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  1. My character is Draeus, level 9 atm lol I went hunter in the end.
  2. Mine is oOImpulseOo although I'm still trying to get back into the swing of keyboard and mouse lol
  3. Yeah I deffo miss the e46, was a beast of a car. Although between the vanos just starting to go and the 13mpg and also the cost of parts for them! Sadly she had to go I'd have another one in a heartbeat tho, the amount of car your getting for the money is really good! I dunno if I could handle London, too many people haha. Moved away from Reading because it was getting bad, now my little tiny Thatcham is heading the same way lol. Gunna push me right out into the sticks Got an R53 Cooper S, was a nice little bargain because it needed the cam chain and thermostat housing doing. I really cant fault them, they go well, handle well, pretty economical and I love a blast round the B roads in it. My dad recently got a F56 and I honestly don't like it as much, steering feels really light and doesn't feel like your driving it whereas I think the R53 is a bit more raw. I did pre-warn god, he said as long as its temporary and took him for a spin I could do what I wanted. This was when I decided that "Liquid Wrap" from america was gunna be the next big thing and decided to setup a little side business. Little did I know it's shit and pointless, takes too much time and the customers that are after this cheap alternative to paint were not the sort of people I wanted as customers haha. I peeled it all off after I got the name around a few meets. After "wrapping" 10/15 Mini roofs, I went back to fabrication and panel beating lol Ok cool i'll work on my hunter a bit tonight, what levels are you guys? Have I got a chance to catch up lol?
  4. I did join the WoW server although choosing a class is a pain. I’m thinking Mage (I read there are way too many mages) because of the AoE and I like to grind and farm, or a Huntard, any advice is welcome! I can talk cars and motors all day haha, at the moment I’m just driving a Mini Cooper S and I have an SV650 project bike. I’m saving up for a classic Subaru RB5 or RA at the moment as it’s been my dream car since I first heard the boxer rumble! I change cars and bikes like I change my pants tho! (Every 6 months! Haha) here’s a few of my past toys. p.s the video from that last picture is very much gone haha. I remember thinking... can’t be that deep! Little did I know it was an obstacle for tanks lol
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome Not tried AC:C yet but I've read that it beats PC2 in the way the cars handle and feel. I like the graphics from PC2, the force feedback from rFactor and the handling from Assetto lol. Most of my work is purely aluminium bodies for 1930's race cars usually MG's, comes in a bare chassis and goes away an un-painted car, ready for the customer to paint and trim etc. Every now and then we'll take on or do our own full build. The Maserati is a 300s actually built on a Maserati chassis, this was my boss's personal car and also my favorite lol, the polished Jaguar D type was a fun little car, although between that and the polished hot-rod I decided i'm never going to polish another car again. I spent 6 months polishing that hot-rod! Going from an 80 grit sand paper all the way to 1200 and then 3 different pastes haha. The dark grey car was a Jaguar XK150 which was built into a made up special, this was our most recent full build. The last picture is my workshop at the moment, Got a 1930's MG Q Type (full build, painted, ready to drive away) an MGA Special in the background and another 1930's MG Special to the right All them nice cars and i'm working on a pair of rusty 1950's Alfa Zegato seats haha. There's some more pictures of the Jaguar and more of a detailed look from the dealer that bought it from us Here and a better write up and detailed shots of the Maserati (same dealer) Here This is an AC Cobra with a bespoke gulwing roof, I was just starting out when my uncle/boss was starting this one (same dealer) lol Here These 3 and the unfinished MGA Special were my uncles personal cars purely made to sell, the dealer has seen the MGA so maybe he'll have that as well haha
  6. So far I've downloaded Modern Warfare and WoW Classic, going back to a keyboard and mouse feels so strange! I feel like my KDR is gunna take a massive hit haha. Man I used to love Delta Force, was my first introduction to playing against hackers lol, they could lay down on the map but aim from the sky lol. I'm pretty sure i'm gunna download Dark Eden just for old times sake, I think I was the first level 100 on Dark Eden (official one, cant remember the name). I'm pretty sure I was playing Legend of Mir when 512k internet came out lol. The VR rig I go on is my boss's, it's in my workshop. Oculus CV1 with a G27 wheel and pedals. We knocked up an aluminium racing seat setup, I really can't get over how good the immersion is with the headset! I mainly race GT3 but I love all the historic racing classes, I build vintage and classic cars as a job so getting to race classics and actually be in the car is pretty neat. I'll check out the guys playing WoW and find out how I can get my activision ID for CoD. Need to get myself a headset as well.
  7. Hey everyone, So, introduce myself.... Well my name is Tom, I've been gaming since dial-up (that makes me feel old! i'm talking 28.8k and when someone phoned the house the internet turned off!) Started by playing mmorpg's like Legends of Mir, Myth of Soma, Darkeden (2d games haha) and that's when I found my first ever forums, called Leetnetwork. The best bunch of assholes I've ever met lol and coming back to PC gaming I found there's not many community forums out there. "Back in my day" lol forums were the main way of meeting other gamers then adding them on msn messenger :P as a community we helped each other, I learnt Photoshop through them, owned and hosted servers etc. I found that's what I missed the most, I'll be honest I missed out on Twitch, Discord, Mixer and all that stuff so I'm a tiny bit lost! I've been playing on xbox one for a while now and haven't had a gaming PC for over 10 years, so decided to treat myself in the black Friday sales! Built my new PC last night :D Sadly I only have 1 other "PC Friend" lol so i'm hoping to meet some new ones here! Games i'm hoping to play are, Modern Warfare, WoW Classic, Battlefield series, Arma, Escape Takerov maybe a bit of minecraft :P Also love a bit of VR sim racing, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars etc. I've been doing some research into streaming, dunno if anyone on here does it? I enjoy watching it and playing in a group looks so much more fun! I've been doing some signing up on various platforms (someone told me I could play my Xbox digital games on PC) was very annoyed when I found out I couldn't! So here are some of my ID's Steam : iimpulse Discord (no idea how it works) : Impulse#2386 Blizzard : Impulse#2548 Looking forward to chatting to you lot, having some fun games! Impulse P.S Ignore the horrible wiring, I just wanted to get it done haha.
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