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20 Player Squad Mode - Fortnite LTE

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Next Limited Time Event (LTE) is the 20 Player Squad mode with 5 squads in total.


Obviously it's on the same lines as the 50v50 game mode but probably a little more co-ordinated. Tried a quick PC game on it and whilst the whole squad can be co-ordinated on the map, it's still quite clusterfucky with many other squad randoms usually ending up where your squad is.


This seems more of a fun mode for a few tries rather than a mode you would rinse and repeat each day.


Let us know how you get on with this mode.

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After trying it again last night with @Amnotright, @Misneach_ and new guy James, it didn't feel a different experience to normal squad play if I'm honest.


We went to a completely separate place on the map to our squad and seen how other 16 people get wiped out whilst we carried on into the circle only to end up 1v7 from another squad.

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It's fun for a change of pace from normal modes, but like you said Lee, not something to play over and over. The few times I manage to get a win in this mode is when the team I get put on all stick together and don't get screwed by zone and usually end up being 10-15 people left on one team against several teams of 5 people or less...

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