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Riff Machine

Children of Morta

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I just recently picked this up on the Switch.  I’ve never been one for rouge like games but this is really fun.  Gameplay is top down isometric similar to hyper light drifter.  Looks similar as well.  

You play as one of many members of a family defending the planet against an ancient corruption afflicting the lands.  Each family member unlocks separately at junctures of the game.  

The one thing I really enjoy is failing a mission will not cost you any coin earned and any items you collect during a mission are retained even in death.  There’s been a few times so far where I’ve died and the story has progressed despite it.  Coin is used to upgrade the family and stacks throughout all members.  Also, as you unlock abilities with each family member, a special ability is unlocked and shared amongst them all   

It’s been really fun so far.  If you’re a fan of old school 2d style games and rouge likes, definitely check this out. 

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This was in the Steam sale all last week and I was really tempted to get it but picked up Synthetik instead. Definitely will look to pick this up in the near future as it looks pretty nice and well worth the money. 

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