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  1. It varies - some things can only be accessed by Black Ops pass holders who bought the X operation entitlements but then still may need to grind for 350 hours or earn it through an non-disclosed change of supply drops. The first operation alone required the user to play something like 7 hours every day for 10 weeks. You can only really get stuff in-game by a deliberately stifled grind or buying supply drops. It's a mess really. Everything else is a direct purcha$e between 10-40% of the cost of the main game itself.
  2. I just need to re-install my game Gotta buy the content first though but I'll probably do that later for the discount. Apex was a quality DLC and this looks very interesting.
  3. I would've thought it was more especially when they are charging £20-30 for melee weapons and guns that were free in other games. I don't think those figures take into account the nerfed elements i.e a user spent $1000 to max out their thin air levels on First Strike and got nothing but a thank you in return. It's horrendous either way.
  4. I hear Tony Flamingo is pretty decent at Spurs too! Any Oxford players I get excited about end up being sold in the next transfer window We have Gavin Whyte and Mark Sykes who are both Northern Ireland international first team players and they are absolutely deadly in midfield and attack. It's only a matter of time they'll be playing top-end Championship level and we're just keeping hold of them to raise their transfer fee. This comment will be flagged by the FBI for further examination
  5. I hope the motion blur can be turned off but other than that, I am looking forward to the MP reveal. The blur just gives it too much of a cinematic feel and makes the framerate look a bit low. Hope we get a nice variety of maps too with different terrain types and sizes. It's embarrassing how Treyarch kept recycling the same old shit over and over and then change the time of day and weather to really stretch it out as much as they could. The likes of Firing Range have been done to absolute death - BO1, BO2, BO3, BO4 day/night/rain etc....Fuck me, sick of it. If they do a BR mode attached, they'll probably go for something like Alcatraz size-wise as opposed to a full scale Blackout type mode. BR is beginning to fade in its usual format and Blackout has been struggling for some time so I can't see them going for something too grand especially if it's free. I would've loved to have seen a massive BR in Prypiat on a 1:1 scale where the radiation acted as the gas - that would've been amazing IMO. Sadly COD devs spent too much time focusing on the future era and wall running to truly innovate like they used to. This gen has been a total wasted opportunity but they may well go out on a high with this.
  6. There's a similar one from Fleetwood Manager Joey Barton coming out - it's called 'Joey Barton Fuck'd Up
  7. A tip for anyone doing predictions or putting money on; Bury and Bolton are starting the season on -12 points and are both financially fucked with no signings and most of their remaining decent players sold off.
  8. I love those 80's remixes of modern songs! They do a great job with them plus the accompanying artwork is pretty damn good too
  9. Finally some raw footage without those streamers screaming like idiots after every kill. Some of the weapons don't sound very meaty and I think this game is going to have an identity crisis.
  10. It's that time of year again Premier League 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Tottenham 4. Can't decide yet 18. Norwich 19. Brighton 20. Sheff Utd _________________ Championship 1. Fulham 2. Hull P. Cardiff 22. QPR 23. Wigan 24. Birmingham _________________ League One 1. Portsmouth 2. Ipswich P. Peterborough 21. Wycombe 22. Accrington 23. Bolton 24. Bury _________________ League Two 1. Plymouth 2. Scunthorpe 3. Exeter P. Bradford 23. Morecambe 24. Macclesfield
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