boxing match against KSI that will be milked all year will be his next big banker. Christ, I remember when West Coast US had talent like Eastwood, Stallone, De Niro, Streep, Hoffman and Hepburn. With this generation we're left with Paul & Paul, Lele Pons, Keemstar, KSI, Woah Vicky and the next wave of the Kartrashian clan. This is the future!
  10. Awwwww Yeah!!! It's Turtle Time

    I just wanna spice up my life with DLC like this. A good combo for the Mel C character would be - slame it to the left if you're having a good time, shake it to the right if ya know that you feel fine and go round. I'm expecting a big reveal at E3
  11. Warframe Prime Vault Open

    Still better value than anything in Destiny 2
  12. Awwwww Yeah!!! It's Turtle Time

    I'm just waiting for the Spice Girls DLC
  13. Shadow of the Colossus [PS4]

    Got this in the post and played and hour so far and it's such an incredible game! The environment is simply stunning as are the Colossi. Hard to believe this was originally on the PS2! If a game like this was made by todays developers; we'd have a cluttered HUD, waypoints, a mini-map in the corner of the screen, automatically regenerating health, fetch quests, collectables, character skins and probably a season pass along with microtransactions. It's games like this that really show how garbage a lot of ones we see today reallyy are along with devs, pubs and general ethetics.

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