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  1. I'll eat anything other than sprouts, fuckin horrible grapes of Satan. Via the FG App
  2. Ahh it's fancy salad time for the torts. Via the FG App
  3. Get a hold of this and have a tremendous laugh murdering your friends in some truly horrific ways. Via the FG App
  4. I'll be meeting up biron on the train so have me a cold one ready for large amounts of merriment, I may have to pack some of my animal tranq tabs incase didds gets all Vietnam [emoji23] [emoji23] Via the FG App
  5. I'll probably put myself in the duffel bag and mail myself home for burial Via the FG App
  6. I love it when a plan comes together [emoji23] Via the FG App
  7. Gag as in joke though [emoji12] Via the FG App
  8. Did you only get horses when you discovered they have no gag reflex [emoji23] [emoji23] . Excellent collection of animals though dude I'm impressed. [emoji106] [emoji106] Via the FG App
  9. It's feeding time!!!!! [emoji2] [emoji2] Via the FG App
  10. No worries only problem is picking favourite ones [emoji23] [emoji23] Via the FG App
  11. Some more wings and shells Via the FG App
  12. Happy Friday lads and lassies!!! Via the FG App
  13. Here's big spot here [emoji7] [emoji7] Via the FG App
  14. I have a bond with most but definitely more with my big tort spot and the lesser sulphur cockatoo snowy,she's my wee sweetheart. Via the FG App
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