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  1. Have you been questioning the directions in which most studio's have taking recently? Maybe it's the content or even the possibility of only digital titles, in the rambling's of this controller warrior you may find some of your queries raised. The expectations of the modern gamer seem to have drastically changed due to the games in which we purchased being released broken or unfinished, we then purchase said product with the promise of it being hot-fixed or patched, this sadly has became the norm and more people are becoming numb thus letting it slide. I personally find this quite disheartening, as the sole users our say should be driving studios to make changes to the way games are released. Let's go back to the days of old, no internet, no CD's that act as product keys I'm talking about cartridges. Games were as intended and I think it's needs to return to that methodical style of producing in order to not stifle or erode the games industry. For many people games are collectors items, whether it be a limited edition, contain extras such as prints or figurines. In my eyes a code for in game currency or a downloadable soundtrack should never be put into this because they are not physical, this is going to be a huge issue for many fans of a particular studio/franchise. All in all I feel somewhat fobbed off when I buy a new title, after spending hours downloading and then copying only to finally get stuck in then find a game breaking bug. Don't worry though guys, it will get patched and this all depends on the size of the studio for time scale. Hopefully things will change with the next gens - not only graphically also with the games being done to a better standard.
  2. Yup I sometimes only get about 3 depends on what time I start and how much I escape from reality (ps4) that night Via the FG App
  3. Fahkin Stella and a satsuma, Friday night staple. Via the FG App
  4. Nice idea dude, I already do this so I hope you get some feed back on others who participate.
  5. Just for a wee bit of perspective here is my normal day of munchies: Meal 1: bullet proof coffee , 4 eggs scrambled with diced bacon or if I'm in a rush eggs milk cream cheese and truvia blended. Snack: litre of water with some dried fruit and nuts. Meal 2: green veg with chicken breast, flavoured with jerk or cayenne. Snack; homemade protein bar, rolled oats compressed with butter topped with cashew butter. Meal 3: meat of any kind and leave the fat on, brown rice and any veg I have. Before bed: a seriously high calorie shake, I use xxxx mutant cookies and cream flavour which is 2458 calories a shake. When I get home I'll take a pic of it just incase my figures are incorrect. I aim for about 4500 - 5000 calories a day which is an absolute breeze when I was used to consuming nearly 8000 eating nine meals a day before my elbows decided to say fuck you. Via the FG App
  6. Plus I also doble stack my zinc with macaroot and horny goat weed. Trust me lads the missus will love you for it[emoji16] Via the FG App
  7. Well man products are overpriced pish imo, I just use Holland & Barrett ABC+. Via the FG App
  8. Oh just a wee addendum most dairy and rice contain b complex aswell. You will over indulge in th b complex when the turkey comes [emoji1787][emoji1787] Via the FG App
  9. This purely depends on which vit B tbh, thiamin riboflavin and niacin (B 1,2,3) vit b12 you can get from red meats and 1,2,3 from most dried fruits. If your looking for a sugar pick-me-up try dates, I used to eat these and a poon full of agave syrup before powerlifting. Via the FG App
  10. I will tie you down. . . . Now back away from the 7/11 Via the FG App
  11. Just to add a wee bit of what I do to the pot. . . . Fat is not the enemy it's sugar so my morning pick me up is a double shot of coffee with butter and coconut oil. I've been doing this for years and it's a straight blast of energy as the oil is a MCT hence why it's a staple in a keto diet. Also to speed up the bodies metabolic rate try cayenne pepper with any meal it will pair with. I have tried some insane shit over the years and now know what works for me but I can pass on said experiences if need be. Via the FG App
  12. Are you tired of looking like the beanbag your sitting on. . . . . Need some help in getting back in shape for that Christmas party so you can pack it all on again!!!! Look no further. . . . For just £85 . . . . . . Just fuckin with you. Seriously though if any of you guys have a question about anything nutritional or fitness based slap it in here, myself and Strongman Elliott will help out the best we can. Via the FG App
  13. As the old saying goes keep it simple stupid is my contribution, I'm gonna go with a larger variety of games in Fg Fridays. Last of us ,siege and possibly some gang beasts. Via the FG App
  14. Nutcuttlit

    The Return

    Hey bud I'm the resident Scottish lunatic if you need square sausage or tatty scone I'm yer man. [emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
  15. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the award guys, you lot make it really easy to be jovial and up lifting because you all feel like family rather than friends. If I have helped people out I am truly humbled by being able have the chance to make an impact on someones life which I will happily do for anyone of you marvelous cunts [emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
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