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  1. Man Utd job may be available soon.,..
  2. GRID 2 FREE on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/44350/GRID_2/
  3. Sims 4 FREE on Origin. I did have some trouble with this deal at first though as it would only let me get it as a gift. The solution I did was adding it to my wishlist and then viewing the wishlist and obtaining it through there. Hopefully this mistake will be fixed by the time you see this.
  4. I've got FIFA 09 and FIFA 99 but not FIFA 19
  5. First it was Strarbucks and now we have a bottle of Evian Thank god it finished when it did cos the next episode probably would've had a bottle of Lambrini visible!
  6. XFactor needs to go too - how many contestants that win get dropped barely a year later? Joe McAlderry, Steve Brokstein, Ben Haynow, Sam Bailey, Matt Terry, Matt Cardle and even Louisa Johnson. You get the Hollywood treatment for a few months and once the dust has settled, you get spat out and fade into the limelight only to go back to your original job or do a few theater/radio odd-jobs. Simon Cowell and his team loaded with lawyers don't give a fuck even if you win it. Now that the winners don't even get Christmas number one; he really couldn't give a toss and the contracts permit the contestant from ever speaking out against the process.
  7. BO4 is the type of game that could have been built upon as it is middle of the road, has no campaign ties or a real identity - it's just a generic shooter but the fact they abandoned the MP may actually come back to bite them now with the situation they are in. They would be better off just having one giant continuous COD live service. We could get a new campaign each year sold as an explansion but the MP would be very much be a rolling thing like COD online that combines all current and historic games.
  8. Exactly. The COD Online format in Asia is super successful. Why we haven't got something like that is crazy. I can only assume we don't have a base game that is expanded over years is because most COD's are so bad these days that they are dead even before Christmas so there is nothing good to build upon.
  9. Sledgehammer and Raven have both removed as the main developers of COD 2020 and relegated to a support role. Treyarch have been appointed to lead the project and now have to scramble together another rushed game and dress it up as BO5 as they take charge of development https://kotaku.com/sources-call-of-duty-2020-in-upheaval-as-treyarch-take-1834858368/amp whilst then also working on COD 2021 for release the following year which will probably be Black Ops 6! Basically Treyarch have two years to make two games. This could quite possibly be the biggest embarrassment the franchise has ever faced. Black Ops 4 was already one game too many in the series and now we’re gonna be getting a rushed sequel with 5 plastered on it. I haven’t seen anything like it and Treyarch are going to be stretched beyond belief. The Black Ops brand is just a tag now for the latest generic game to be called and about an unimaginative as it gets. Black Ops 4 was bad enough in terms of being rushed, lacking content and having now forwarding strategy on content and community engagement so I dread to think how Black Ops 5 is going to turn out let alone 'Black Ops 6' a year later. Just shows that Activision cannot afford to take a year off. I can see what's left of Sledgehammer and Raven being merged or disbanded and then just having two primary developers IW and 3arc like the old days left. Not exactly a glowing future this series has going into an exciting new gen.
  10. From the BBC A couple of years later they were wanting it banned LOL! Amazing to see where GTA began and what it is now.
  11. Typical double-standards and hypocrisy from ITV. They lost 5% of their value when the Kyle show got suspended and probably more now so I'm guessing they cannot afford to cancel Love Island on top. That would put a huge hole in their schedules particularly on ITV2 and premium advertisers would also opt out I'm guessing. Caroline Flack is probably on a fair old whack too. I think ITV could probably spin it and say there is no direct link to Love Island and the suicides but they will do much better with aftercare to its contestants going forward blah blah. We may see subtle changes to the editing and concept though but there will definitely be a lot of scrutiny now.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9090428/leeds-fan-mocked-play-off-winners-tattoo/
  13. Leeds 2-4 Derby (3-4) Leeds bottled it badly and got rekt on their own turf!
  14. I think Chris Wilder won manager of the year from the LMA but the Prem MOTY was Guardiola. Farke had a very good season with Norwich and the signing of Pukki was pivotal.
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