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  1. Aaaaand 'Action!' We're nearly there, and this week's TWAB gave us the date we needed to know so we can start planning to put a few teams together and enjoy this raid like previous Destiny 1 players loved and enjoy watching new players experience the different challenges we'll face. The date? Saturday 22nd May 10AM PDT / 6PM UK Time Gonna use this thread for 2 things; Stuff/info that was covered off in this week's TWAB and anything that people find oput about the raid as abnd when it becomes available Start understanding who would really e
  2. What's a Xûr? Xûr, Agent of the Nine is a strange vendor who randomly appears in a Public Sector in each of the four Worlds, depending on planetary alignments and Bungie's whim. Xur sells Exotic equipment and only takes Legendary Shards in exchange for them. TL;DR: He's the Santa Claus of Destiny and every weekend is Christmas. Sometimes he brings you what you want, sometimes he brings you coal. Mostly it’s coal. When does Xûr visit? Xûr visits every Friday at 9:00AM UTC and departs at reset. If you would like to see all the live conversions of Time Zones, ple
  3. Launch Day for Vault of Glass into Destiny 2 Time expected to launch - 10AM PDT / 6PM UK TIME Power Level Cap for Contest Mode - 1300 Put your name down here so we know you'll be around. Also see the separate discussion topic in the Destiny section HERE
  4. Here we go. New season is nearly upon. And a NEW 6 player experience! Alongside VoG Raid 😎 Season starts from May 11th and ends August 24th Hopefully with people returning and new players wanting to have a go on Vault of Glass, the extra 6 player activity is just coming at the right time!
  5. Who's gonna win this year? Titans won last year but I sense it'll be Hunters this time out unless there is a last ditch bid from Warlocks. Ah, I'm still Titan though as I'm sticking to my roots 😎 Here's the breakdown on how it works - info directly from Bungie website: Guardian Games is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 which celebrates Guardians and the spirit of competition. Guardian Games begins on April 20, 2021, and ends at the weekly reset on May 11, 2021. Guardian Games is an event for all Destiny 2 players to celebrate their favorite
  6. FOREVER GAMING "Let's go FG. Let's Cabal's Deep." We are a family of gamers, across the world from the UK and USA but also into Europe and further continents. We aim to have fun, share info, help each other, beat missions, quests, strikes, raids together.
  7. Released on 1st April 2021 ACTIVITIES Strike: Proving Grounds Fixed an issue where players could get out of bounds during the Proving Grounds boss fight. Players must now take on the Right of Proving from an even playing field. Crucible Fixed an issue where Heavy ammo spawned under the Distant Shore map in some game modes GAMEPLAY AND INVESTMENT Bounties and Pursuits Fixed an issue impacting the glyph puzzles for the Xenophage Exotic quest chain. The Hive glyphs will now corre
  8. In the This Week At Bungie (TWAB) post this week, they've explained within the next Festival of the Lost event coming up soon, they get the chance to offer one concept armour via Eververse (so real money)...so, which one are you?! Lets see which wins a poll here! #TeamDino or #TeamMonster ?! Both sets look incredible if you ask me! Lets hope its one of those things to spin up some PR and we get both! Can't deny I'm team dino, but the more I look at them, the more I prefer the monster versions!
  9. Press release from Bungie website: Bungie Prepares for Future Growth in 2021 > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET This is pretty significant news for a company that is now out there on its own, its clearly very successful still on the back of the current state of the game via the income streams they get as to create a whole new International HQ in the middle of Europe is a statement of intent that Destiny 2 is here to stay and grow longer, alongside whatever their brand new IP will be (out before 2025). The fact the
  10. Released on 19th January 2021 COMBAT: ABILITIES Fixed an issue where Code of the Siegebreaker path and Phoenix Cradle Exotic can create invisible Sunspots from Stasis crystals. Fixed an issue where Flawless Execution had a delayed trigger. Shatterdive - Super Changes Now has damage falloff vs. unfrozen targets. Max range damage reduced from 50 to 5. Damage reduction during ability reduced from 50% to 25%. Whisper of Fissures Reduced max/min damage vs. non-Super players from 42-22 to 30-4.
  11. Raid Lead Joe Blackburn looks he has been promoted to Assistant Game Director and has released a min blog about loot and rewards moving forward in this Season and across the next few seasons. A great read and definitely some good additions across he core gameplay loop we have. Additional ritual rewards coming back across regular playlists AND Nightfall Adept weapons is great news withoit giving too much away from what is upcoming this year. Especially more resource being recruited for more rewards moving on year on year. What do you guys reckon? DESTINY 2 DEV UPDATE - R
  12. What a blast doing this blind was! 5+ hours working out this section, i'm just devastated that the PS5 hasn't stored the settings to record voices like the PS4 did 😞 However, here's the run we had which shows how we had Charlie @Venom  and @Baabcat as the Operator, Nick @Bluebear  and Me @GazzaGarratt as the Scanners either side and finally Scott @RedXIII  on as much ad duty as possible.   We had numbered the control panels 1-5 as per Nick's great suggestion and simple drawing he did whilst we were in there. Shanks hit hard and I got explode twice in quick succession down to where the shanks were.   We started the round really well but as ads overhwhelmed us we fell behind on the fuses, only to clutch the last one at the end with next to no heavy ammo and a random pulse grenade securing the completion. I dropped the Scout Rifle at the end, a super gun to drop - looks good and shoots great.   Next time with voices! GGFG!
  13. I'm not quite sure how this works but essentially a bunch of Warlocks with the new Stasis essentially fries ANY boss in the game with a Fireteam. Look like its with a Grenade Launcher too. As It's Stasis which is linked to so many quests I really don't think they can disable this. What do you people reckon? Last Wish Bosses: 1st Boss - Kalli Morgeth - 3rd Encounter Riven - Final Boss Even in Gambit
  14. The new expansion hits in 5 days 😱 and therefore looks likely to be 10/11 days to get some Power up to be potentially give the brand new raid a go on the first day. Like @Baabcat mentioned on the Roadmap Calendar, it would be awesome to do this blind. I recall doing Crota in D1 blind and whilst we didn't get far it was one of the best experiences we've ever had on Destiny. So who's in and ready to give it a whirl?! It looks like theres a few facts from a TWAB a few weeks ago giving us some extra details: The next race for raid World First begins on Saturda
  15. GazzaGarratt

