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  1. Raising legs is mainly to isolate a certain portion of the chest but raising will add slightly more pressure because most of your body weight will be forward. I'm gonna be setting myself a challenge. Using only 25kg dumbells for every muscle group and if I need to increase tension at top throw some resistance bands in there. Will keep you posted on results in the coming weeks. Via the FG App
  2. Ran a few rounds last nigh with Marc and Lee (leigh) [emoji23][emoji23] Got some pretty solid runs on manage to kill on average about 6 hunters a round and extract with bounties so twas a good night. Via the FG App
  3. Rather than increasing reps try different width of arm spacing or raise you feet to increase intensity. I use my couch and have my index fingers and thumbs touching to form a diamond to start them place hands as wide as possible for the next set. Via the FG App
  4. Ah well can't save em all, the free shoe polish is the flowers you can shine leather with them brilliantly. Hibiscus oil or camillia is found in most shoe polish. Via the FG App
  5. Have you sprayed it with a uv protector bud, just to stop it fading and going brittle. Via the FG App
  6. Hopefully it does grow back though Dave, means free shoe polish aslong as it flowers. Via the FG App
  7. Scrape a tiny piece of bark off, if there's green just under it there's life it not its decked. Do it close to the bottom though bud because individual stems/stroke branches can die off to help the plant recover. After you do the test scrape cover it with good ole gardeners paint aka mud. The rose of smyrna can be a cunt to move but they do like it a little on the drier side of life. Spray all the bark down aswell to promote new growing points. Via the FG App
  8. Ok so I'm opening this thread based off a couple of conversations I've had this week. As you all have probably noticed most people have taken to the garden to spend the holiday funds as lockdown is still upon us. So with being said I'm offering my services for those who are in need of guidance to do with that space out front/back you hope to improve on. For the record I hold a full chemical license, bluebook(chainsaw), member of the IOGG with my HND. Hopefully I should be able to help people out if they need it. Via the FG App
  9. Wreckfest gives me a fuckin banging migraine for some reason. Mwr is a pile of infuriating steamy stuff imo. I'll happily play ww2 because the weaponry is far better.
  10. Nah they will never play a game I'm actually good at
  11. Well I got the starter pack so can invite people and myself and marc teamed straight away
  12. I'll happily sink lots of hours into this, game has lots of choice when making character which is nice. Jobs or classes are interesting and will help keep boredom at bay due to starting area changing with each class you choose. So get yer arses into this and join myself, didds and Marcimoo in this strange new world.
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 73/100 My Time 115 seconds  
  14. Will see what I can do bud i may be streaming some hunt though.
  15. The new update means cheaper loadouts, super sneaky play as winnie silenced is super viable due damage/range buff of compact ammo. Also different AI like the doctor who drops med kits and the new armored that causes rending damage cause he's wrapped in barb. Will see how the coming days pan out and give an update.
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