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  1. Although the visuals are pretty spectacular in places, the lighting and overall affects are quite bland I found. It's also a much brighter and colourful game that 2016, Doom 3 and the classics. I did find a lot of the core elements associated with Doom missing from Eternal which is why it felt totally off for me.
  2. I hate losing downloads especially when it's porn.
  3. World War Z is FREE on the shitty cunting Epic Store.
  4. Coronavirus: Atalanta vs Valencia Champions League clash was a 'biological bomb' and 'infected 40,000 fans', claims Bergamo mayor TALKSPORT.COM Bergamo mayor Giorgio Gori claims a Champions League match between Atalanta and Valencia in Italy ‘infected 40,000 fans’ in attendance...
  5. Child of Light FREE on uPlay Buy Child of Light for PC - A fairytale inspired RPG STORE.UBI.COM Child of Light for PC - A fairytale inspired RPG
  6. Blasphemous is currently 40% off and £12 on Steam ending March 27th.
  7. I think motion sickness affects people differently and that's one of the risks with VR. Seems Valve have done their best to try and mitigate this as there are 4 different controller types from full room movement to simply sitting down and teleporting. Many others have said they've experienced no sickness and that is is a very smooth in-game experience although some have mentioned something about 'smooth turning' which affects some. It'll be interesting to see more feedback once people have really got into it. I'd hate to spend £400 on a VR kit and £45 on the game only to get motion sickness after 20 minutes!
  8. Masterpiece according to IGN
  9. Drawful 2 FREE on Steam Save 100% on Drawful 2 on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM For 3-8 players and an audience of thousands! Your phones or tablets are your controllers! The game of terrible drawings and hilariously...
  10. J4MES OX4D


    First screenshot out It's not much but it is a start at least.
  11. For me, the platforming wasn't the worst part of the game but it is certainly way more prominent and linear when compared to 2016. This time there are a lot of fixed wall-hangs and reverse-dash boosts off of them which all become to predictable, convenient and nothing original or ingenious like we saw in Titanfall 2.
  12. There's people who survived two world wars which took around a decade out their lives of normality and now people can't even even respect simple requests of staying in for a few months at most. If it means ridding this quicker and protecting people in the process then it sounds like a great investment yet all these ignorant clowns who want to live for the moment or who just think nothing will happen to them are just a disgrace to society. If the army get drafted in and the police are given extra powers, anyone caught flouting the restrictions will just end up getting tasered, rubbered or even shot for realz yo. If that's what it takes to get through to people then bring it on I'd say.
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