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  1. McNasty

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    Played some PUBG last night as everyone was depressed about the beta ending. We played maybe 4 or 5 games, and I'm pretty sure PUBG is done-zo for us. I still enjoy it, but my squad mates have had enough and I don't think we'll touch PUBG again once Blackout releases. They played probably 10x more during the beta than I did so I'm just going to take their word for it. I had too much going on this weekend and barely got comfortable with the inventory system before it ended. Don't know jack about any of the guns which was frustrating but I'll figure it out quickly enough Overall, if a bunch of die hard PUBG guys are all bailing for this game it says something positive.
  2. McNasty

    Last movie you watched

    If you liked American Assassin - it's based on one of the Mitch Rapp series books by Vince Flynn. I've read them all. They're incredible. Granted, a big piece of the story is unveiled in this movie but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of these books. This happened to be the first book of the series I read. After that, I started with book 1 and read all of them. Can't recommend these books enough. Tragedy that Vince Flynn died recently, but you're not left with a cliffhanger or anything in the storyline because of it.
  3. McNasty

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    That's certainly possible. Thankfully we're doing the beta this time to test it out. We went straight in and bought WW2 and that game was awful. I prestiged once and haven't touched the game since.
  4. McNasty

    Blackout Map

    I think it's a brilliant strategy. Why not use old maps? This map is enormous there's plenty of room for original setups. I'd actually be disappointed if they didn't take advantage of these huge maps to bring some nostalgia into the game. Give us some areas we're really comfortable with and some new ones to learn
  5. McNasty

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    I'm surprised to see all of these reactions honestly. I guess that's because barely anyone here plays PUBG. I have near 1500 hours into PUBG, along with my squad who have around the same amount of time dedicated. We've been able to keep a top 300 worldwide ranking for months. Got as low as 125 in the world, so you can say we take it pretty seriously. We've all been watching a ton of Blackout streams and we're all buying the game and really looking forward to it. Most of the streamers are all saying how much they love the game and they're not even console players. COD didn't revolutionize BR by any stretch but what do you really expect? BR is like 1 years old and they added a number of things to the game that will make BR even more fun (the perks, the grappling hook, etc). I had very little expectations of either COD or Battlefield making a game that could compete with PUBG but I think COD has nailed it. BF5......not so much. You can say that this is just a more arcade and cartoony version of PUBG but I think it fixes a major issue with PUBG with it's incredibly unathletic gameplay. The movement in PUBG is terrible and coming from a Halo/COD background I can't wait to be able to play a BR game where I can use all those quick-reaction skills (jump turns, drop shots, slides, etc). I dunno, we're pretty pumped about it
  6. McNasty

    Running / Cycling

    Awesome to hear that man. I think as long as you find any sort of rhythm you can focus on and repeat then thats where the real benefit comes from. At least that's how it works for me. I do weird stuff when I run but it's all about getting my head/thoughts out of the way and finding the zone. Like during winter when it's too cold to run outside, I run a ton on the treadmill at the gym. I have 2 or 3 specific treadmills that I'll run on and have certain spots on the walls that I stare at. Literally I'll get into my breathing rhythm and stare at the exact same place on the wall for 10 minutes straight, then move to another spot and stare at that for the next 10 minutes (the wall is a good like 50 feet away not right in front of me). I do that sometimes while running outside too. I'll find a post or a sign or something maybe 50 yards away and stare at it until I get past it, then repeat. I don't do strava because I'm paranoid about anything personal on the internet. You know, big brother and aliens and stuff.
  7. McNasty

    Running / Cycling

    Another point I forgot to mention - you need multiple patterns for any run because it’s not all flat. If you’re on a treadmill you can rep it out the same way the whole time, but that doesn’t work with inclines/declines. I keep an eye on my heart rate while I’m running. I have a runners watch that shows overall time/mile pace/ elevation change/ and heart rate but you don’t need to get that fancy about it. Just have a pattern for hills (for me it’s 2 stride inhale, 2 stride exhale) and once it flattens out and I can lower my heart rate I’ll go back to 3 in/outs or 4 in/outs
  8. McNasty