    Iron Banner

    First Iron Banner of Season of the Hunt!
  16. Glassway Strike Opens!
  17. Empire Hunts Begin!
  18. Destiny 2 Beyond Light Launch Day! New Campaign Stasis Subclass Unlocked New Planet: Europa New Cosmodrome Loads more new things to find (Lost Sectors, Strike, Triumphs, Secrets, etc)
  19. Looks like for the first time a boss will inherit the same powers as our Guardian will have so that sounds a little tasty. Looks like they're also getting our Guardian to talk more too, which will inject a little life into these cinematics. The thumbnail also looks like some form of barons like we had in Forsaken which i'd be all over personally. Finally a little bit of hype starts to rise about Beyond Light for me as I've turned a blind eye to all news Destiny over the past few months to try and keep some of the new way Destiny is ahead fresh and exciting. What's everyone's though
  20. An update from Bungie with Next Gen info coming on December 8th, with exception to faster loading and cross-gen play that come straight away. Full Bungie info below: The stars have aligned, and the next generation of console gameplay begins in the launch window for Beyond Light. As we continue to improve Destiny 2, we’re taking the opportunity to optimize the experience you’ll have on this new hardware. The next generation optimized version of Destiny 2 will launch on December 8. While things like faster load times and cross-generation play will be available on November
  21. I am a bit out of the loop but I am hearing that Bungie will be removing huge parts of Destiny 2 including planets along with their content such as Raids and Strikes to make way for the new stuff. I'm not too worried about seeing some of the old stuff go although it's a shame we likely wont be able to access it again. Any word on what is actually being taken out? I still have to get Shadowkeep and I don't want to buy into that and then see them take it out. Don't think that will be chopped as it's newer and not vanilla though.
  22. We've done awesome of late, getting many raids done and a few new people through on them too which is ace to see. I think we need to try and get an understanding from who needs what from a Moments of Triumph perspective as well as if there are raids that people would like to run because of a specific reason e.g. need the exotic weapons, triumphs, etc. So, I'm suggesting that we all tick the raids we'd like to do and some of us that help organise raid nights can then work out what we need to put up as events. This doesn't mean you won't do the ones you don't tick, more so it helps p
  23. Into the unknown. Nothing is known about the next season - that starts tomorrow. They have kept everything under wraps. Live stream happens 1 hour before we go live (I believe) with new season. Also seen this as the infographic for buying silver Mind is open to whats in store for Season 11 - good call on Bungie for not releasing any info ahead whatsoever. Element of surprise needs to come back to Destiny. Put any info up you hear as and when you get it for Season 11. Would love to know what you think we'll get. I don't exp
  24. Each season we should check to see what is decent to get your hands on to help us know what to look out for or/and grind for. You might want to add any connecting builds that work e.g. Guns that have become awesome to use because of mods from the Artefact, etc. Lets hear what you think we need to go for!
  25. As of next season (11) we will have a new max power strength that a gun can reach. This will essentially mean you won't be able to use the absolute meta guns forever. They don't run out straight away guns will have approx 9-12 months to be on top in the game but they've been very clear with the latest TWAB (see below) to help people understand when you have this many weapons now in the game, you can't keep just adding Power into the game. I think what doesn't help the game right now isthat many people's loadouts looks similar. They've either a) got the meta guns that work across mostly every a

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