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  1. Noooo not the Umbral Engrams. I meant that I should be able to choose between random Armor or Weapons from vendors that give you gear for tokens, like Shaxx, Zavala etc. Yes even Rahool for your Prime Engrams, should let you choose between an Armor or Weapon drop. Because we get already random gear from the Powerful activities. So the Tokens I turn in and Prime Engrams I should be able to choose at least. If you just need 1 armor piece to get max level then it's easier to sort it out.
  2. It is literally only in the game so you can't play new content instantly, but gradually. New content is gate-locked behind power grind, so you have to grind the same old activities to be able to play the new stuff. It is a design flaw and not how this game should continue in the future. If you ask me at least. I hate it. Yet here we are, all addicted and we'll keep doing it. And Bungie won't settle on a power level cap ever. It is what keeps selling the seasons.. hell even in the seasons you don't get to play all new stuff instantly, but they release it several weeks apart, like exotic quests etc.. it sucks.
  3. Really, as title says. Every +1 Pinnacle from Crucible, Vanguard, Gambit playlists I got in the slots I already had a higher power gear. Every legit Pinnacle drop from Master Nightfall's, Nightmare Hunts and Dungeons I get in the same slot that already has that same power level... It's the same sh*t for 2 weeks now.. Also good luck trying to get a specific armor piece. I needed a chest piece and got like 36 helmets in a row.. Jesus Christ the RNG seems like it's rigged to make you grind even more.. They should at least let you choose between armor or weapon engrams from vendors... Cheers!
  4. I got a Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB . Been a Samsung/Android fan ever since the first Galaxy came out. Now I'm getting a new phone every 2 years after my previous contract runs out. So I skip basically one generation always, which I find is perfect, because from one gen to another there ain't much difference but 2 gen's apart you can see the improvements clearly. But idk what is there to top now? I mean I got a big UHD screen, superb hdr and 4k video watching quality, a lot of disk space, enough RAM, can play good graphics games on it (even thought I don't play mobile games).. Great Camera etc... Really the only thing to improve smart phones these days would be to integrate them into your body lol
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 97 seconds  
  6. Tbh I kinda like it now. Gives me a new incentive to play. Trying different weapons, to find the beset feeling onces, then researching possible god rolls for pvp or pve.. searching for new strats and guides on YT etc... it made the game feel like the first time you are playing it. I am grateful thought that the power level jump this season is not big of a deal. You can max it out within the first week to 1050.. I am excited for the new DLC, already pre-ordered it. Yes the game has still flaws etc.. but I am just addcited to it, so I'll take anything Bungie gives me. I hate it lol. But oh well, time to get back to grinding!
  7. Fair enough and good points. But we are still talking about Bungie here.. And you must know Bungie by now, do You? They created this whole fiasco themselves in the first place, because of lazy devs. Look at the past 3+ seasons, no noteworthy new weapons, just re-skinned or ever so slightly partially re-modeled weapons that we've seen already a thousand times, with even 90% of the same perks. No wonder no one bothered to try them out. Even if they made weapons on the same level as a Recluse or Mountaintop, people would still be like: "Why would I invest time and grind my balls off for something I already have and it works perfectly for me? I already have the equivalent of that." It's simply Human Nature. And oh boy, people do really carefully choose where and how to invest their time in this game, otherwise it's just wasted for them. On the endgame level, but also on the very above average player level - this game is just mid maxing. Time and efficiency. So you have to give a really good reason to someone at that level, to invest a set amount of time. And you'll achieve that by giving always ever so slightly better rewards. So for example, if Players got a slightly better weapon then Recluse, they will grind for it - so now that Recluse is not the meta anymore, it will be forgotten and can even be retired/sunset in 3-4 seasons. Because by that time, players already moved on to that second or third weapon that came out, and so on, with each weapon being ever so slightly better then the previous one. When I say ever so slightly, I mean it - so that it won't be too op and break the game and so that other weapons can still compete with it. That is the way to go I think. But Bungie decided to shit on everyone's time invested instead and is about to just sunset everyone's weapons, that people have grinded for hours, days, years. And by that I don't mean pinnacle weapons obtained through quests. I mean the really hard ones to get a God Roll in, like Spare Rations (farming that