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Bloodborne Comics

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Titan Comics announced today due to demand,the first print of Bloodborne #1 sold out at distributor level. A second print, featuring a special black-and-white variant of Jeff Stokely’s cover A from Issue #1, will arrive in comic shops the same day as Issue #2.


In issue #1, the Hunter is stalking horrific beasts which hide in the shadows of an ancient city. While slaughtering all he comes across while trying to escape the “Night of the Hunt,” the Hunter will also work to end “Yharnam’s twisted endemic.”


Titan sent over the cover images for the re-issue along with one for Issue #2 in the Bloodborne comic series, The Death of Sleep.


They'll be in stores from March 28th.



I always thought Bloodborne had a decent story so it's really good to see it transition to comics.Bloodborne1_COVER_REPRINT-759x1152%20(1).jpgBloodborne-2-cover-759x1152.jpg


Via the FG App



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The Dark Souls comics are a really fun read, so I don't doubt these will also be fun

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