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  1. Nvm, I must have not played it. I'm lost lol!!!! April fools....... hahahahaha. I get it now. Via the FG App
  2. I feel like they should have done Picadilly 24/7 as rampage said though. I know plenty that actually like Shipment. Making it 10v10 wasn't all that bad. Could you imagine GW player numbers on Picadilly? I would lose my mind, lmao! Via the FG App
  3. I played the "cod player wants" and I enjoyed it. I couldn't get streaks off but was able to keep positive. I did get the nerve racking 3-5 deaths without even getting to fire a bullet. Lol! Via the FG App
  4. Again, none of the blueprints are really worth it. The battle pass is cool to buy if you want but if you arent interested in cosmetic stuff then just keep doing the free one. You will get the guns free anyway. You could just grind the free one and towards the end of the season you are done or finished leveling then it may now be a bad idea to go ahead and buy it since you'll have everything done. All the Marksman rifles are good but hit marker crazy if you arent hitting the head. You really are better off with the stronger sniper on WarZone. Again, it's your preference. The Marksman rifles offer more mobility while the snipers offer more power. If you arent looking to shoot too far the Marksman rifles may be great for you. Kar98 is really good being said anyway so you have a great choice there. If you are looking for the semiautomatic and not bolt you can stick with the Marksman rifles and use the first one (dont remember the name) or the Fal. The Fal (AR) is super good and can be built to 1 shot also. As for the scopes.... The Fal also unlocks a sniper scope if wanted. The holocaust scopes are good but just offer a lot of distraction with the designs unless you commit to unlocking reticles. Again your preference on how far you want to scope. Personally I recommend thermal scope on WarZone. Makes spotting enemy's super easy and you can use it to scout your path as you move forward or even catch campers in the trees or rooftops. There is a thermal scope that also offers a hybrid for a red dot scope so you can switch between the 2. Via the FG App
  5. I agree with@IRaMPaGe , the blueprints for the most part are shyte. They are only good to have when you have no attachments unlocked for the weapons at all so it gives you a little extra for the time being. To be completely honest you are better off just working on your favorite guns and unlocking what you can. It is super easy when double weapon XP is active. If you want advise on what guns are good I'll put my 2 cents in. AR - M4A1 (the best AR in the game and one of the best guns in general). SMG - MP5 (The best SMG in the game, personally I love the P90 as my SMG of choice since you can pick up decent MP5 in the game). Sniper - HDR or AX50 (both great depends on your playstyle). Shotgun - (Dont worry about them, they are trash in WarZone). LMG - PKM (Great LMG but causes your mobility to hinder as well as any LMG but provides a big punch with a massive magazine). For WarZone you want to build range, control, and accuracy. There are a lot of open field areas that you really need it. Personally I build that on all guns. That being said, if you dont need Ghost, I would build the M4A1 as the previously mentioned build, and build P90 as mobility so you can maneuver in close range flights. Just know, UAV is very powerful in this game mode. I run a P90 class with a Sniper class and a M4A1 with a rocket launcher class. Now, as far a blueprints you want to complete via challenges, well to be honest, I have no clue since the system in this game suck. From challenges not completing, having to select 1 at a time, not being able to see what group of 1 challenge unlocks, ect.. it's just garbage. You will have to google what you want for what gun. Just not worth the time to be honest. You are better off working on the gun and unlocking what you want. Via the FG App
  6. Personally I love this game mode. I usually love BR games. I LOVE the respawning options they added to the game. I actually love the gas mask and haven't had the issues that others have had thankfully. I'm STOKED that they didn't put the effing tanks in it. I love it more than Black Out, personally hated it. I'm just happy its free!!!!!! Via the FG App
  7. Shoot me one, I'll be in both, if I can. Via the FG App
  8. For those in the US, HAPPY hour is at 12 PM PST. Via the FG App
  9. I miss the old COD Montages. I have no real interest in other games mostly due to no time to really play them. Via the FG App
  10. I quite enjoy the game as well. Spawns, I can live with to be honest. I've seen improvements. I just HATE THE FKING TANKS! lmao! Via the FG App
  11. Game was trash to begin with. Now, I think it's worse than trash. Via the FG App
  12. I'm ranked Elite 2 and I dont see myself going any further due to the amount of controller and mouse and keyboard users. Not to mention the pay to win aspect to buy guns that have better stats and extra attachments. Definitely a fun and smooth game.
  13. I personally love the game and see some great potential. I haven't bought a COD game in a while because to be honest, I didn't like the futuristic crap and flying around. This game doesn't seem to have some spawn trapping issues on some maps as well as it seems to promote a lot of camping rather than the fast play style that COD has always been about. Other than that, I miss the feeling. It definitely has the potential to be the best COD made IMO.
  14. I'm on BLOPS3 now. Via the FG App
  15. Hello again everyone!! Via the FG App
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