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Middle Class Caveman

Dungeons & Deadlifts: My New Online Fitness Coaching Platform

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Hi folks, sorry I've been a bit quiet of late, this will be addressed in my PPR!


I have launched, at the request of many people in my life, an online coaching platform for the general public (not athletes). In essence, its going to put a personal trainer in your pocket - me.


As most of you are aware I'm a strength and conditioning coach out of my own studio gym and a deep tissue therapist at a local clinic, I generally work with athletes and sports people to improve performance but from every avenue of my life I'm often asked LOTS of questions about how to drop body fat, increase muscle, get stronger, improve general health from the general public. I'm always happy to answer these questions but the problem with free advice is it is worth exactly that, nothing. It's not accountable and is rarely specific for the individual.


So here we are now. I am going to be taking on 5 new clients to begin with because I feel this will not increase my work load too the extent that the quality of my work will drop (I have to think about my existing clients too). 


What do you get?


  • Custom workout plans sent straight to your phone (I will use the app I currently use with my athletes which allows me to create custom workouts with videos showing form) based on how YOU want to train. Want to do home workouts? Great. Want to use your bike/run? Awesome. Want to start at the gym? Lets do it. Want to improve on what you already know in the gym? Simples. 
  • Flexible or rigid nutrition protocols dependant on your personality. Some people like a meal plan, some people like to have flexibility so they can pick and choose what they want to eat, either way we can work together to make sure you have the protocol in place that best suites your goal.
  • Weekly accountability check ins with me (we use the app to track your workouts and a spreadsheet to track your nutrition - I have eyes on you at all times!)
  • 24/7 access via WhatsApp incase you need feedback on exercise or have questions that can't wait for the check in


The cost of this is going to be £99 a month. This is a rather competitive price (I pay my coach £250 a month...) but there needs to be a monetary incentive for this as that is what creates the accountability. If you've paid me £25 a week you're going to make sure you hit your workouts, follow your nutrition and fill in your accountability checks, it's a as simple as that. I wish I could offer it for free but the work it creates is very time consuming. 


There have been many people from FG who have asked for my advice, guidance and even to write them a program - I'm under no illusion that these people will likely not want to fork out the money to actually see the results. However, if you're lurking in the wings and you know you want to make a sustained change in your lifestyle to become healthier, lighter, heavier, stronger, faster....what ever your goal is - please don't hesitate to send me a message. 


Much love.


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Nice idea Elliott and hope you get some success with it 😎


I think the hardest thing with business ideas will be the overall cost, even if the cost to benefit ratio is pretty good. Usual direct debits around £100 or over from people out of Not London are the ultimate key ones you need to live - Mortgage, Council Tax, Car loan and maybe Electric/Gas combined. I think if you can break the mold and enter that bracket then top effort mate. If someone wants it enough, they'll pay it.

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