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  1. So many hilarious Half Life SFX videos popping up of late - this one is gold
  2. Looks more like a fighting game promo than a shooter. Hope to god this game gets de-listed as a legitimate COD title as it's an absolute mess of a game on top of a brand that's really gone to shit. How did we go from a classic cold war shooter into this garbage!?
  3. Also may I just add; fuck that cave map. Whoever thought that would be an enjoyable experience is a complete dickhead. Compare it to Afghan from MW2 and the difference in quality and design logic is insane. I'd take a remake of Afghan any day of the week. Spawns are badly broken - I got spawn trapped in TDM whilst playing 5v3 it's that bad, and that was on the train map which is bloody huge!
  4. Played a few matches and it's definitely a more faster and livelier game than it would suggest on paper. It's very polished visually and mechanically but I do have some concerns and frustrations. The maps are simply too busy; far too many doors, windows and general assets. They don't feel quite as big and there's always some action to be had but the game rewards camping so defensive players and rushers could be in for a hard time. It will take a bit of time to adapt but I don't know if I'm going to enjoy playing a different way than I usually do. The colour palette as I've already said in this thread, is a bit drab and can make identifying enemies a bit tricky at times especially if you are transitioning into a darkened room. Graphically, the game looks fantastic but it's not very sharp and the post-processing effects are dreadful. The menu could be a lot of imaginative and the colour scheme for that is a pretty odd choice also. The minimap debacle worries me - IW have tested and tried everything but as we've seen with previous beta's, that doesn't mean we'll get what the majority wants when the pre-orders are in and the game is released. I'm grateful they've experimented and acknowledged concerns within the community but I just wish they'd do away with the outline and implement the standard minimap especially when the rest of the game is supposed to mimic that of the classic COD feel. The fashionable navigation bar and compass is a waste of fucking time also. The worst thing as always is the community. Idiotic teammates or scummy opponents. All the classic negative COD emotions can be found in this game along with old frustrations. At least with recent COD's, the maps were so small and gameplay was so limited, players had to get involved rather than play passively and dirty. Also without scorestreaks, players aren't encouraged to play as a team. I do think this will be the best COD game this gen though but I'm still not sure if it's going to set the world alight long term or if it'll be dead before Christmas as usual these days. A lot will depend on Activision and how people tolerate the gameplay on offer. A lot has changed in gaming since the MW2 days and people don't really play 20 matches back to back like they used to in games and have really long sessions. Roll on next week at least. PC beta will be very interesting along with the crossplay. Hopefully some new content and they will have resolved the minimap situation and stick with whatever choice they make based on the data they receive.
  5. Minimap will now not display enemy fire and the horrible team outlines have been disabled for today as part of the ongoing testing.
  6. I played a handful of matches this evening and it’s pretty good. You can really get a feel for the mechanics in this as opposed to the alpha where the maps were small and the environment was limited such as doors and places to mantle. Weapons feel great and the hit registry is decent. I did find a couple of maps a bit too busy in terms of rooms, doors and overall assets but domination seems to function well on the ones available. I just hope matches flow well in the other modes on them as I don’t want a repeat of Ghosts where the maps were just too big and OTT for detail. The colour palette is quite drab and I’m not a fan of the post process effects such as film grain and motion blur. Thankfully those can be reduced and/or disabled but the strong anti-aliasing washes out the textures a bit too much and there’s even spots of chromatic aberration in play which is nasty especially on the train map. I’m not a fan of the menu interface either - another truly bizarre colour scheme - sky blue on white and grey plus a very low detailed soldier walking through nowhere just looks a bit bland. Compared to the effort gone into the rest of the game, it seems a bit cheap. Some nice work on the killstreak page though. I think the game has some promise and I like how you can get into matches quickly. It does seem quite dated on my first gen PS4 though but there’s clearly a great engine at work here and a lot of effort has gone in particularly with animations. I would like an option to disable the nav bar at the top but other than that, I’m gonna get a few games in tomorrow hopefully.
  7. Also with Laporte out until early next year, that will be a massive blow to them. His absence is already showing as that 3rd goal was comical
  8. J4MES OX4D

    PES 2020

    Marcus Rashford
  9. J4MES OX4D

    Gears 5

    Gears 5 PC
  10. What a shitter Gold toilet stolen in Blenheim Palace burglary WWW.BBC.CO.UK A 66-year-old man has been arrested over the theft of the toilet, which was part of an exhibition.
  11. Have you got the link to it? Cheers Lee! Nevermind I've found it
  12. The aesthetics do look a bit weird in places. Visually the game looks great but at the same time it looks a bit drab in places. I also think there are a lot of post processing factors in play with film grain, motion blur and strong anti-aliasing - add that to the overall bleak pallet on some maps and it's feels a bit off. It'll be interesting to see how it looks on snow and other terrain types.
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