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  1. With this styling the vette it might actually have a chance overcoming its stigma as the go-to sports car for: 1. Recently divorced mid life crisis fueled white dudes 2. Old geezers who miss that feeling of youth and excitement so they go buy a vette and drive it around like it's got a lawnmower engine under the hood 3. Assholes. You know the kind where you can just look at the guy and know he's an asshole right away. Nobody cool drives a vette.
  2. Portable air compressor and a ceramic space heater. We bought a travel trailer this year and there is always cool stuff to buy for it. My favorite present was this shirt I asked my wife to make for me
  3. The Expanse is so damn good and it gets better and better every episode and every season. I tell everyone about it. I found it a while back after hearing some astrophysicist on a Joe Rogan podcast and he was drooling over this show. Definitely in my top 5 all time. Some of my others: 24 Band of Brothers Heroes Lost Vikings Family Guy
  4. McNasty


    Theyre going to start doing this with balls and strikes in Major League baseball within the next few years. The umpires behind the plate will have an ear piece that tells them the call. Already being tested in minor leagues. They’ll still be there to call pitches that bounce and after the hit plays, but the computer is taking over. Its a boring slow ass sport anyway though and you cant slow down a snail that much Soccer on the other hand needs to keep the pace. There are no timeouts, and stopping play left and right messes with any game momentum too much. Id agree with everyone on limited use. 1 per team, and maybe a guy in a booth who can over-rule blatant misses by the ref
  5. McNasty


    This one is for you Lee :) https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/eh8iss/liverpool_vs_wolves_var_rules_out_netos_equalizer/
  6. I'll walk through what I do as it's not very complicated, but gives you a full range of things to do that keep you going to the gym multiple times a week while also giving muscle groups the appropriate time to heal and recover. With weights, the most important thing to do is focus on certain muscle groups that don't overlap on the same day. The next session, focus on entirely different muscle groups. Don't try and do a full workout of all muscle groups in the same day. It takes too long, you'll burn yourself out, and most importantly you won't give enough attention to each muscle group individually because many of the exercises overlap in the muscle groups they use. Just as an example, if you do lots of push-ups and then try to do tricep work like lat pulls or whatever, you won't get anywhere because your triceps are already burnt out because of the pushups. I'm not an expert by any stretch and just to keep things simple, on one day I'll do chest and triceps, and the next session I'll do back and biceps. That separates muscle groups out well for me and if I lift every other day I get plenty of rest. I'll only do 20-30 minutes of weights and then do cardio for 30 minutes and call it a day. I don't do any leg weights because I get all of that from the cardio work. To find the right weights to use, start off with a weight where you can do multiple (3 to 5) comfortable sets of 10-12 reps. First set should be easy, and go up 5 lbs at a time until you can get maybe 6-8 reps on your final set where the last few reps are tough to finish. Go easy for the first 2-3 weeks and when those last sets become too easy - start increasing your first set weight by 5lbs and keep the same cycle. Eventually you'll find something that works but you need lots of reps, and you need a good starting weight. Once you get a lot stronger you can lower the reps and up the weight, but just keep it simple. The main thing is to focus on certain muscle groups at a time, give yourself 2 good days to recover, and then get back to those muscle groups again. My best advice is to only do 20-30 minutes of weights when you're starting out for the first few weeks, and do some cardio each time you go. That mixes things up to keep it fun and cardio is really good for overall health and fitness. Also take L-Arginine immediately after your workout. Can't stress that enough. Starting out you'll be sore as shit, and L-Arginine is the best thing you can take to prevent soreness. It's crazy how well it works. Being sore and working out sucks.
  7. Never heard of the cat thing but just watched the clip. Jesus people are snowflakes.
  8. He has 71k people watching him right now on Mixer. Maybe it's just because it's new, but I think it will actually work out. What they really need is to move a few other big names over and then twitch is done. I don't watch streams much, but I've always found twitch to be pretty good. I know there have been some picking and choosing as it relates to people getting banned but I'm not aware of it really being that big of a deal. I have no loyalty to Twitch and don't really understand why other people would as well. Mixer has hypezone and I don't think twitch has anything like that. Hypezone is pretty legit if you've never watched it
  9. "My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive." -BJ
  10. Glad to hear you liked it man. Just do yourself a favor and avoid the Stranger Things subreddit. It seems that I'm in good company with my frustrations and I found myself yesterday deep in the echo chamber. Now I like the season a whole lot less than I did originally lol.
  11. The mall where they shot all of Stranger Things is about 30 minutes away from me. I grew up going to that mall but it's been a complete ghost town for the last 15 years. All the anchor stores are gone and I think it's about 70 percent vacant. I pass by it on the way back from my office so I walked through it last year to see if I could catch a glimpse of the set. Everything was blocked off though so you couldn't really see anything. I was in my work clothes which is nothing fancy, just slacks and a button down, and I stuck out like a sore thumb in that mall. I actually felt pretty unsafe in there so I noped the hell out.
  12. I posted that video just as an example of media influence, not comparing Obama to Trump "Of course that was Trump because he's a racist white nationalist like you all have been telling me for the last 3 years!" "Oh wait thats Obama?" "But he's not a racist nationalist he's cool and hip and totally woke and drinks beer which is what youve been telling me for the past 10 years!" I love these types of videos. All these super smart college kids with their big words getting shit on. Love the stupid looks on their faces haha
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