Reckoning for a Year killed my soul), Bygones, Last Man Standing, Waking Vigil, Hammer Head, Austringer etc. If the RNGOD is literally not your Daddy, you'll spend months grinding for God Rolls for those new weapons too, only this time you'll be time restricted to use them. Which bags the question, what's the point then? Bungies quote: "You'll still be able to use all your weapons in 80% of activities" is just so misleading, such a scam. The whole point of grinding for a weapons God Roll, by spending possibly months or even a year doing so, is to be able to use that same weapon for pinnacle, endgame activities! I sure as hell won't be grinding months for a God Roll just to use it in patrols!!! Like what the f... So basically now, they are taking away almost all your weapons you worked so hard for, they are giving you new weapons to grind for every few seasons. NOT because they are better, but because you have expiration dates on your gear now. And if you wan't to stay on the top and have always the best weapons with the highest power level, guess what? Grind your balls off. And then we have Armor power caps. Which is a whole different Bungie greed story. Yes Armor, the most grindy and annoying grind of all the grinds. You finally found yourself a good armor set with the stats spread the way you want. You spent almost all your rare materials to masterwork those pieces. And now you'll have to keep grinding for new armor pieces because inevitably it won't be top power level forever and not good for endgame, pinnacle activities, which is the whole point of the game. To finally get gear that allows you to tackle that endgame stuff. No one hunts for top gear and God Rolls just to hop in a god damn public event. THE ONLY REASON they did this is so they can milk more money through transmog stuff. Because not everyone has the time to play 6+ hours a day so he can build up that Bright Dust economy. They will offer those transmog's on their new Eververse store so people can just buy them for real money. Because retiring Armor has nothing to do with retiring weapons and nothing to do with power creep. No armor is OP like weapons are. Other then exotics, but hey guess what? No one cares about Antaeus Wards breaking the god damn game in pvp. Bungie has just become this greedy ass Company that doesn't give a F*ck about the player base anymore. They are just trying to milk out the time that players spend in the game by inventing new ways to grind the same things you already have. They'll take your weapons away, making them useless for endgame, just so they can reiterate them later again, so you can grind them again if you want the max power level. Plain and simple. (The more players spend more time in game = good statistics on paper, Investors happy, Marketing goes up = Profit) Steve Jobs, as much as I hated that guy, was very intelligent. He explains this best: Why Bungie Fails. Look at the Felwinter's Lie Quest... Says it all. OFF TOPIC: Humor level 9000 Cheers !
  8. For me personally it makes no sense.. I do agree that change has to come but I think this is the wrong approach.. Because look, You invest your time for something you crave to get, to grind for that perfect roll, to spend rare resources to masterwork it... So you feel very satisfied when you get that right? Because you accomplished your goal! Finally! BUT by the time (after months of grinding and investing hundreds of hours) you get what you want, you might use it for a short period of time because it will eventually get limited by the power cap, making it irrelevant for end game activities such as Raids, Dungeons, Nightfalls . . . So the grind starts again. Rinse and repeat. This is just making the game more grindy in my opinion. + There is no reason to Masterwork anything anymore, it is just wasting rare materials.. Not setting a Player Level Power Cap but doing it for Weapons makes no sense at all. Each new season we have to grind another 50 Player power levels + another 10 pinnacle levels. What for? It adds nothing new to the game and is just tedious. The Dreg that was lvl750 will now be 1010, in the next season 1060 and so on.. It's all the same just the numbers are different. D1 had a Player power level cap, but with D2 they just keep pushing it into the thousands for no reason. At least at power lvl 1000 they should've stopped. So now starting with each season you have 2 major things to grind for : Firstly your own power level, meaning playing with random ass weapons each season until you hit at least that powerful level cap, unless you want to spend Thousands of Enhancement cores, Upgrade Modules etc. to infuse your favorite gear with each power lvl bump. Secondly , farming weapons with the highest power level cap for god roll and armor for stats. Then again spending tons of rare materials to Masterwork all of these. By the time you've done those two things, those weapons will be irrelevant or you will just have time to play for a short period before new power level capped weapons come out and the whole grind repeats... Correct me please if I am wrong, but this is the planned concept? Please let me be wrong.. Cheers!
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