    Running / Cycling

    That’s a pretty comment issue for most people who aren’t runners. They don’t understand how important it is to be focused when you run. They just put on the shoes, turn on some music, and start running down the street without a game plan. My wife has always said the same thing. Last year she found some running app that supposedly takes you from the couch to a 5k in 30 days. She did it for 2-3 weeks and talked up all the progress she made. “I ran for 10 minutes straight this time!” Stuff like that. This was all in prep for a 5k we did thanksgiving last year. Well she got bored and stopped doing it, then 2 weeks later was the race. She had never run for more than 10 minutes straight in her life. I had been telling her all along that the app was stupid and none of that really matters but whatever, no reason to argue about it as she was just trying her way to get in shape for the race. She’s had a goal for many years to run a 5k and I told her it would be a cake walk if she just followed my directions. Basically gave her the same advice I’m giving here. I ran alongside her and made sure she was laser focused on her breaths and stride patterns and she totally crushed it. We finished in around 35 minutes which is pretty darn good for someone who had never ran longer than 10 minutes straight. We averaged right around 10 minute miles. long story but the point is that running can be “simple” if you have a plan and try your best to stay focused. Also remember that your body can handle 100x more pain than you think it can. I literally told my wife before the race - “you’ll get no sympathy from me and I won’t let you be a pussy and quit”. She zoned in and crushed it. You can too it’s just a matter of understanding and finding that rhythm that allows you to push yourself.
  9. McNasty

    Running / Cycling

    As long as you're finishing your runs I wouldn't be bothered about slowing down if you're sort of just getting into running as a habit. It takes a long time to condition yourself to be able to improve your speed. The key is to make it a habit and not burn yourself out. Once it becomes a habit, or something you feel you HAVE to do at least every other day, then getting faster is going to happen on its own. It just becomes easier because your body is used to it, and those 10 minute miles start to feel like walks. You'll naturally push yourself faster because you're going to want to feel like you're getting something out of it. Breathing really is the key - I think you'll be surprised how much it will help to find a pattern that works with your stride and just zone in on it. It's like meditation and if it's all you focus on you won't notice pain. Everything becomes about your breaths. Another thing to think about (there are a bunch of different opinions out there on this but I mix it up) is breathing in through your nose and out your mouth. Most of the time I'll breath in through both my nose and mouth, and then out the mouth. Sometimes in/out of the nose. It's also something you need to figure out as part of your pattern but it needs to be repeated. So maybe for 5 minutes you do it one way, then switch it up, but always a pattern. If you're just breathing all over the place you'll never really settle into your run where you can just "go"
  10. McNasty

    Running / Cycling

    It really depends on what your goals are. I'm trying to lose weight quickly so I put a lot of stress on my body when I run. The key for me is to focus on my form, and more importantly to get into a very strict breathing rhythm. When I run I'm literally focusing on only those 2 things, which is strangely enough a big part of why I enjoy it so much. No thinking about work or life or whatever, just clearing my mind and counting breaths. I rarely listen to music too because it can be distracting when I'm trying to focus on breathing patterns. You can try out different patterns to see what works for you, but it's definitely something I recommend for anyone who is looking to run faster and longer distances. Just as an example, when I start my run I'll breath in for 4 steps and out for 4 steps. I literally count 1,2,3,4 and then out 1,2,3,4. Over and over and over. Once I start getting tired I'll go in 3, out 3 or in 3, out 4. Sometimes I switch it up but just finding a pattern that gets you into the zone really helps distract you from the "pain" of running. Also, you can push your body way harder than you think you can do don't be a wimp about it! That's what I tell myself when I"m at mile 3 or 4 because it can be tempting to call it a day early.
  11. McNasty

    Running / Cycling

    I'm working on getting back in my running routine after a few months of doing basically nothing. I'm running around 20 miles a week (32km). Usually 3 x 5 mile runs during the week and a longer run on the weekend. Not setting any high scores or anything with my mile times as I'm pacing around 9:30, but in another month or so I should be around 8:30 and then I'll start adding some more distance. Running has always come easy for me and it's how I unwind from stress and chasing around kids. My own personal yoga I guess. I'll probably do a few half marathons towards the end of the year.
  12. XBL goes down all the damn time so I don't think there's much competition unless it's way worse on PSN. I'm sure they're pretty similar
  13. McNasty

    Diddums' Music Thread

    Totally different style, some old school breakbeats. This is my "run up a big ass hill" track. You have to give it a minute or two
  14. McNasty

    Diddums' Music Thread

    You'd probably like this as well. Similar style
  15. McNasty

    Diddums' Music Thread

    When I go for long runs, I'll put this on repeat and listen to it 3 or 4 times in a row lol.

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