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Destiny 2 Year 2: Forsaken - Lore Thoughts

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Well, Bungie have just revealed the title of the big Y2 DLC, 'Forsaken'.


As was rather obvious, it'll be using the Reef as a primary setting, and it seems we'll be buddying up with Cayde, maybe more than we did with Ikora/Osiris/Vuvuzela/Ana.


Here is the mini 13-sec teaser that Bungie released: https://mobile.twitter.com/Bungie/status/1003682817039929345


One person did a very clever spot: the Fallen captain that we meet in the reactor quest on Titan was called 'Mithrax the Forsaken'.


I for one am eager to see what comes in the stream tomorrow.


Lore-wise, I need/want to know the following:

- What has Uldren been up to? Is he the driving force behind the new Fallen house?

- Will we have Variks be telling us to kill things baaaaccckkk?

- Petra wasn't on the Queen's ship when shit hit the fan with the events of Taken King. Has she been holding down the fort at the Reef since?


There's a lot more questions and hints floating around, so I'm looking forward to see what this DLC will bring.


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I miss the damn queen!


I do feel like there could be a twist with Variks (yessssss? 😛). Through some of the objects you can investigate on EDZ its clear there are multiple Houses mentioned and Variks is talking to them.


I hope we hear about the other September stuff too. Random rolls and Weapon slot changes is what alot of people want so interested to see how people react.

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We've not actually heard that much about Variks, but certainly there has been some unification going on with regards to the old Fallen houses. A lot of signs seemed to point to Uldren being the catalyst for that unification going off snippets of lore and dialogue from D1 Y3 and D2, but we don't know for sure at all.

The definites are that we know:
- Uldren met with the Kell of Kings
- There is now a House of Dusk. It seems like this is merger of two or more Fallen Houses. Whether this was precipitated by Uldren's meeting, we don't know for sure.
- No news or info on Variks, and only a bit about Petra. We last saw them on the Reef, but we have absolutely no idea of the effect of the Red War on the Reef. It could be that they've been scattered across the Sol system due to fleeing.

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So what we just seen in the recent Dreaming City video is the Queen's Techeuns - shown next to the Queen in the second pic.

Now I originally I straight away jumped to the Queen being the raid boss however, people including Byf are saying that it looks like its been recently been took over by Taken energy. Only thing that could do that is Savathun.

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7 hours ago, TigerBurge said:

After seeing yesterday’s reveal I think the final raid boss is going to be an Ahamkara. When they said something huge is under the city and said something about it’s power. Just a thought. 

There is some definite noise about that too. People have spotted quite a lot of new armour that has Ahamkara scales. Also, there's been quite a number of Serpent looking images across the recent trailer. There's one image that is like a snake but has 2 heads?! Ahamkara are usually known though to be mythical style dragons, not snakes style creatures.

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