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  1. McNasty

    America question

    Well the counterargument there is that someone who really pays attention to what is going on, who votes with real knowledge, is evened out by someone who votes for a guy because he's white, or black, or a woman, or religious, or whatever example. Doesn't matter what the candidates politics are because dumb voter doesn't understand. There's something messed up about that.
  2. McNasty

    America question

    Trump certainly opened the floodgates proving that anyone who's famous has a shot. Democracy is fine but it's biggest flaw is that Dumb FuckMcGee's vote counts the same as mine. In my ideal utopian democracy, there would be a big test that every voter has to take. However you score puts weight behind your vote. There is literally no moral argument that can be made against that. If you're dumb, your opinion and vote shouldn't really matter because you're not smart enough to vote with purpose.
  3. McNasty

    America question

    Dude our cars suck. Many of them look great from the outside, but the inside is just shit. I've never owned an American car and really doubt I ever will. I've had Hondas, Nissans, and now drive an Infiniti and those cars are exceptional inside and out. I'm getting an X5 soon. This all holds true except for trucks. We kill it at trucks. Maybe that's a thing for this thread - what's the deal with Americans and their trucks? Well, trucks are badass. The end.
  4. McNasty

    America question

    I'm all for less guns and making them a lot harder to get, but the guns are already out there and they're not coming back. More regulations would probably have some impact but it would be small. People will still be able to get them a million different ways. This is one of those things that "is what it is" here unfortunately. It's a culture thing- people like guns and the media likes shootings.
  5. McNasty

    The Big Bang Theory

    Never understood why anyone thought this show was funny. The laugh track kills it for me.
  6. McNasty

    Blackout lag vs multiplayer

    I have a 100mb fiber internet, and my OG xbone is wired to the modem. After hours of work, OPEN NAT! In multiplayer everything is pretty smooth and I've rarely seen any frame rate issues. Hit detection is questionable but I think that's more to do with the COD servers than my internet. Blackout? Entirely unplayable for me. Massive frame rate drops on at least 90 percent of my games. Anyone else have this issue? I don't understand how multiplayer can be fine and blackout be so horrendous. I have better internet than 99 percent of people out there and I don't know whats going on. I have a buddy in my squad with a 10mb internet connection and he says blackout is perfectly smooth.
  7. McNasty

    Summit, Firing Range and Morocco

    Favorite COD map of all time
  8. I've been on quite a nostalgia kick myself over the last year. Here's a list of what I've been after in the last year; Picked up a SNES mini in August, been working on Link to the Past (again), Secrets of Mana, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Mario Kart PS2 - all the Tony Hawk games, Def Jam Vendetta, Midnight Club II N64 - Ocarina of time, 1080, Super Mario PC - Kings Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory series. Original Myst and Riven. Syberia, Grim Fandango. Bought them all on Steam Welcome aboard
  9. McNasty

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dude I just watched a live performance on youtube of these chicks and DAMN! If only they were speaking english lol. This is serious talent. Thanks for finding this
  10. McNasty

    What do you do?

    Two chicks at the same time man
  11. McNasty

    Beer Thread

    Creature Comforts makes a beer called Tropicalia. They’re based in Athens Georgia. Probably the best beer I’ve ever had. digging some Voodoo Ranger as of late as well
  12. McNasty

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    Played some PUBG last night as everyone was depressed about the beta ending. We played maybe 4 or 5 games, and I'm pretty sure PUBG is done-zo for us. I still enjoy it, but my squad mates have had enough and I don't think we'll touch PUBG again once Blackout releases. They played probably 10x more during the beta than I did so I'm just going to take their word for it. I had too much going on this weekend and barely got comfortable with the inventory system before it ended. Don't know jack about any of the guns which was frustrating but I'll figure it out quickly enough Overall, if a bunch of die hard PUBG guys are all bailing for this game it says something positive.
  13. McNasty

    Last movie you watched

    If you liked American Assassin - it's based on one of the Mitch Rapp series books by Vince Flynn. I've read them all. They're incredible. Granted, a big piece of the story is unveiled in this movie but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of these books. This happened to be the first book of the series I read. After that, I started with book 1 and read all of them. Can't recommend these books enough. Tragedy that Vince Flynn died recently, but you're not left with a cliffhanger or anything in the storyline because of it.
  14. McNasty

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    That's certainly possible. Thankfully we're doing the beta this time to test it out. We went straight in and bought WW2 and that game was awful. I prestiged once and haven't touched the game since.
  15. McNasty

    Blackout Map

    I think it's a brilliant strategy. Why not use old maps? This map is enormous there's plenty of room for original setups. I'd actually be disappointed if they didn't take advantage of these huge maps to bring some nostalgia into the game. Give us some areas we're really comfortable with and some new ones to learn

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