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  1. McNasty

    Last movie you watched

    Wife and kids went to my in-laws today. Soooooo I watched ready player one again, but this time cranked up my surround sound so loud that the picture frames upstairs were rattling lol. Man I fucking love this movie As far as the bad reviews are concerned, don’t even bother reading them. I didn’t know anything about the movie when it came out. I don’t have cable so I never see commercials or movie trailers. I had never even heard of it until my brother turned it on. Gotta check it out people.
  2. McNasty

    Last movie you watched

    Haha you have to give serious credit to surfer dude. That mfer can throw a football. I honestly thought the real championship game was already played with Uga vs Bama so I hardly paid attention to anything after that except the national championship. That was a beat down! Fuck saban
  3. McNasty

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I think the only impartial place I can find news now is on Reddit. Sounds weird, but I've found the news and politics sections to be really useful because of the comments. "Journalists" post the news for clicks on their sites, and then real world people respond to it to help filter the BS. The good information rises to the top quickly. Thats my go-to even though Reddit tends to be super liberal. I'm fine with that......I just want real information
  4. McNasty

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    What's really sad is that this "reaction" was a total media fabrication. https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2019/01/05/ratio-in-progress-people-cant-find-examples-of-conservatives-mocking-the-aoc-dance-video-in-newsweeks-conservatives-mock-article/. So the video gets posted by some neckbeard who then deletes his twitter account, and suddenly that gives the media the headline claiming conservatives are mocking her? How about the headline "This random twitter user mocked her"? Oh, because that doesn't tow the narrative. That doesn't generate clicks. That's the poision of our media right there. They completely made up a story and it just replicated from one outlet to the next and then all of a sudden it's "news". Nobody mocked her, nobody gives a shit. There is so much fake news out there it's insane.
  5. McNasty

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Yeah, pretty much nailed it here lol. It's a total shit show all around. Left, Right, seriously you couldn't write a soap opera this bad. The media is absolutely obsessed with this girl. She is fucking everywhere. Every day, all day, any tweet or comment gets plastered across all media outlets. It's nonstop. I too like the idea of bringing in new and young blood to the mix, but I think they need some time to really understand how things work before they are giving the level of attention, and more importantly the credibility that has been gifted to her by the media. She hasn't earned any of it. She's a 29 year old bartender who won her district because she is an attractive, young, hispanic female who campaigned on giving away free shit. I don't know if any of you watched those dating shows over the years like the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but I used to get a kick out of them and watched a few seasons (many years ago lol). There was always a similar theme with a riff between the people in their 30s and the people in their 20s, comparing life experiences and how the young people really are clueless. I was in my 20s when I watched those shows and always thought the older people had it all wrong. Now I'm 36 and no question they were totally right. I see this girl the same way. I look at her, and the only thing I can think is - you really have a lot of growing up to do lady. "A" for effort, "F" for credibility. If we didn't have an age limit of 35 years for being president, I swear to God all we would hear about is AOC for Prez! And with how stupid voters are in this country, she'd probably win.
  6. Anyone interested in talking about this chick lol? 29 year old rookie assigned to one of the 4 most important committees in the house? From bartender to Wall Street regulator. Lol this is like a 90s sitcom. Leper’s in Boston, interested in your thoughts. or just delete this I don’t care. I know the politics stuff got squashed a while back so no worries.
  7. McNasty

    Last movie you watched

    Same for me lol. I first watched it over Christmas at my parents house. It was on HBO on-demand, and we made it through about 75% of the movie before we had to leave. The next day I bought the blu-ray version from Redbox (DVD rental machine at grocery stores in the US) for like $6 and watched it again in the morning. Then right after, I went to Best Buy, bought the 4k version and a 4k blu-ray player just to watch the movie for a 3rd time in 2 days. Never done that before lol
  8. McNasty

    Gillette Advert

    Social Justice Warrior. Basically people who want to shame and force feed their beliefs on others.
  9. McNasty

    Gillette Advert

    Holy shit, talk about not understanding your target market. Harry's should go on a blitz with a simple theme - we sell good razors to dudes who like good razors. THE END
  10. McNasty

    Last movie you watched

    Ready Player One is a top 5 all time movie for me.
  11. McNasty

    Another Big YouTuber Scam

    I don't know. Personally I don't think these guys have a moral obligation to anyone. Maybe people should be yelling at the parents of the kids who follow these douchebags instead. It's their fault if the kids get exposed to bad content online
  12. McNasty

    Massive Call of Duty update

    Looting is broke AF!
  13. McNasty

    Wireless issue

    Thanks man, I gave that a shot but didn't have any luck. However I did end up fixing the issue. I bothered with this router for a few hours today and then I remembered that the whole reason I was using it was because of all the port forwarding configurations for games that I don't even play anymore. So I moved all the hard wire connections directly to the modem, and now using the modem for wireless instead. That fix took all of 2 minutes and now I've got between 120-70Mbps all over the house.
  14. That kids parents are actually doing a really good job managing that business. It’s their full time job. I saw a show about it and they have seem to really have their shit together. They’re even going to release their own toy line. It wouldn’t surprise me if they end up billionaires


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