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  1. I'm 592 would love to learn the raid to help others I'm also looking for a team to help me do wrath of the machine raid on hard for my trophy
  2. Yh it will be done for when I get home at 8pm
  3. Sounds fun Ive not played gta in a long time I'll be there gotta get it downloaded can u add me so u can invite me
  4. I get my invite to the clan tonight so I can add u all then does anyone fancy doing a last wish raid tonight
  5. Hya bro yh mostly I've got bo4 as well tho
  6. Hay I'm gaz I'm 29 I live in Halifax Yorkshire I play destiny 2 and soon will be playing bo4 tonight I'm a 590 Titan I love to raid I'm always willing to join and help out been playing solo for months on d2 and it got boring add me G4Z-666-123
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