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  1. Think this is a first or me. Hi guys, I’m needing help with my Titan clothing lol (no it’s already pink I worked that out lol) It says I need to do a prestige nightfall 200k+ ( I didn’t even know there was a prestige nightfall lol) and I also need help to do shattered throne with 1-2 players, if any of you can help me out I would be truly great full, I can be on most nights up to around 930pm ( up early) but this week my days off are Wednesday n Thursday so I could stay online later Wednesday night that’s helps anyone . Should I beg now? Lol pretty please with sugar on top Maz xx
  2. until

    I like this idea, hopefully it will work, today is the only one I can really do... but if you start all the others at 8 and maybe need someone to help cover till 9 I can help out... just give me a shout
  3. very nice....... I just got this game, only had a few games. never been any good with shotguns, but i will remember this map and jump out every time it turns up lmao so i dont get murdered by shot gunners lol
  4. oh wow thanks for this Dark.. it will come in handy... im trying to upgrade my guns now, as for the ghallahorn am still not liking it but will upgrade and see how i go..... am hoping the others are doing there guns also... sadly we wont get a chance to try again till the weekend
  5. Thanks for the offer of help darth... we may take you up on it... last night we got past the bridge... woohooo... but the next part... wth its manic lol. we managed to get the 2 wizards out of the room and killed but failed every time on getting the one in middle room. we did impress ourselfs by getting throu the darkness first time, so goes to show the more you do it the more you learn. the bridge was kinda easy once we worked out what we needed to do. was fun again thou with many laughs and a lot of foul language but the beer was flowing... which i guess in the end didnt help...lmao
  6. we just go in for chest most of the time... but we did manage to get to the bridge,,, took us 2 nights lmfao... none of us knew what we were doing... took us all that time really to get throu the darkness,,, it was fun thou... we had a few goes at the bridge but like i said none of us know what we were doing lol,, so if i can get in one... hopefully will remember what to do and help others out... and just maybe get them throu the raid..
  7. i would love to join on the crotas end if any room, ive not done one of those yet
  8. you mean i was no help???... awwww i walk away in tears as my explanations were no good.... sob sob.... lmao... maybe i should make a video... lol
  9. oh we just got a new gun,,, called the murmur...
  10. oh this so sounds like me....lmao
  11. you want me to explain were and how..... lmfao... you really dont know me at all...... i playing with techno... hopefully he maybe able to explain..lol
  12. ignore this post now.... i've done them both... yiiipppeeeeee.....
  13. OMG... not sure i can do it alone...lol... died a lot already...lol
  14. i thought the hive one would be on the moon... i wasnt going to go into the new stuff till later when i wasn't ALONE... I'm afraid of the dark below...lol... but maybe i should go take a look
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