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    Nice windows Elon
  2. You said you 'personally think this (anti-semitism) comes from right wing people who shitting themselves about the thought of socialism' but this clearly isn't the case especially when this is a recognised issue within the party itself and has been for years. It's nothing to do with socialism or what the party stands for - a lot of people simply don't want that type of leader representing their country and 170+ didn't want that 3 years ago.
  3. Being weary of Corbyn doesn't make people right wing. That's one of the biggest problems in politics now = don't agree with someone = YOU'RE A NAZI HITLER FAN. Even longstanding labour supporters and party employees current and former simply don't like him and what he's turned the party into. It was only 3 years ago he lost a monumental no confidence vote by something like 130 votes and refused to resign and because they had no other candidates to challenge, he retained his position. I think the majority of people would vote for labour if he wasn't in charge and expectations were in check. The Tories are at their weakest point and in a shameful state so someone like labour should waltz into power but having someone too far left and with his fantasy polices is not ideal especially for the economy.
  4. I can't back it up concrete but one day it will all come out as it always does. Far more credible than the generic Boris Johnson is a Nazi nonsense. There has been enough people in his party past and present who have raised serious concerns about his views towards certain minorities and I trust them especially when they have very little to gain. As we've seen for the past few decades, it's always these claims which turn out to be the only honest aspect of politics in the long run. The labour party was very clean from this sort of behaviour until he took office and everyone who has been embroiled in this has been people he's employed or drafted into his prospective cabinet. Any normal leader wouldn't need to be told to denounce such views and not say anything public for 18 months against it. That alone tells me he either supports such a view or he just doesn't care - either way, not the person I would want running the country. I used to really like labour and everything they stood for but now it's gone beyond the extreme. Hypocritical, toxic and totally unrealistic.
  5. I think he does behind closed doors and he's been to enough savage anti-Israeli demonstrations over the years before becoming an MP. A lot of this has been swept under the carpet by the media though and with more and more members of his party getting directly implicated in their own anti-semetic behavior, he can swerve any involvement, It took him a good 18 months and much probing just to publicly denounce the behaviour of his members involved in this and even that seemed highly disingenuous, Now such apologies are becoming second nature to him. Allegations like this don't materialise out of nowhere and it was only a couple of years ago he claimed Labour had absolutely no anti-semitic members or recorded incidents and then it all snowballed and over 20 were recorded.
  6. Is it me or are the SNP the ugliest, most miserable and toxic bunch of clowns imaginable? Cancer could be cured yet Sturgeon would be enraged! The Lib Dems call themselves democratic yet their main policy is to ignore 17m people right off the bat and overturn something they ALL agreed to honoring. They only became relevant again as a protest vote against Corbyn. Labour is in cookoo land under Corbyn. He's a fence sitter and only tells people what they want to hear and what people in his party tell him to do. He hates the EU, he hates the military, he hates Israel and jews yet he is quite compassionate to terrorists. His plans will nuke the economy, alienate investors, dismantle the country and then the people will have to pay for it on more than one level. He will never disclose his true Brexit position and him in any form of power would be damaging for decades to come. Diane Abbott as home secretary? LMAO! Tories are a total mess and cannot be trusted. Their plans are very limited and only paper over a fraction of cracks. Normal people will continue to see local services strained and the cost of living skyrocket. So many shady fucks in the party too. The Brexit Party probably wont have much of an impact and their position is far too weak and although I don't agree with a lot of their sentiments, It's nice to see them fucking up those ignorant EU bureaucrats in Brussels. Bottom line, the UK is pretty fucked either way.
  7. That's the Warrior's Code mission - the 7/12 issue was reported on day one along with other bugged missions and challenges yet until now, nothing was done in the 50gb-odd worth of patches, 9 in total. I'm still not even sure if all these bugs have been addressed and it shouldn't take so many weeks just to fix something so simple. I've accepted that the footstep, 725 and other 'balance' things will probably never be addressed to satisfy everyone but the way they've handled simple bug issues has been shockingly bad.
  8. Pretty much my feelings Dave. I love Kojima's previous work - his vision, imagination and writing is quite astonishing but in this one, it feels like he's tried too hard in many aspects and has fallen short in all of them. I've never been on the fence so much with a game but it really has hit me that being on it this much is a bad sign not to get the game after all. I think the game is just too long for me regardless - 60 hours at 2 hours a day for a whole month basically. I usually get burned out in half the time and bear in mind, Death Stranding isn't exactly a hugely varied experience. Transversing the environment is the heart of the experience yet the movement mechanics and physics are very wonky and inconsistent it seems - I have seen someone somersault down a cliff and land on their back alive with no damage to the cargo yet others have tripped on a blade of grass on a flat surface and had to restart the mission because they died. The combat and bosses look really half-arsed filler plus the repetitive cutscenes must really irritate even if they can be skipped. The fact Monster Engergy is also a prominent feature of the game rather than just a one-off promotional placement makes it look extremely tacky and borderline laughable. Kojima also started lashing out at reviewers saying people don't understand his game and American's only get FPS shooters. I thought this was a pretty dreadful comment as his previous work was extremely successful in the states and surely he must have known that even with his reputation, not everyone was going to warm to Death Stranding as a concept. Despite 3 years of mystery, the game isn't all that complex to understand after all and you have to wonder if a lot of it was kept under wraps to mask what the game was in the first place. This game is nowhere as good as he thinks it is and it comes across as quite pretentious. Looks like Konami were right to pull the plug on him all along. Who would have thought! Kojima should probably consider movies because I think he's missed the mark here trying to create a game - it's like he's made an experience for himself whilst forgetting what others would truly enjoy. Anyhow, I bought Disco Elysium the other day and it's one of the best RPG's I have ever played and probably the greatest true RPG out there. This 'strand' genre is just a load of bollocks.
  9. Probably something surrounding money/COD point balance/previous spend. Similar to how YouTuber's like Korean Savage always find themselves in lobbies with the weakest players or even bots even if they are pumping out 3-5 k/d's a match. Content creators tied to Activision seem to always get easy lobbies and I bet there is a underlying system in place where financially dedicated players are more rewarded and ones that aren't are then enticed to spend money in a deluded attempt to improve their experience. This is what they were going for in that patent and I reckon there is probably some sort of system in play which is based on prospective spend or something to that tune. If they aren't operating a strictly connection based system then something shady is awry. In there isn't a hidden thing in place, there certainly will be once the Premium Stream comes into play.
  10. The only thing big about this update that was being touted as the 'big one' is the download size Update 1.09 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now live - Patch Notes | Charlie INTEL CHARLIEINTEL.COM Infinity Ward has released the latest patch update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare overnight on November 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox... Lots of things still outright broken or neglected. All eyes on 1.1 'the biggest one' I bet..
  11. Serial Cleaner FREE on Humble Bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/store/serial-cleaner-free-game?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_freegame_2019_storetile_serialcleaner
  12. Just a guess but I'd say:- - Connection is likely prioritised and the fact they are publishing ping figures rather than just bars or outright hiding such elements knowing they can be caught suggests this may be the case. They have falsified this shit in the past where it was totally removed or masked in later COD titles. - 'Skill' is probably more attributed to form, possibly in 5 game blocks of averages rather than outright k/d. - Clans are being matched against other clans when possible so a low skilled/reverse boosted party leader can't take a team of pub stompers into a low skill lobby. If no other team is available, they are probably being put into high-end form lobbies or ones comparable to the party leaders form. I do think once connection quality is established, then skill becomes a factor for matchmaking so it's possible both of these elements are working hand in hand and are equally important.
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