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  1. Gold Gun #4, M13, I have to say this gun is underrated. It's like a SMG and AR hybrid. Via the FG App
  2. 1.07 Update - I got to play the new GW map and i have to say i actually like it. It is a very open map but i love that I'm not getting sniped from buildings above. The openness also allows easiness to destroy tanks. I like it. I also played the new 6v6 map and that map feels like the game should be or like the COD I know and remember. Definitely a GREAT change of pace and addition to the game. The 725 nerfed is basically unnoticeable, the M4 nerf is noticeable, and the mounting accuracy was nerfed noticeably. I did reach lvl 155 pretty quickly with 3 guns gold being the AK, Kilo, and M4. When you reach 155, you unlock a blueprint for the M4 that makes the M4 basically the M16 from the old COD. Now that the M4 was nerfed, I dont think this blueprint will be good anymore. Via the FG App
  3. I played the Campaign on MW the other day. I have to say, it was pretty good. My only question is if there are any extra rewards for playing on the hardest difficulty vs the easiest? I also played survival with Sam and that was quite fun also. I do have an issue that I was doing so well and it kicked me out of the game due to connection to host error which I'm sure it's a BS error and just means the game is fked up. If I'm going to bust my ass to get to a higher tier lvl, i would appreciate the game to work and not kick me. Thank you. Lmao! Via the FG App
  4. Honestly, the hip firing isn't too bad, I play TDM and camp like the average Joe in a building behind a door. As soon as someone comes in, hip fire. It's a slow process but I got to do what works. My struggle is the kills shortly after reloading. I agree with the bridge map, I've learned to join the meta, lmao. Via the FG App
  5. Gold Gun #3, AK-47 Via the FG App
  6. I figured I'd jot down some things that I want to see fixed. I'm still having fun with the game even with some of the madness that is going on in the game. - Challenges - I dont like that I have to select a challenge for me to earn it, I want to play the game and earn as I go, I already have a heap of weapon challenges and attachment progress to work on/keep track of between games. On of the things that always keep me interested in the COD games is the difficulty of playing and doing well while completing challenges. Now, to add on top of the issue with having to select a challenge to complete, of course its bugged to shit since it's a player function on the game. I select challenges, it shows I have it selected, then I go back to check and it is NOT selected. Also, the damn challenges dont show you your progress. It doesnt track, count, nothing. It completes in game and does it's own memory but not for me to see. And, it randomly unlocks challenges when nothing is selected... Its just frustrating... - maps - I strongly dislike the bridge map and the one with all the buildings and the one palace in the center. I dislike them so much that I care not to learn their names. On the bridge map, it's impossible to play the damn objectives because the first team takes control of the bridge, and from there on out, as soon as you peak,,, boom you are dead. On the palace map, it takes fking 10 years to get just to the center of the map and well,,,, you get shot because there are only doorways to get back in the fight and,,,, boom you are dead. Other than that, I actually love the maps other than their spawn issues. - spawns - They all suck.... honestly just food for thought, if you are going to make big ass maps, put 4 spawn points (N, S, E, and W), that'll get rid of spawn trapping and allows sufficient players to take on what is waiting on the other side of the spawn. Then the issue will be, the system will get confused on where is appropriate to spawn players. It's easy, rotate the spawns (random time periods but not long enough for the other team to rotate) and spawn the whole team together. Just my two cents... - shotgun - Nerfed that fucker for the love of gawd! You know which one I'm talking about. I dont know how, but just do it and make it a little better than the others. Just dont keep it a gawd gun. - tanks- I hate them. I get it, they will not be removed from the game, that's fine. They are too powerful of a killing machine and should be easier to kill. I feel two explosives is sufficient. The rocket launchers take forever to reload and no one really carrys nades since Claymores are so good. I think that is a decent balance. - platinum - Platinum camo is absolutely boring. Gold camo looks fantastic with the new design. Platinum though.... Please bring back Diamond, or find a way to liven up platinum. Other than that, I am having so much fun!!!! Via the FG App
  7. Gold gun number 2, M4A1 Via the FG App
  8. First Gold gun, the Kilo 141 Via the FG App
  9. I am always happy to Duty with you. Nothing but great relief and pleasure. [emoji57][emoji23][emoji1787] Via the FG App
  10. Game was trash to begin with. Now, I think it's worse than trash. Via the FG App
  11. Yeah, I love S&D. I like any game mode except Headquarters. I think I'm going to start grinding Ground War to level and complete gun progression. Then S&D will be the chill/more competitive mode. I'm definitely going to try and be more active on the forum again. I'm not training anymore so I have a little more free time/freedom at work. I'm excited to game with the new members on COD. Via the FG App
  12. Thanks brotha, it definitely felt good to hear and play with everyone again. Via the FG App
  13. Just wanted to say that I am back. I am also streaming when I play for an extended time so feel free to join me on Twitch. I would love to play with everyone rather than alone. Though I have been struggling with the play style adjustment on this game since it is more of a camper friendly game rather than a fast rush and dominate game but I'm sure I'll manage. I'm sure there have been many additions to the clan since I've been gone so dont be shy. All of my gaming info goes by datfroggieguy so I shouldn't be hard to find. I still work A LOT so I'm only on a couple days a week. Hit me up when I'm on! Via the FG App
  14. I'm ranked Elite 2 and I dont see myself going any further due to the amount of controller and mouse and keyboard users. Not to mention the pay to win aspect to buy guns that have better stats and extra attachments. Definitely a fun and smooth game.
  15. I personally love the game and see some great potential. I haven't bought a COD game in a while because to be honest, I didn't like the futuristic crap and flying around. This game doesn't seem to have some spawn trapping issues on some maps as well as it seems to promote a lot of camping rather than the fast play style that COD has always been about. Other than that, I miss the feeling. It definitely has the potential to be the best COD made IMO.
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